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I have monitors that look different and I don't know how to make them look the same. so I buy a spider2 because it is cheap and I want to make sure it works before spending a lot of money. The seller did not send me the software, so I use displaycal. It works and creates many files. I try to add the icc file in the Windows display settings but nothing changes. Is the file wrong or incorrectly installed? I run the application again but it still works. What am I doing wrong?

python: dictionaries don't work for large files

I am trying to add a list of entries to my dictionary using for loop. Is this the right way? And after that, several entries are taken to verify if the key and value are present in the dictionary. If the key is present, it returns "key = value"; otherwise, returns not found.

n = int(input())
phonebook = {"key" : "values"}
phonebook_new = {}
for inputs in range(n):
    for key,value in phonebook.items():
        key,value = input().split()
# print(phonebook_new)
for keys,values in phonebook_new.items():
    key = input()
    if key in keys:
        print("Not found")

The code seems to work fine while working with small values, but when a large number of values ​​is stored, an error occurs.
I feel that the way I am trying to get the key, the values ​​are not defined correctly. How do I perform a more effective operation on this?

Also, if nothing is provided, it automatically returns the values.How do I verify values ​​only when data is entered?

How do I address these types of problems in the future and should I have used dictionary understanding to solve this? However, I think that adding keys, values ​​to the dictionary is working fine, but getting the values ​​is the main problem here.

The question is the 30-day Hackerrank python Day-8 challenge

html5: the ID with the first character as number does not work when I put css #[número de exemplo]

When, for example, I put the HTML:

texto de teste

and I will put in CSS: #1 {código de teste}, does not recognize the id=1. Even if I put "class" instead of "id", or if I put another tag, or put another number. Is this a problem with my code? Or is it normal? Why does this happen?

Braintree AVS checking does not work in the REST API

Using this API
mine / payment information

AVS and CVV verification are enabled at the Braintree end, but when the credit card zip code and billing address zip codes do not match, Magento still generates the Order, but it shouldn't.

Can someone help me with this?

Does the SFML function do all the work with the configuration of the time step?

Usually, I set the time step something like this:


But SFML has the following function: window.setFramerateLimit (). Does it do the same as described above?

7.0 Nougat – Galaxy S6 Edge SMS does not work

My Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (7.0 Nougat), can not send basic SMS messages, I have to add a Subject to each text. This makes having a conversation with someone impossible. How can I restore this messaging application? This may have started with the last update of (7.0 Nougat), it was sudden. Samsung has not been helpful and I can't pay for a new phone. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Rick.

Nikon: autofocus does not work

I have Nikon D5300 and Nikon 18-55mm AF-P DX VR 3.5-5.6G lenses.
I am not a photography expert, I only use my DSLR to click on normal images.
I always had autofocus on the shutter press and suddenly it doesn't work.
The images are clicked, but the autofocus on the shutter press does not work.
I have not changed any settings.
I did factory reset, I still had no luck.

error: Sharepoint online follow the site does not work

I have a modern SharePoint communication site that has the "follow" button. This button does not work for some users. They see the "Follow" option, but when you click on the button, nothing happens.

I receive the following error in the console:

https: //root/sitecollurl/_vti_bin/homeapi.ashx/sites/followed/add 500 (internal server error)

They cannot follow a site from https://root/_layouts/sharepoint.aspx as well.

Any known issues with the tracking option?

Next content The function is active.

ffmpeg – rtmp to mp4 via php exec shell does not work

This script shell is here and works well on the command line to record an mp4 file from a local live flv stream:

DATE =date +"%d-%m-%Y-%T"
cat config.php | dos2unix | grep auth | grep username |
awk -F & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; {print $ 3} & # 39; | sed "s / & # 39; // g" | thirst "s /; // g" | while reading VAR
do echo $ VAR> RECSTREAM
echo "Starting recording …"
ffmpeg -i "rtmp: // localhost / hls / $ VAR" -crf 19 videos / "$ VAR" _ "$ DATE" .mp4
echo "Sreaming does not start, please start earlier"

I send a shell_exec to call the last shell script in a php script like this:

***** PHP script *****
$ old_path = getcwd ();
chdir (& # 39; / usr / local / nginx / html / mydir & # 39;);
$ output = shell_exec (& # 39; nohup ./> / dev / null 2> / dev / null && # 39;);
chdir ($ old_path);
***** PHP script end ******

MP4 video files are generated but cannot be read with vlc, etc.
It seems that the problem is due to my php script but I can't know why.

When running from the shell command line: php myphpscript.php works fine, mp4 video files are fine. But not from the php website.

Any ideas ? Any parameters to try in ffmpeg to have a good mp4 video file?

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

c – Why does fwrite not work in Xcode, in macOS?

Basically I create a file inside the code using fopen, then I try to write with fwrite. My problem is that, although I verify that the file is not null and that the return value of fwrite is what it should be, no text is written to the file. I also tried fprintf. It seems I can create files, but I just can't write them. I am developing an application for macOS 1.15 in swiftUI in bridge with c, using Xcode. How can i fix this?

I'm sending NSHomeDirectory() like utf8String from AppDelegate to a C file, then create files inside and write to them. I am not allowed to reveal much code for this project, but I told you what I am trying to do / what approach I am trying to take.