sending an email in gmail inserts line breaks, is it possible to stop that or remove those?

Sending an email in gmail inserts line breaks, is it possible to stop that or remove those?

For example if I email myself a message that I want to email somebody. Then if at some point try to email the person and copy paste what I emailed myself, it has line breaks stuck in there.

For example here is a story. Snow white and the seven dwarfs.

I can put it in notepad/notepad2, and it all wraps nicely because there aren’t a ton of line breaks in there.

But if I email myself that in gmail.

So I enter it into this window

enter image description here

or clicking the popout/so-called full screen button in that gmail window

then it shows it as

enter image description here

Then I click send.

Then I get

enter image description here

Then if I try to put that into notepad/notepad2, it shows as

enter image description here

As you can see, Gmail has added a load of line breaks to it that weren’t in there when I typed it.

Is there a way to get the original thing I typed without the line breaks that gmail added? So if I put a line break in there then fine but I don’t want the ones that Gmail added.

I don’t mind whther we are talking about removing gmail’s additional line breaks from the email the recipient gets. Or, removing the additional line breaks from the email I see in my sent folder. Or retrieving the contents of the email from my sent folder but without the additional line breaks

At the moment i’m doing it manually. So eg copy/pasting the email into notepad and removing some of the line breaks manually.. judging each one.. Or a bit quicker, copy/pasting into Gvim and using “J” to remove some of the line breaks.

How can I Stop receiving notifications from someone without opening theirs chat( Google Chat )

My Company uses Google Chat(G Suite) as an IM client.
I’m having trouble and don’t want to receive chat notifications from a specific person.

I want to clear the “Notifications” checkbox in the attached image

So I referred to the official help.
However, it seems that I can’t change the notification settings until I open a chat with the person.

  1. Go to Hangouts at or in Gmail.
  2. Click a contact or conversation.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Untick Notifications.

As you know, Google Chat has “Read receipts”.
Once I open a chat, the opening notification will be shared with the person.

I am in a position to refuse any contact with the person,
so I don’t even want to know what I’ve read.

I just want to avoid opening chats and getting notifications from him, but is there any way?

samsung – Google won’t stop asking me to agree to new features for text messaging

I keep getting the following pop up message on my phone.

“Faster, richer, higher-quality chat on Wi-Fi or data

To turn on chat features from Google, you agree to the Terms of Service. Google will occasionally verify your number by exchanging your device info with your operator. (SMS charges may apply.) Google’s Privacy Policy describes how data is handled. Learn more.”

I refuse to agree and select continue without new features but it won’t stop popping up. It is so frustrating.

Any suggestions?


magento2 – Magento 2.3.2 – Admin product price – use 3 decimals / stop rounding too 2 decimals

Issue: Rounding product price issues when using prices excluding tax


Product price including tax should be 3.95, we use 21% tax rate.

Product price excluding tax on product is entered as 3.265 which is automatically converted to 3.27 by Magento admin. 3.27 * 1.21 = 3.9567 which is rounded to 3.96 by Magento. But we need the price to be 3.95 on the frontend.

Is there a way to have for example 3 digits on the admin product price?

Tried this but nothing happens / or is changed

Magento2 – admin price input’s are rounding value to 2 decimals

excel – Why VB Shell function does not stop Python code execution window?

The python code execution using the excel VB Shell function does not stop at python instructions. It quickly opens and closes but does not show Python instructions. The following excel macro runs the python code :

Sub run_python()

python_exe = "C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual StudioSharedPython37_64python.exe"
python_script = ""

If Dir(python_exe) = "" Then
MsgBox ("Python executable does not exists")
End If

If Dir(python_script) = "" Then
MsgBox ("Python script does not exists")
End If

python_code = python_exe & " " & " -k " & python_script

RetVal = Shell(python_code)

End Sub

The example python code :

import os

    print("This is first python function called in excel")
    for x in range(0,9999999999999999999):
        print("Counting : ", x)
        #input('Press ENTER to exit')

I added few steps here (for loop and “pause”) to hold the code execution but it does not respond when executed through macro. However, this code works as expected when directly run in VS code.
What am I doing wrong here?

I am using Excel 360 and Python 3.7.


bluetooth – How to stop the predators that installed a device in my gfs body and use n app to causes her pain til we can get to the hospital

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Is there any builtin mechanism to stop sql injections in mariadb?

A SQL injection is a execution of a valid syntax that is contrary to the application implementers’ intention.

Given the communication of the SQL conforming to the application implementer’s intention is solely their responsibility, it its very hard a for a builtin mechanism to realize both the intention and the SQL.

The application implementer needs to use their language constructs of prepared statements to sufficiently separate the data of the application user and the code of the SQL such that user data isn’t interpreted as SQL code, contrary to the application implementer’s intent.

So prepared statements are the inbuilt communication protocol exposed though application interfaces that should be used in a way that separates user data, and implementer’s SQL code that implements their intent.

pathfinder 1e – Is there a spell to make a PC stop talking while a spell caster delivers a monologue?

There are many spells that will do this. The most obvious is suggestion or its relatives charm person, dominate person.

Geas/quest is a good way to do this since it allows no saving throw, but the ten-minute casting time is prohibitive unless the caster pays 1500gp to use lesser wish to cast it in one action.

The enthrall spell is a great fit for this purpose, though note that it’s only available to bards and clerics.

The traditional approach would be to use baleful polymorph to turn the target into a frog, but that spell has a chance to also turn the target into a frog mentally, which would make it incapable of understanding a monologue — probably not what you want.

The hold person spell isn’t really suitable because its duration is very short — the target gets a new save every six seconds. People in the comments have claimed that “talking takes no time”, but this is false — the rules say that speaking more than a few sentences is beyond the limit of a free action.

If you’re willing to use third-party spells, there’s a spell called mute.

But there are two deeper problems here.

One problem is that these spells can silence a player character, but they can’t silence a player; if your problem is that a player keeps interrupting the DM, that’s something you need to address out-of-game.

The other problem is that doing something like this to a player character is going to be not-fun for the player. If your players keep roleplaying their characters interrupting your NPCs, it might be a sign that (at least one of) your players doesn’t like it when your NPCs monologue. You might consider whether you can play your NPCs differently in a way that won’t make your players want to interrupt them.

Stop Dropbox to autostart at boot/login on mac OS

How to stop Dropbox to autostart at boot/login on mac OS ?

I have signed out of the dropbox app.

What i have tried

enter image description here

enter image description here

web development – My browser extension modifies the DOM. How do I stop this from interfering with page scripts?

I’m writing a WebExtensions browser plugin that will modify the DOM of the current page when the user presses a button in the toolbar. More specifically, I need to insert HTML tags into the DOM. Even more specifically, every word on the page needs to be wrapped in a span tag.

In principle there’s no way to predict how this might intefere with page scripts. For example, if a page has a script that relies on the number of span tags in the page being 25, and then my script adds 800 new ones, I’ll break the page script.

How can I get around this issue? I’ve thought of a few alternatives:

  1. “Freeze” the page. When the user pushes a button to activate the extension, the page essentially becomes static HTML. My extension won’t allow any DOM changes from page scripts after it runs.

  2. Clone the DOM and overlay the cloned DOM over the old page using z-levels. Insert my HTML into the clone and let page scripts act on the original copy. Monitor the original page for DOM changes and mimic them in my clone.

  3. Screw it. The extension won’t work on pages with scripts that rely on the DOM not having the extra span elements in it. Do testing to make sure that doesn’t happen on popular websites.

Modifying the page DOM isn’t exactly obscure behavior for extension. What are the general strategies for avoiding disastrous conflicts?