function – How do I finish this problem? I have to stop the program after it prints a 7 lettered first name once

def read_file_indefinite():

03. read a file with an indefinite loop
Finish this function which reads the data.txt file, then process each line as CSV.
It prints all the first names of each line.
But the printing stops after printing the first occurrence of a first name that has 7 characters (this part is not done in the code).
This function has no explicit return value.

for line in file_ref:
value = line.split()
if len(value(5)) == 7:



How do you stop WP from stripping <p> code?

I can’t stand Gutenberg and use the disable Gutenberg plugin.
But… WordPress is stripping the

tags. How do I STOP this?

How to stop my system audio to google meet

I am attending classes now a days and I have noticed that when I turned off the mic in google meet, my computer’s audio can be listen to other members (e.g. youtube playing in background). How can I stop this? I searched on internet and didn’t find any solution. I even raised this issue on google meet forum but non one answered my question. I have stereo mix option disabled also.

How can i stop the multi-user process?

was using ‘netstat’ for Android and I discovered a process called multi-user LISTENING on ports (IPv6) as you see in the picture, it established connection when I download an app like noon shopping app, am requesting your help please.

enter image description here

unity – How to stop my particle systems from being frustum culled

Please could somebody advise on whether it is possible to control the culling of particle systems in Unity? I am referring to the entire system, not individual particles.

In my use-case, I am modifying the vertex transformation to get the “distant object effect”.

When the camera thinks it is not viewing something it will cull it (frustum culling).
For most game objects you can get around this by inflating the size of the bounds to make the camera think it is within its frustum and therefore not get culled. However, particle systems are not a single object, they are many particles and I can’t see a way of manipulating the total bounds of the system.

Any ideas?

lc 3 – A Better Understanding of LC-3 – Branch Loop to Stop When Encountering a Negative

Im going to start with that im trying to do.

Change this program to loop until it encounters a sentinel value, which is a negative number. The data begins at x3100. Use only one branch command. There will always be at least one positive integer in the list. No count controlled loop.

When the program ends, R2 must contain the number of values summed and R3 must contain the sum of those values.

.ORIG x3000

AND R3, R3, #0

AND R2, R2, #0

ADD R2, R2, #12

BRz #5

LDR R4, R1, #0

ADD  R3, R3, R4

ADD R1, R1, #1

ADD R2, R2, #-1

BRnzp #-6


My textbook along with the professor are not being of much help so i came here to try a get a better understanding.

I know I can remove/get rid of the other two Branch Loop commands as I need only one, but I do not know how to structure that loop and getting R2 and R3 to work, it just seems they want to stay at 0.

EDIT: That was because i did not run it, i only opened it in the simulator.

I’m also not sure how i can just skip from x3000 to x3100 to fill data being provided from this loop.

cocos2d x js – Stop mouse joint from dragging current rigidBody without mouse-up?

I have a hero, I drag him with-mouse joint attached to his rigidBody. But I want to stop dragging him when he hits a trap.

I want the mouse-joint stop working without event “touch-end” being fired.
But I’ve tried to remove even the mouseJoin-Component from the hero node without luck.

Please any one with any suggestion ?

I’m using Cocos Creator with JS

google cloud platform – GCP SLQ instance wont stop ,restart, or delete

The status says “under maintenance” and has for several hours. This is a not a large database as I am a new student with very small tables for learning. I have tried stopping and restarting as well as deleting the instance, but get an error message every time. The error simply says “The attempted action failed, please try again. Request ID: 4022803414404737811”. Operations and logs shows an “update” error “unknown error” this morning, but no other information given.

I have logged out of GCP and back in with no effect.

How do I stop automatically following people whom I send a friend request on Facebook?

I am not sure if this is the right SE for this question so I’ll gladly ask it somewhere else if you recommend in the comments.

The problem is whenever I send a friend request to anyone on Facebook and even if they have accepted it or not my account starts following theirs. Is there any way to stop this?

rewrite rules – When I modify the product’s permalink, the pages stop working

I’m trying to modify the Woocommerce slugs with the object $wp_rewrite. When I modify it, everything works as I put it, but the rest as the pages stop working. Here the code:

public function rewrite(): void {
        global $wp_rewrite;

        $wp_rewrite->add_rewrite_tag("%category%", '((^/)+)', "category=")
        $wp_rewrite->add_permastruct( 'category', '%category%' );
        $wp_rewrite->add_rewrite_tag("%product_cat%", '((^/)+)', "product_cat=");
        $wp_rewrite->add_permastruct( 'product_cat', '%product_cat%' );
        $wp_rewrite->add_rewrite_tag("%product%", '((^/)+)', "product=");
        $wp_rewrite->add_permastruct( 'product', '%product_cat%/%product%' );

This function is executed with the hook init.

Does anyone know why it doesn’t work or is it a bug?

I also tried modifying the array of extra_permastructs, but it doesn’t work either.