Installing a DBS BANK ecommerce plugin in wordpress

Hello guys,

I am a wordpress fresher and i am using wordpress for my company website.
We recently got our merchant account from DBS BANK… | Read the rest of

wordpress – How do you know which plugin is consuming CPU?

My site is going down from time to time, I see in the server log that wp-load is requested a lot, I blocked external requests to this file. But I still get 5xx error once a day, I have a lot of plugins, my server settings are good. But how do I determine which plugin is causing this issue?

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Adding prefix to WordPress database tables breaks admin capabilities?

I have attempted a few different ways (manually, using Brozzme’s DB Prefix Tools & Addons plugin) to add a prefix to an older WP database (right now table names look like posts instead of wp_posts or stx_posts, etc.).

Strangely, no matter what way I do it, something breaks after adding the prefix. Everything is updated in wp-config.php fine to reflect the prefixes existence but when I attempt to navigate the admin side of things I get an error page instead:

“Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

This has me completely confused as adding a prefix to the tables shouldn’t cause anything to change with user’s permissions! Has anyone seen this problem before?

P.S. Not sure if this is relevant but the current host is Cloudways. I’m not sure how this would be involved but I’ve seen some weird caching issues with Cloudways. For example, I’ve deleted a file using SSH from the server, everything works, and then a little later the file is back.

plugins – How can I recreate my HTML page with custom grid layout (blocks spanning rows and columns) in WordPress?

I’m attempting to recreate my website on WordPress in the style of my old HTML code, and I don’t know how to recreate the grid of my old homepage here:

The problem is that while it’s a grid, the blocks span multiple rows and columns. Is there a (free) wordpress plugin I can use or is there a way to upload custom HTML code in order to recreate this layout?

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WordPress speed optimisation based on GTMetrix ranking for $10

WordPress speed optimisation based on GTMetrix ranking

Is your WordPress site running slow? Did you know that speed of your website directly affects search engine rankings? Faster websites have better search engine positions.

What’s included in the gig:

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Some of the above options require installation of a plugin. On VPS and dedicated servers some additional packages might need to be installed in order to get best performance.

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pagination – Why do all the elements disapear when I go to a certain page number on WordPress?

I’ve had this WordPress site for a while now, and I have a lot of elements on it. Sometimes, I need to get to a specific page right away, so I just enter the number of the page I need to access and hope to see my elements there. Yet, when I do that, no elements are showed (this is the front-end side of WordPress btw)… It seems like it’s a weird bug within WordPress itself but I’m not sure. I’ve looked a little bit into the functions of WordPress, but I really can’t find anything that would help me solve this.

Here’s how it looks at first :

enter image description here

And then let’s say I want to get to page 12, so I just enter it by hand like this :

enter image description here

No elements are showed, but I know I have elements on that page for sure :

enter image description here

Also, if that can help, I noticed that this is in the url of the page :

enter image description here

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this ? It’s not a big deal really, but I wanted to know if that was a recurrent issue. Thanks !

nginx – Security-wise file ownership & permission setup for LEMP server to be managed via wp-cli and wordpress dashboard?

I’m on a LEMP VPS with the following setup;

cd /home/$USER/public/        # change directory to
chown -R nginx:nginx .                    # change file ownership
find . -type d -exec chmod 750 {} ;      # change permissions for directories
find . -type f -exec chmod 640 {} ;      # change permissions for files
chmod 400 wp-config.php                   # change permission for wp-config

The problem is I cannot get into “” folder without logging in as root. And also, I cannot run wp-cli as $USER, I have to run as follows;

sudo -u nginx wp <wp-command>             # running wp-cli as user `nginx`

So, as the title says, what is the security-wise setup for file ownership & permission in a LEMP VPS.

managed wordpress Hosting


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