How to prevent iTunes from requesting permission to allow the computer to access my iPhone information every time I connect my phone?

I connect my iPhone daily on a MacBook. I don't want to access any information on my phone, so I don't want this question to appear every time I connect my phone.

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JetBackup takes a long time

Hi guys,

We are working with JetBackup solutions for our backup needs, we have both tested CloudLinux where we specify a user ID and t … | Read the rest of

Pathfinder 1e: What is a good way to track the time between meetings with a skill that regenerates at a speed of 1 per minute?


Each round of combat lasts 6 seconds in Pathfinder, so Force Ward's temporary hit points are regenerated at the rate of 1 THP every 10 rounds. To determine how quickly they regenerate between battles, we need to calculate how long they take common non-combat actions. Since Force Ward limits the number of THP at the character level, outside a dungeon it is probably safe to assume that they regenerate completely between each fight.

Inside a dungeon, it's a bit more complicated. We can divide the most common actions that PCs take within a dungeon into two categories: move and use skills.


The rules are not very clear about how PCs move out of combat. However, the rules of movement modes may provide some guidance:

Modes of movement

While moving on different scales of movement, creatures generally walk, rush or run.

  • Walk: A walk represents a leisurely but determined movement (3 miles per
    time for an adult human without liens).
  • Hustle: A hustle is a jog
    (approximately 6 miles per hour for a human being without liens). A character moving
    its speed twice in a single round, or moving that speed in it
    round in which he or she performs a standard action or other movement
    action, is rushed when he or she moves.
    (emphasis added)
  • run:
    • Run (x3) – Moving three
      Speed ​​is a running pace for a character with heavy armor (approximately 7
      miles per hour for a human on a full plate).
    • Run (x4) – Moving four
      Sometimes speed is a race pace for a character in light, medium or not
      armor (approximately 12 miles per hour for a human without liens, or 9 miles
      per hour for a human in chainmail).

The description of "Hustle" coincides with the way in which PCs usually act in combat: a standard action and a movement action. Based on this, I treat the move out of combat as "Walking" (a single move action per turn) unless the players specifically tell me that they are rushing (eg, because they want to go through multiple fights before they exhaust their benefits).

schengen – Visa refusal and re-application is applied for the third time

A previous visa refusal in itself does not disqualify you to obtain a visa later, but the information of a previous visa application, successful or not, can be used against you.

To get a more specific answer, provide more information, especially about the reason for rejection.

Algorithms: is there an application or software that changes the value and output of the function in real time?

I have a code like this


enter the description of the image here

You can change shape according to increment value

var increment =7/32;

enter the description of the image here

I try to turn the value until the exit returns some special form, such as a heart or a butterfly, which may require a different increase in each x & y

var increment =7/32;       
var increment2 =5/44; 
var newX = centerX +distance * Math.cos(theta*2*increment*Math.PI);
var newY = centerY +distance * Math.sin(theta*2*increment2*Math.PI);

enter the description of the image here

But changing the value each time and checking its output takes a long time. Is there any software or function that can print the value in real time? It will be more convenient if you can change its value using a toolbar like this
enter the description of the image here

Is there any evidence of the exponential complexity of the lower time limit

I am trying to understand what are the techniques to demonstrate an exponential lower time limit.

For some problems, we can prove that the size of the output is exponential is the size of the input, therefore, an exponential number of steps is needed just to write the output. For example, for some generalized board games, if the entrance is the board size and the exit is the sequence of winning steps.

But what about the decision problems, where $ | exit | = $ 1 ? Is there a decision problem in $ EXPTIME $ with known exponential lower limits?

I don't see how we can try such a low limit. As if we take the generalized board game again and ask the question of whether there is a winning strategy, we can prove that evaluating all the strategies will take (in the worst case) an exponential time, but how can we prove that evaluate all Is the strategies the only one? way to answer the question?

Or if I take another example, if my entry is a number $ x $ and the output is $ 1 $ if there is a permutation $ p $ how to shuffle the pieces of $ x $ makes it paramount, that is $ p (x) $ It's a cousin Thoroughly explore all permutations and run a primality test will probably be exponential $ | x | $but what if there is a smart way to respond just by looking $ x $ (in sub-exponential time)?

I hope that looking at an example of such a test will help me understand the principles involved.

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SQL Server 2012 can a subscriber be an editor at the same time

I want to configure a topology for replication. The scenario is such that a subscriber is subscribed to the editor based on transaction replication (distributor that runs in the editor). I want this subscriber to be the editor of another subscriber. I want the distributor to be in the instance of the editor (push). Can somebody help me. Regards

A script on the Google sheet to calculate the delay in attendance based on the fixed time

I need a script to calculate each employee's assistance based on their shift time. You must deduct the total delay or any interruption in the middle of the shift.
For example, a shift is 8 a.m. at 4 p.m., but the employee arrived at work at 8:15 a.m. and left at 3:30 p.m., so the script must calculate the delay at the beginning and end of the shift. In addition, you should calculate the rest in the middle if there is one because we do not always have a rest.
I have to use the Google spreadsheet for assistance.
Some help?