dnd 5e – How exactly does a Changeling’s shapeshifting work?

Though I have asked a similar question here, and I am very thankful for NautArch’s answer, I realized that the more I looked into the text of a changeling’s shapeshifter trait, the more questions I had as I am not quite understanding their limitations and specifications.

To reiterate the text:

As an action, you can change your appearance and your voice. You
determine the specifics of the changes, including your coloration,
hair length, and sex. You can also adjust your height and weight, but
not so much that your size changes. You can make yourself appear as a
member of another race, though none of your game statistics change.
You can’t duplicate the appearance of a creature you’ve never seen,
and you must adopt a form that has the same basic arrangement of limbs
that you have. Your clothing and equipment aren’t changed by this

The first part of the confusion I have is knowing what exactly you can change into. Adjusting height, weight, color, (gender, hair length), and race so long as they are a medium creature sounds simple enough, but does this mean you can be any creature with 4 limbs in a medium-size? From a medium minotaur to a wolf? From a Babau to an animated armor? What about see-through creatures like Shadows?

The second part of the confusion is understanding the nuances of how sizing works. While I realize that the basic rules focus on player space, I found that the System Reference Document of 3.5e seemed to comply with 5e’s guide when checking playable race height guides, so good as a guide to find out how tall/short I can make my changeling.

According to that, a changeling can be anywhere from a 4ft 60lbs character to one of 8ft and 500lbs. However, as a changeling’s stats don’t change and things like speed and lifting strength are not tied into the size of a creature, does this mean that your changeling monk with the mobile feat and a +1 strength (for instance) could appear to be a 4′ dwarf weighing 60lbs carrying 225lbs at 60ft per round the same as an 8′ tall goliath with 500lbs of pure muscle unable to do any better?

I realize that these examples might seem exaggerated, or quite different, but there are there to highlight the confusion that I still have with the changeling’s feature; the monster type is described in 3 vague ways (descriptors, race, creature) leaving little understanding to the limitations, the stats remaining the same seem odd if one can gain or lose muscle mass, and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

Last note, I realize this question is quite similar, but I am still confused and was hoping for a bit of clarification.

Magento 2 sitemap url does not work after we add any rewrite rule in root htaccess file

Our sitemap URL works fine at /sitemap/sitemap.xml but as soon as we add any rewrite rule in root .htaccess file then it gives status code 404 page not found.

RewriteRule ^abc/(.*)?$ /media/doc/files/abc/$1 (R=301,NC,L)

Magento version 2.2.5

❕NEWS – Visa Wants To Work With Ethereum Developers For Blockchain Payments | Proxies123.com

Visa wants to hire Ethereum and also Ripple developers to create a future blockchain-based payment system. They posted a job offer on their New Zealand site saying they need an experienced developer who is good with Ethereum and also blockchain tech. If Visa uses the full power of the blockchain system, just think about how big the network will be and transactions would occur seamlessly.

Toggling mobile data with tasker doesn’t work, even with “write secure settings” enabled (Android 10)

I’m on a UleFone Armor X7 (cheap waterproof/rugged thing) running Android 10. I’m trying to use Tasker to conserve power for multi-day bike rides with no charging*, and one thin I’d like to do is turn off as much communication as possible for several minutes, then on briefly to pick up messages, then off again in a loop

I know aeroplane mode requires root, and I don’t want to lose Google Pay, but I should be able to toggle mobile data without it according to the following screenshot:

enter image description here

This says either root, or ADB WiFi, or Write Secure Settings should be enough. ADB WiFi isn’t an option, because it needs a PC at every boot, which is incompatible with turning the phone off overnight – to save power. So I’ve installed ADB, granted the permission, and it still doesn’t work. I can test that the permission is set: adb shell dumpsys package net.dinglisch.android.taskerm |grep SECURE_SETTINGS returns android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS: granted=true but when I try to test the task I get

Error: 1
Couldn't toggle mobile data on this device

I’m thinking of trying something with AutoInput, but I’m not keen, as it (i) requires the screen to be unlocked, and (ii) can on toggle, not set a state. I also don’t want to pay even a little (on principle) to test something with these issues.

I’ve seen a few similar questions for very old Android versions, but nothing recent.

* I will have an external battery, and a dynamo, but just assume they’re not enough to keep everything charged, especially as I navigate on my phone.

keyboard – Revert back from a BT dongle 4.0 to internal bluetooth controller won’t work

When the Mac mini 2018 was released, I was experiencing Magic Mouse 2 issues (choppiness, etc), like many others, so I decided to get a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle (IOGear GBU521) and see if the problem would go away. It did…

I plugged in the new adapter, went into Bluetooth Explorer, under “HCI Controller Selector” selected my adapter “Broadcom Corp, Location ID XXXXXXX”, made it ACTIVE and I was good to go. From memory, I don’t believe I did anything else to get this to work. One thing though. When I would reboot, it would go back to the internal Bluetooth controller so after reading about it, I used this Terminal code sudo nvram bluetoothHostControllerSwitchBehavior=always and all was good…

A year later and after moving my workstation around, I would like to go back to using the internal Bluetooth controller but it seems I can’t.

This is what I did… I unplugged the dongle and the mouse and keyboard no longer show under the Bluetooth devices panel, for me to Connect to. So I tried the following…

1- Unplugged all devices and hubs going to the Mac mini except for a wired mouse, keyboard and monitor so I can set things up.

2- I entered this code in Terminal sudo nvram -d bluetoothHostControllerSwitchBehavior (to go back to the default setting).

3- I trashed com.apple.bluetooth.plist & com.apple.bluetooth.xxxxxxxxxx (random numbers and letters)

4- Shift-Option to Debug (Reset the Bluetooth Module, Factory reset all connected Apple devices, Remove all devices) re-booted.

5- PRAM (Option-Command-P-R)

6- SMC (Unplug AC cord, 15 seconds, replug and wait 5 seconds) Reboot.

I’m not sure what I may be missing here but all that I’ve tried so far isn’t working and I’ve tried it multiple times. Maybe there’s a Kext file I need to delete (replace) but I’m not sure what to do. I know I can plug the dongle back in again, and the mouse and keyboard will show up in the Bluetooth panel but I shouldn’t have to anymore. Actually, when I also plug in an older Bluetooth 2.0 dongle, I’m able to connect devices to it. Very strange.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Selling – Data Entry Work

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windows 10 – win ftp works in File Explorer, don’t work in PowerShell, “unknown host”

Well this is bizaar,

i opened File Explorer (windows 10), did new network location,, a window opened and i DLed some files from the remote server, no problem. Then i did PowerShell as administrator, turned off windows firewall, and got this:

ftp> open

Unknown host

downloaded and ran some other ftp client and it worked fine. Please help if you know about this. I need it for a batch file.

thanx, mike

Exported vmdk disk from google cloud does not work

  1. There is a google cloud. The virtual machine is lifted there.
    I exported VMDK disk locally
  2. I start the disk at home at wmvare player (at windows 10) and virtualboax ( linux manjaro kernel 4.9), it does not work. The black screen does not go on.
  3. turn off virtualization, it works! What could be the problem, is there such an outright thought?

my processor is i7-9750H, other wm’s ubuntu and windows working perfectly.

query performance – Indexing a date column in MySQL doesn’t work if a date function is used

I have a table with the following schema


id int
task_id int
completed_date datetime (INDEX IX_TBL_NAME_COMPLETED_DATE)

I run EXPLAIN on this query

    FROM table_name TBL
        TBL.completed_date BETWEEN date1 AND date2

This query runs and fetches records using the index on completed_date

While running the same query with a date function

    FROM table_name TBL
        CONVERT_TZ(TBL.completed_date, timezone1, timezone2) BETWEEN date1 AND date2

The index isn’t made use of resulting in a slow query.

Can someone explain the reason behind this behavior and solution to optimize queries like this?

How glusterfs work on client end if specified node fails

I have 3 node glusterfs 1 for arbitrary.

if I have mounted glusterfs from node1 (native client used) if node1 fail how it’s move on node2.

How can I define in client FSTAB & confused about backupvolfile-server option & i have to give arbitrary node details in client FSTAB ????

How arbitrary works in glusterfs ??