browser: maximum width CSS code doesn't work when website address has www in front

I tried to fix this for a long time until I came across this.

I set a maximum width for the body of my webpage and it works fine on my localhost. Then I uploaded the files to my host. If you had "", then the web page covered the entire browser and the maximum width did not work. But if I just entered "" then it worked.

Why is that?

drive: why does OnCollisionEnter not work?

This script is attached to the wall (3D Cube) with a box collider:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class LockedRoomTrigger : MonoBehaviour
    private void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)

But when the player moves and hits the cube, it is not reaching Debug.Log. I used a breakpoint on the Debug.Log line.

A screenshot of the cube wall with the box collider component and script attached.
The problem is not with the player, since if I move with the player near the doors, they open so that the player triggers things and does not go through the walls.

Do not crash

mathematical optimization: minimize does not work: returns the same input command

I want to minimize an object function $ f (x, y, z, t) $ eg get the global minimum of

f = 1/2 a^2 E^(-2 d^2 t) (E^(2 a x)+E^(2 a y)+E^(2 a z)+2 E^(a (y+z)) Cos(d x+a z) Sin(a x+d y)+2 E^(a (x+y)) Cos(a y+d z) Sin(d x+a z)+2 E^(a (x+z)) Cos(a x+d y) Sin(a y+d z))

with respect to $ to $ Y $ d $ and for all $ t, theta $ Y $ z $ under the conditions: $ t ge 0 $, $ x = r cos ( theta) $, $ y = r sin ( theta) $, $ 0 < theta le 2 pi $ Y $ 0 <z le m $ Y $ 0 <r le R $. I replaced everything first $ x $ Y $ and $, then applied Minimize with restrictions:

Minimize({f /. {x->r*Cos(theta),y->r*Sin(theta)}, 0 < theta <= 2*Pi && 0 < z <= m && 0 < r <= R && t >= 0}, {a,d})

Mathematica simply returns the same input to me. I also tried NMinimize but had no luck. How can I solve this please?

Edit: I am looking for a global minimum (and a global maximum). Apparently Minimize/ /Maximize I can not do this. Any advice on other ways to accomplish this please?

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plugin development: Wp_list_table search box does not work for custom database value

I am creating a generator from, so in the wp list table I can't achieve the database search result for the generator entries, please get the attached link for example.

Search submission:
Retrieving search value:
Search process:
Output: https: //

Please give me a solution,
NB: This list table is made to get inputs.

Thank you

CSS widget does not work on my website

I am very new to website development. Currently, I am having trouble making CSS changes in a certain class="widget". I want this CSS to work.

The CSS is in my main.css file:

.widget {


This is part of my functions.php file:

// Load Stylesheets
function load_css()

    wp_register_style('bootstrap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/bootstrap.min.css', array(), false, 'all');

    wp_register_style('main', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/main.css', array(), false, 'all');


// Load Javascript
function load_js()
    wp_register_script('bootstrap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/bootstrap.min.js', 'jquery', false, true);


This is my page.php file:

<img src = ""alt =""class =" img-fluid mb-3 img-thumbnail ">

I feel like I just missed something, but like I said, I'm very new to WP website development so I don't know where to look. Any help is really appreciated. Thank you!

android: ArrayAdapter and ViewGroup.GetChildAt do not work correctly

I have a list view with a custom layout for each row. The custom layout consists of a LinearLayout, which has two other LinearLayouts as child elements (L1 and L2). L1 contains the basic information of the row, while L2 contains visual signals that provide relevant information for the user. The end result looks like this:

List view layout

Colorful squares are simple TextViews that have a drawable object set as the background. The L2 xml looks like this:





The condition to "turn on" a signal is verified in the override getView ArrayAdapter function. The proper view is cast from the ViewGroup hierarchy as shown in the following example:

 public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) {

    View view = super.getView(position, convertView, parent);
    ViewGroup mainViewGroup = (ViewGroup) view;
    ViewGroup visualSignalsGroup = (ViewGroup) mainViewGroup.getChildAt(1); // L2

    TextView tvOrder = (TextView) visualSignalsGroup.getChildAt(0);
    TextView tvPayment = (TextView) visualSignalsGroup.getChildAt(1);
    TextView tvReceipt = (TextView) visualSignalsGroup.getChildAt(3);
    TextView tvWarehouseMonitor = (TextView) visualSignalsGroup.getChildAt(4);
    TextView tvSwapDeliver = (TextView) visualSignalsGroup.getChildAt(5);
    TextView tvSwapReturn = (TextView) visualSignalsGroup.getChildAt(6);

    if (checkCondition(position)){
    } else {


If I want to add more visual cues I add more TextViews in L2 and call getChildAt with the proper index Everything works fine up to index 5. The light blue signal to the right of the image is index 6. The condition to turn it on is true only for the first row. During debugging, the breakpoint is reached only in the first row. As you can see it is also visible in other rows and I can't really explain this behavior since the default state is "blank" and the breakpoint is only reached once.

bash: screen script doesn't work

I am trying to use a script to start my Minecraft server on a separate screen. I have a file settings according to instructions:


screen -d -m -S minecraft java -Xms6G -Xmx6G -jar spigot-1.15.2.jar

After running, I check my list of screens my Minecraft screen does not exist. If I cut the screen, the script works exactly as expected (the screen works fine on its own too). I don't have much experience with bash, you may need an ELI5.

edit: some clarification

upgrade to macOS Catalina 10.15.4 – does not work

I wonder if anyone has the same problem. It never happened to me, but I can't update macOS. I have 10.15.3 and the update notice on the desktop. I hit "update now" and it asks me to restart; I do but after rebooting I am still at 10.15.3 and the process starts over and over again.

adb KEYCODE ENTER or 66 does not work on huwaei / Vivo phone to toggle airplane mode

Using ADB Keyevent, I'm trying to enable and disable the toggle Airplane Mode option from the user interface, but it's not happening … can anyone help me on this?

I tried adb KEYCODE ENTER and 66 as well, but nothing works on my devices.