Discussion Time Pictionary Contest – Win Amazon Vouchers | Forum Promotion

Discussion Time is running a competition whereby you earn points by answering pictionary images correctly. The points are recorded in this scoreboard. Members can win gold points (forum currency) and Amazon vouchers.

The pictionary games are as follows:

Guess The Song
Guess The Movie

Guess The Phrase/Saying


10 points* – 100 Gold Points**
20 points* – £5 Amazon Voucher
30 points* – £10 Amazon Voucher

*accumulated over all or any single game.
**Gold points can be used towards various items on the forum; Gold Points Information


Once you reach 10 points you can choose to either continue on for higher rewards or claim your prize and reset your score. Same for 20 points.

Once a pictionary image has been correctly guessed I will update the scoreboard and post a new pictionary image in the relevant topic.

Max one amazon voucher per user per month.

To participate you must have at least 15 non forum games posts.


applescript – Add exif creation time with correct timezone (TZD) to filename

Hi i have a problem renaming a lot of photo and images files. I use a shellscript in automator to rename them by EXIF date and time. But the time is given by UTC and im living in europe with +0100 in vinter and +0200 in the summer.

Example: a picture from 2020-06-30 taken at 22:22:30
is named “2020-06-30 20/22/30 IMG_0001.jpg
instead of. “2020-06-30 22/22/30 IMG_0001.jpg

im using the script:

for f in "$@"
    filedate=$(mdls $f | grep kMDItemContentCreationDate -m 1 | awk '{print $3, $4}');
    mv $filepath/{"$filename","$filedate $filename"}

Can i somehow just add +0200 or +0100 to the “filedate…$4” and how?(and then manually order when the number of houser in the name is over 24) or is there a smarter way to ad time zone designator(TZD) to the script? I have not used script before so im completely new to all this. Hopw someone can help me.

fa.functional analysis – A weaker weak time derivative than the one arising from Gelfand triples?

Let $V subset H subset V^*$ be a Gelfand/evolution triple where $V$ is a reflexive, separable Banach space and $H$ is a Hilbert space which has been identified with its dual.

In the context of evolution equations based around the above Gelfand triple, does it ever make sense to think of functions (such as solutions of PDEs) $$ucolon (0,T) to V$$ with weak time derivative
$$u’colon (0,T) to Z$$
where $Z supset V^*$ is a larger space than $V^*$ (and belonging only to this space and not also to $V^*$, in order not to make this question trivial)?

Note that the weak time derivative can be defined for in such a space by the formula
$$int_0^T u(t)varphi'(t) = -int_0^T u'(t)varphi(t) quad forall varphi in C_c^infty(0,T)$$
with the equality in $Z$.

The question is about when working in the context of a Gelfand triple for evolution equations (eg. parabolic PDEs), whether it makes sense to consider even weaker time derivatives than those usually used with values in $V^*$. AFAIK the Gelfand triple is needed precisely to set up the weak time derivative and appropriate properties.

FREERADIUS: How can the same user have logged in to two controllers (Zone Director and Virtual SmartZone) at the same time?

How can the same user have logged in to two controllers (Zone Director and Virtual SmartZone) at the same time?

FreeRADIUS Version 2.2.3
Virtual Smartzone High Scale:
Zone Director ZD3025: build 105

We were migrating the APs from ZD to VSZ, but as the pandemic emerged and everyone is at home now, we stopped the migration and the two controllers are in operation.

In the corresponding radacct of each controller, I found the chronological order:

Tue Jun 9 09:47:11 2020
Acct-Session-Id = “5EDF8325-2E943C01”
Acct-Status-Type = Start
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
User-Name = “x”
NAS-IP-Address = IP_VSZ
NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
Connect-Info = “CONNECT 802.11b/g/n”
Event-Timestamp = “Jun 9 2020 09:40:07 -03”
Ruckus-SSID = “Y”

Tue Jun 9 09:48:45 2020
User-Name = “x”
Acct-Status-Type = Start
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
NAS-IP-Address = IP_ZD
NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
Connect-Info = “CONNECT 802.11g/n”
Acct-Session-Id = “5C108A3D-0458941E”
Acct-Multi-Session-Id = “2ce6cc39d168687d6b0eb2b35edf852cc33a”
Ruckus-SSID = “Y”
Event-Timestamp = “Jun 9 2020 09:48:45 -03”

Tue Jun 9 09:55:40 2020
User-Name = “x”
Acct-Status-Type = Stop
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
NAS-IP-Address = IP_ZD
NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
NAS-Identifier = “2C-E6-CC-39-D1-68”
Connect-Info = “CONNECT 802.11g/n”
Acct-Session-Id = “5C108A3D-0458941E”
Acct-Multi-Session-Id = “2ce6cc39d168687d6b0eb2b35edf852cc33a”
Ruckus-SSID = “Y”
Event-Timestamp = “Jun 9 2020 09:55:40 -03”
Acct-Terminate-Cause = Idle-Timeout T
imestamp = 1591707340

Tue Jun 9 10:08:06 2020
Acct-Session-Id = “5EDF8325-2E943C01”
Acct-Multi-Session-Id = “743e2b370028d077146daa375edf8325ba1a”
Acct-Link-Count = 1
Acct-Status-Type = Stop
Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
User-Name = “x”
NAS-IP-Address = IP_VSZ
NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
Connect-Info = “CONNECT 802.11b/g/n”
Event-Timestamp = “Jun 9 2020 10:01:02 -03”
Ruckus-SSID = “X”

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python – Decrease exectution time of my program

I have an array with 40000 number (float and /or int) where I need to perform some calculation. To do this I have used nested for loop. But the execution time is really high. Instead of nested for loop if I use list comprehension, the execution time reduce slightly. Here is one sample of my code,

import numpy as np
import time as t

pox1=  np.random.randint(1000, size= 40000)
time = np.arange(40000)


start = t.time()
for num in range (len(time)-1): 
    z= (((pox1(i) - pox1(i-num)) ** 2) for i in range(num, len(pox1)))

  # for i in range(num, len(pox1)):
  #    z.append((pox1(i) - pox1(i-num)) ** 2)

endtime = (t.time()-start)

Now my question is why list comprehension is taking lesser time? And is there any other way to reduce the execution time?

google sheets – Help me separate each student into separate rows without inputting the parent data each time

I am collected data about parents and students. I need there to be a separate row for each student without entering the family data each time. I have always used the “pre-filled link” option to do this but need a less tedious way and want to use a formula to do this on my response sheet. I have found some resources online but I can not get any of the examples to work for me. Here is a copy of the response. I would like each row to include data from A-L (header data?) and make a new row for each student M-T, U-AB, AC-AJ, AK-AR. This is an example but the actual sheet will have more columns.
This has 2 tabs, how I my responses are coming out and the second tab is how I want it to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.

astrophotography – How can I use the 200 seconds exposure time in Raspberry Pi HQ camera?

I would like to use the Raspberry pi HQ camera for astrophotography. I have read in the answers and comments on this question that I should be able to use a maximum exposure time of 200 seconds.
This is also stated in the camera guide book (pdf) on page 115:

Shutter speed
--shutter or -ss
Sets the shutter speed to the specified value (in microseconds). The upper limit is around 6000000 µs (6 s) for CM v1; 10000000 µs (10 s) for CM v2; 200000000 µs (200s) for HQ Camera.

Can somebody explain how to use 200s of exposure time? In this answer they mentioned, using sudo rpi-update is enough to unlock this functionality. But after running that command I can’t see a difference between photos using the 200s and 10s exposure time.

astrophotography – 200s exposure time raspberry pi hq camera

You cannot use an exposure time of 200 seconds with the raspberry pi camera.

The documentation of the picamera hardware limits state (last point in the linked section):

The maximum exposure time is currently 6 seconds on the V1 camera module, and 10 seconds on the V2 camera module. Remember that exposure time is limited by framerate, so you need to set an extremely slow framerate before setting shutter_speed

connection issues – Is there any ways to connect TV and laptop at the same time with one mobile phhone?

I need to debug (android app programming) with a Samsung Galaxy 20+.
The app is about displaying two different screens on dual screen. I want the mobile and the TV can show the built app right away after I build the project from laptop because I need to plug and unplug keep and forth to debug and also it’s also hard to debug because I can’t see the debug log properly.

So, Is there any Y shape C cable or is there any possible ways?