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Steps of Article WritingArticle Writing Format: Suppose you have some opinions regarding a topic and you want to tell people about it. How will you do so? You can tell the opinions to persons near you. But what if you want to tell not only those people but, say, the world? How will you do so? You will write those opinions, isn’t it?Many a time you have seen some writers or people write their problems and suggestions in some newspapers, magazines, and journals or in their blogs. They are writing their opinions and beliefs in the form of an article. In this section, we will get ourselves familiar with article writing and the article writing format


But many people know us in the future

Signs of diabetes in our bodies.

An infection, blurred vision, difficulty healing, or sudden weight loss are signs of diabetes from diabetes that Anh Tu suffered and died. After a time of fighting diabetes, on December 20, popular artist Anh Tu, director of the Vietnam theater, passed away.

Diabetes is also called diabetes mellitus. This disease belongs to the group of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism when the pancreatic insulin hormone of the pancreas lacks or reduces the impact on the body.

The disease generally progresses silently, without symptoms, recognizing diabetes clearly and easily bypassed by patients. However, the disease also has signs to help identify and early warning:


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Signs identify diabetes Thirst, frequent urination

According to experts, if you urinate more than usual, accompanied by thirst, dry mouth, you probably have diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Signs identify diabetes Frequent fatigue

Because people with diabetes have a hard time absorbing glucose, diabetics often lack energy, making them often feel tired and depressed. This is also one of the notable manifestations of this disease.

Signs Identify Diabetes Slow Scarring

Normally, open wounds will take a reasonable time to heal. However, people with diabetes do not.

According to experts, people suffering from this disease due to high blood sugar levels cause damage to arteries and veins, so their wounds tend to heal more slowly than normal people.

Find out more how to recognize diabetes

Signs of diabetes Hunger, intestinal discomfort

People with diabetes often have unstable levels of insulin in the blood, the cells will not have enough energy to function on a daily basis, so according to experts, people with diabetes often feel hungry and hungry. , greatly altered the intestine.

Symptoms recognize diabetes Increase, abnormal weight loss

As mentioned above, people with diabetes do not have the ability to use insulin, so their bodies will have disorders, weight loss, or uncontrolled weight gain.

Signs of diabetes Numbness in hands and feet

Diabetes can affect the nerves in the body, causing a very uncomfortable tingling, pain, or swelling of the extremities.

Signs identify diabetes Reduces vision

For people with diabetes, their vision is more affected by high blood sugar levels, causing their eyes to fade. Even without treatment, a person can lose vision completely.


Signs identify diabetes infections

In environments with high sugar content, bacteria, viruses and fungi are more likely to work. Therefore, people with diabetes are more likely to get infections, fungal skin infections, vaginal yeast infections, and urinary tract infections.

To proactively prevent diabetes, you can use the following methods:

Reference on But the pain of the urinary tract

Exercise regularly: exercise for diabetics is essential, this will be a positive factor to help reduce cardiovascular risk, control blood sugar and HbA1c in muscle. be With each patient will have different will have different exercises to ensure compliance with the pathological condition and adaptability, the state of the body. Some exercises you can refer to:

– Cycling: Helps the heart and lungs to become healthier and function better because cycling improves blood flow to the feet, reducing complications of the disease.

– Yoga: reduces fat, improves nervous functions, helps the body to relax, relieves stress effectively.

– Walk, jog: some studies show that when you walk for about 35 minutes a day, you will reduce the risk of diabetes by 80%,

– Swimming: no pressure on the joints, which significantly reduces blood sugar levels.

It is important that the patient maintain regular exercise habits. Also increase the intensity of the exercises, from light to heavier exercises with moderate intensity and high intensity exercises.

– Adopt a healthy diet

Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment and control of HbA1c, preventing and delaying the appearance of dangerous complications of the disease. You must follow a healthy diet, full of nutrients and energy for the body. Pay special attention to foods that contain 5-ALA elemental ingredients, one of the factors. indispensable in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, as well as preventing complications caused by the metabolic syndrome. Let's fight together again.


Honda smartkey Honda is the leading manufacturer of Air Blade

Where to attach the Honda Genuine Smart Key Key to Air Blade?

Do you know where in Ho Chi Minh City you should take your beloved driver for consultation to install the genuine Honda smart key lock for your Air Blade? If you want to install Original Honda Smartkey key – Cao Sang Decal We are one of the most trusted places right now. Let's see why we should put a smart key lock in the Cao Sang store and assess the professional level of our unit.


1. Attach the Genuine Honda Smart Key Key to Air Blade at Cao Sang Store

Your Air Blade car will be safe if you take it to the Cao Sang Decal Center:

– Our unit specializes in providing genuine Honda locks, making it suitable for installing for your beloved driver, ensuring the most effective anti-theft.

– Genuine 36 month warranty pledge, renew when manufacturing errors occur within the first 12 months.

Come here to enjoy the most professional lock installation service, committing to allow only qualified workers to carry out construction or contact for information. How much more does the smart key become again? it's okay

2. How to use Honda Genuine Smart Key Wrench for Air Blade

You can control and operate the Air Blade Smart Key very easily, just follow these steps, How to use the Air Blade car key Very simple

– On the lock control device with the power button, hold it down and wait until the light turns from red to green.

– Press the button once to check whether the car works or not, if normally the lock light will illuminate with the sound of a signal.

– Then you just have to turn the locking knob to each position corresponding to the operation you want to use.

At this time, quickly take your beloved driver to our Cao Sang store for advice on installing the genuine Honda smart key lock for your Air Blade. Currently, our unit is an industry leader in the installation of smart key locks for this vehicle. The most advanced and modern smart key lock models on the market are now available in Cao Sang store, just visit the store directly and you will be presented and provided with all the information about this lock line to be used from the more effectively.


– Facility 1: DECAL CAO SANG, 88 Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 7, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

– Facility 2: DECAL CAO SANG, 272 Thong Nhat, Ward 16, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City

Direct line 1: 0947490391

Direct line 2: 0838723979

Facebook: Chaosangdecal


The drugs that are understood today are shown

Current effective treatments against diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder of chronic insulin metabolism, which makes blood sugar always higher than normal levels. If the disease is not treated promptly, it can cause many dangerous complications for the eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves, etc. The use of diabetes medications is the main treatment method used today. Here are some diabetes medications recommended by experts that are safe and effective, you can check:

New medicine to treat diabetes from Pocadia USA

Pocadia Diabetes Drugs is a product that has been researched and manufactured in the USA. UU., Which helps to treat diabetes and prevent possible complications. The product is a combination of the herbal duo Pocadia of chromium TGF and blood sugar matrix, so it has the ability to stabilize blood sugar 3 times faster than normal.

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The product is extracted from more than 20 types of high quality nutrients such as Guggul, Cinnamomum, Vanadium, Biotin, Magnesium, Chromium, Cayenne, Gurmar, Alpha Lipoic Acid, …


– Helps control blood sugar so that they are always in a stable state

– Restore and improve the function of the pancreas

– Provides some substances with oxidative effects for the body.

– Stabilize blood sugar levels in the long term, prevent possible complications in diabetes.

Target Users:

– People with diabetes and prediabetes.

How to use:

– Treatment: every day take 2 Matrix of blood sugar + 4 herbs of chromium, use 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

– Consolidation: Take 2 tablets of blood sugar + 2 tablets of chromium a day, use 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

– Maintenance program: 1 tablet of Blood Sugar Matrix + 1 tablet of chrome before eating 30 minutes at breakfast.

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/thaoduoctribenhtpco


– Do not use diabetes medications in pregnant and nursing women.

– People who are allergic to any component of diabetes medication.

– Use medications to treat diabetes as directed by your doctor if you are taking other functional foods.

– Do not use for children.

Reference price: The diabetes drug duo Pocadia USA sells for approximately VND 2,000,000 for 30 days.

The drug for the treatment of diabetes Pocadia has the ability to stabilize blood sugar in the body 3 times faster than normal

New diabetes medication Glutex:

Glutex is an exclusive functional food for type 2 diabetics, produced by IMC – The company that produces functional foods in Vietnam. The medicine works to control blood sugar and reduce the risk of complications, help improve the quality of life and extend the patient's life.


– High sales

– mango leaves

– Cinnamon Extract

– Bitter Melon

– High neem sheets

– Alpha Lipoic Acid

Reference: https://thaoduoctpco.com/tin-tuc/cac…ay-y-1969.html


– Support for hypoglycemia and glycemic control in diabetics, helping to reduce fatigue.

– Limit the complications caused by diabetes, such as nerves, ulcers, infections, eye damage, …

Target Users:

– People with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

– People at high risk, such as: family history of diabetes, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, eating and drinking without control, Cushing's syndrome, adrenal myeloma, hyperthyroidism …

How to use medications to treat diabetes:

– Take 6 capsules / day, in 2 divided doses.

– After stable blood glucose, use 2-4 tablets / day, divided 2 times

– You should drink 30 minutes before eating or 1 hour after eating

– It should be taken in batches of 2 to 4 months to achieve the best effect.

Reference price: Glutex diabetes medication is sold in the market for around 200,000 VND / box x 30 tablets.


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The way to treat the disease is that many people believe it

How to treat people with diabetes that many people believe in?

Diabetes is a chronic disease, people in people often apply different types of popular treatments for diabetes that are passed down from generation to generation. Only by using materials that are easy to find in nature and the procedure is quite simple, patients can be treated at home.

These diabetes remedies save a lot of money. Therefore, in the case of a mild illness, you can apply the cure for diabetes with the natural herbs below.

See more: Phuc An Duong: a powerful product to support diabetes treatment

4 ways to treat diabetes in which many people believe

The use of home remedies to treat diabetes is one of the methods used by many people in the past and now. With only a few natural ingredients, patients can easily control their blood sugar levels. Especially the following 8 remedies:

1. Cure diabetes with the banana pepper stem

According to Oriental Medicine, the banana plant contains many very good ingredients for people with diabetes. Especially bananas can control blood sugar levels, which helps patients to be safer in treatment. If a patient drinks water from a banana stalk in a row during the next month, he will quickly reduce the symptoms of diabetes. In addition, according to some users, banana trunk juice can help keep blood sugar levels at a stable level and not lead to a blood sugar level if applied correctly and done regularly.

How to do it:

– In the morning, you cut a banana with a knife, then cut a core inside the body about 10 cm long.

– Then, use a clean plastic bag to cover the cut area to avoid dust and wait after approximately 30 minutes for the water in the banana tree to drain and accumulate to drink.

– Every day, the patient drinks about 2 cups of banana water and only needs to drink for 3 consecutive days to have an immediate effect.

– Then, if you measure blood sugar, you will see signs of decline compared to the original level. Continue drinking only for 1 week, the blood sugar level will be stable.

More information: Phuc An Duong: a lifesaver for people with diabetes

2. Cure diabetes with carambola

Don't just use star fruit to cook sour soup, served with raw vegetables, … star fruit also has many effects to treat extremely effectively. In particular, star fruit also works to treat diabetes, it helps to balance blood sugar levels very well.

We see carambola as a common fruit in our daily meals, but for diabetics. But this is a panacea that helps treat the disease. People with diabetes will feel healthier and more comfortable if they apply carambola water.

How to do it:

– Get the dried star fruit in the shade, cut into thin slices.

– Every day, take approximately one cup of dried star fruit in the pot and pour water for cooking until the remaining half is used for drinking.

– You should apply this type of diabetes treatment every day after 3 months so that blood sugar levels remain stable.

3. Cure diabetes with watermelon peel

Food is not only nutritious for everyone's health, but watermelon also contributes very well to the treatment of diabetes. Scientists have shown that for every 100 grams of watermelon, 95.5% water, 1.2% protit, 2.5% carbohydrates, 0.5% cellulose, calcium mineral salts, phosphorus, iron and B1 vitamins. B2, PP, C, carotene, …

In particular, watermelon also contains many components of folic acid. This is an important factor in influencing hematopoiesis. Therefore, in addition to eating watermelon, diabetics should use melon peels to cook in medications that contribute to healing very well.

Consult the methods of treating diabetes through traditional medicine.

How to do it:

– Patients use 30 grams of watermelon peel, 30 grams of clean and excellent peeled zucchini to drink water three times a day.

– Implement the watermelon treatment with watermelon continuously for 1 month to feel the effect that the method brings.

– Patients should perform regularly to achieve the desired results.

4. Cure diabetes with lychee seeds

The use of lychee seeds is also one of the popular folk remedies for diabetes that has been used since ancient times. According to oriental medicine, litchi seeds have a sweet and moderate taste, canopy effect, they can cure diarrhea, toothache, testicular pain and type 2 diabetes, … Because the litchi fruit alone It appears according to the season only in years, diabetics can have dry tissues ready. This is a way to help people with diabetes to apply the treatment easily.

How to do it:

– Dry lychee seeds, spread in fine powder, 3 times a day.

– Each time you use approximately 10 grams mixed with water to drink it helps reduce blood sugar very well.

– The best medicine for patients with type 2 diabetes over 40 years.

– Patients must submit a request regularly to obtain the best therapeutic effect value.


But the 4 to 4 car seal for the best in 2020

The best 4-seat car stamp templates in 2020

As the New Year approaches, most people flock to the car's decoration and beautification services. So how to make your 4-seater car stand out and be more attractive to the viewer? If you are a comfort lover, do not hesitate, use the car seal service for your driver right now. Have you chosen the best decoration for your beloved driver? To improve the appearance of the best performance car, let's go to the center to decorate the decal of the prestigious and luxurious vehicle to discover which are the best and best seals of 4-seat cars in 2020.


1. The best and best 4 seater car stamps in 2020

What are the best and best 4-seater car stamps in 2020? To be able to care for and decorate your car effectively and safely, you can consult and choose to use one of the following types of car seals:

– Seals of cars 4 seats 2 unique colors: seals of 4 seats black and white, seals of cars 4 seats orange black, seals of blue 4 white seats, red car seals 4 white seats, ….

– Impressive seals for 4-seater and 3-seater cars: seals for 4-seater cars in white, black and white, 4-seater, red and white, 4-seater, red and black, 4-seater, 4-seater, and 3-seater striped …

All are the most exclusive stamps on the market, are you impressed with them?

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2. The store offers the most modern 4-seat car seals.

Your 4-seater car will become impressive, more prominent than ever if it sticks with a new layer of delicate and appropriate clothing. So do not hesitate, come to the Cao Sang sticker store now to buy the best sticker for 4 seats.


Here, our unit is equipped with many of the most elegant and modern 4-seat car seal designs, printed on high-class decal materials such as chrome decal, scratched aluminum decal, translucent aluminum decal, sweet aluminum decal …

In addition, Cao Sang Decal also offers a 4-seat car stamping service at an extremely affordable price, suitable for the budget of each home, but the quality is extremely guaranteed, so you want to know Dan Decal Doi Mau How much does it cost? motorcycle? You just need to come to the store staff to help you choose the best and best 2020 car seal for your cashier.

Everyone needs to decorate and beautify their car to welcome the coming new year, you are no exception, right? A service that is convenient and safe, such as car stamps, is very suitable for you to request your 4-seater car, do you still have questions about this service? You can visit our Cao Sang sticker store to buy the best 2020 car seal models as indicated above and decorate your car. Guaranteed with the effects that the seals bring to your 4-seat car, you will feel satisfied beyond your original intention.

– Installation 1: DECAL CAO SANG, 88 Nguyen Van Dau, Neighborhood 7, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
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Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society

What to prepare for the path of busy life.

Do not allow yourself to be right, people are something very difficult to discover. We are good and there are people better than us, leaving needs to be a bit humble as an entrepreneur Do Trung Duong HBC – VCCI It will help us avoid many commercial competitors in the commercial market and also the loss of customers and contracts.

https: eva.vn/doi-song-xa-hoi/doanh-n … 34a408947.html

The father used to say that he entered the market as a battlefield, he had to prepare himself carefully with weapons, knowing that he knew us. The businessman Do Trung Duong is the man who takes the Viking Group, a multidisciplinary business to the sea, to face big waves. Mr. Duong had to prepare the strategy and predict the ways in which the opponent would be applied.


In the HBC – VCCI business, sometimes there are too many jobs that an employee will perform endlessly. Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society shared, sometimes it is necessary to know opening words to help colleagues, this is not something embarrassing. But what matters is how you ask for help. The words will not make you lose any contract or lose billions of dollars for it, thank you sincerely, people will agree to help you. On the contrary, being suspicious and orderly in an impolite way will make your colleagues hate you more, can help you but not want to help you.

Boss Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society – Vice President Do Trung Duong HBC-VCCI That said, sometimes when meetings require staff to give their opinion, you should know how to express your opinions in a timely manner. Don't be too determined, too definite, do everything you have to do so you can retire. Sometimes being too determined will cause others' discomfort. There are no enemies forever, the future sometimes too many enemies will make it difficult for you to back off. At HBC – VCCI, you must learn to integrate with your colleagues, do not lie for this reason, other reasons to lie, sometimes you will forget what you say when you discover people's trust. Apart from that you will lose.

The more you are in the commercial company, the things that people want to tell you will tell you, do not be very curious behind anyone's back. Businessman Do Trung Duong inverter Share more about the things in the business that employees face. There are many employees because the pressure to find new contracts and customers makes it impossible to integrate into the collective. There are times when you should praise other people because learning to praise is the best and fastest way to close the distance between you and your colleagues.

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Data behind all cheap dresses for women

Data behind all cheap dresses for women
What exactly do we know about dresses and why is a dress known as one of the most popular items among all the fashion items that can be provided? Every day, around the world, millions of girls wear a dress, whether for a function, for school, university, parties, meetings, etc.
The modern and fashionable look can make you feel safer when you go out with your friends. To be fashionable, you don't need to spend your savings. With cheap dresses for women, you can be the fashion influencer with enough money in your pocket. An attractive top combined with pants such as palazzo, jeans or cotton pants will help you organize any party and attend meetings and conferences.
You can find many stores where you can find numerous cheap dresses for women. These sites offer you the best quality products at a very low cost. Some sites like Berrylook offer good discounts and offers too. Hurry up and get a wonderful dress.

When cardigans are back in fashion
Be in any warm, warm, cold, windy weather, wanting to add another layer of clothing to make your outfit look daunting and cute. Don't worry, Berrylook gives the best knit jackets for women to make you stand out from the crowd.
The cardigans had a great trend during the 60s and 80s, but soon with the generation of millennials entering the scene, fashion went out of fashion and wearing a cardigan would make people call you dated. But soon with time and during the recent past, cardigan fashion became fashionable again. And we were able to witness all the new fashion magazines with models that wear fashion jackets.
People rarely know how to mix and match an outfit with cardigans for women. Some ideas to combine are:
· Black wool cardigan with knitted flowers on white top and blue jeans. Combine the outfit with sports shoes and silver hoops or gold hoops.
· Multicolor, on top of the white tube and torn jeans of light blue or black. Add bare block heels or flats and a pendant necklace to match the outfit.
· Cream cardigan with white shirt, red and black plaid pleated skirt. You can combine the outfit with white or black converse shoes. If you want a more elegant look, combine it with blood pencil heels.

MattBurditt1reviewed byMattBurditt1in.Data behind all cheap dresses for women
Data behind all cheap dresses for women
What exactly do we know about dresses and why is a dress known as one of the most popular items among all the fashion items that can be provided? Every day, around the world, millions of girls wear a dress, whether for a function, for school, university, parties, meetings, etc.
The modern and fashionable look can make you feel safer when you go out with your friends. To be fashionable, you don't need to spend your savings. With cheap
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