dnd 5e – Do ranged attacks end Time Stop?

How do ranged weapons work in a time stop? 5e Time Stop ends when I directly affect another creature. In other words, if I cast a spell that affects another creature or try to hit somebody with a melee weapon. How does this interact with ranged attacks? If I shoot an arrow or use a sling, will my missile keep going, or stop when it leaves my bow/sling? If I throw a bunch of knives, will they keep going and hit an enemy, breaking my Time Stop, or will they stop moving once they leave my hand and resume motion once the time has begun to move normally?

On a related note, if I were to use Creation in a Time Stop to drop a 5-foot cube of steel on top of an enemy’s head, that would wait until normal time to actually fall on them, right? It wouldn’t fall in stopped time and break it early, would it?

Why am I asking? No real reason, I just thought it might be nice to have this information.

Is there any better alternative to limit or stop order in crypto exchanges?

I have somewhat understood both limit and stop orders at some exchanges, even executed some similar order types but I am still looking a way to execute an order based on target volume of a coin (say to buy)…for eg.

I wish to buy a volume (say 100) coin B by selling coin A (both are highly volatile) now in limit order I can set to sell A at certain price so that it results in 100 B OR trigger it to sell at price point as in stop-limit (not much of a use here).

But this sometimes take time to fill the order…I wish to buy 100 B if either B goes down or A goes up so that the volume purchased remains at 100 B irrespective of ups and downs of both the coins…

Is this possible in any exchange by combining orders or by using a new order type introduced in any of the exchanges?

f stop – How can I compute low light performance for different formats?

How can I compare low light performance for different formats?

Easy. By calculating the 35mm equivalent f-stop.

The 35mm equivalent f-stop divisor is the divisor in the f-stop multiplied by crop factor.

An example:

  • You have 17-55mm f/2.8 lens for a system with crop factor 1.6x and 24-105mm f/4 lens for full frame.
  • The 24-105mm f/4 lens for full frame is simply f/4 equivalent.
  • The 17-55mm f/2.8 lens is f/4.48 equivalent because 2.8*1.6 = 4.48

Thus, this example shows that a full frame 24-105mm f/4 lens has better low-light performance than a 17-55mm f/2.8 crop lens.

Someone could complain that the same true f-stop, same shutter speed and same ISO gives the same exposure, and therefore, because shutter speed is limited by motion blur and ISO is limited by noise, the true f-stop (and not the 35mm equivalent f-stop) would tell the low-light performance.

Such a complainer would ignore the fact that on full frame, you can use higher ISO than on crop. For example, if you have a 1.6x crop camera where ISO 800 is the highest acceptable ISO and higher ISOs have too much noise, a full frame camera with equivalent generation of technology would allow you to use 1.6^2 * 800 = 2048 as the ISO.

How to stop microphone on screen lock?

Discord talk channel stays broadcasting indefinitely in background even if the screen is locked.

I would like to know if there is a setting or app that could be used to prevent this privacy issue.

gm techniques – How do I get a new player to stop rewriting my game to match his favorite fiction?

I have a D&D 5e game that I’ve been running for a year that is on pause because some players don’t want to play online or go outside (stupid plague ruining my tabletop). So I offered my son and the player who still does small gatherings a filler game. My son picked Star Wars, I agreed. He told his adult sister, who wanted to come over with her boyfriend to join. During session zero I warned that Star Wars canon, for me, is the original trilogy and the original rulebooks from West End Games (1987).

In no time the boyfriend was saying his character is the cousin of Dash Rendar (who?) because that’s his favorite character. He defends his expectation because he bought himself a Dash Rendar miniature. Then, 4 sessions in, he wanted me to replace his ship, despite my effort to give him stats, background, drawings and floorplan, with Dash Rendar’s ship, because he bought a miniature for it (after having the other ship for a couple sessions). There is also the expectation that I make Dash a major NPC in my game, and give him Dash’s guns and equipment, and something about a planet; I stopped listening. I’ve never had a player like this (in 35 years). He’s not belligerent when I point the lines of ‘few’, ‘minor’ or ‘cosmetic’, or session zero. He just repeats the requests endlessly. And argues that they are still few, minor and cosmetic. And that’s just the character he wants to play. And he doesn’t see how making the game “enjoyable for him” should be such a hassle for me. It’s completely poisoning the game for me, I don’t even want to judge it anymore.

So to resolve it (dodge it entirely), I asked them if they would like to join my D&D game when social distancing stops or pauses or lightens or whatever. I thought it would help because they don’t have history with Forgotten Realms, so there wouldn’t be the crossed expectations. Since my son and his uncle are in both games, we could do some side adventures to level them up to toward the existing party, learn the rules and explain their characters’ relationships with the existing party. They said yes, and made D&D Beyond accounts to join my campaign. The boyfreind made a Warlock Hexblade. I was stoked to have eliminated the problem.

But now he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Raven Queen, he wants me to replace her with some guy named Leoric from Diablo 2 because that’s his favorite console game. And I need to modify Shadowfell to be more like Diablo 2. And ALL of his spells and features and feats need a necromantic effect that mimic his favorite spells from the video game. I don’t want to hardline him, because I made concessions for every player, they just stopped demanding additional changes somewhere around ‘totally reasonable.’ And like my experience in the Star Wars game, a few concessions have already resulted in the expectation of more, more, MORE!

I pushed back, and he said that he wants to replace him with a Necromancer like Raistlin from DragonLance. Head:0, Brick Wall: Infinity

I am teetering on the edge of just telling him that I don’t try to play his PC, so he shouldn’t try to rewrite my game, and he’s welcome to go find another table where he can play Dash Leoric or whatever. Am I actually wrong, does this fall under the umbrella of ‘the judge’s first job is making the game fun for the players’ or is this guy hijacking my agency as creator and judge? If I am right, and discussing it does not work, what’s the next thing to try?

It does NOT help that it was my own dumb ass that invited my daughter’s boyfriend into my game in the first place. 🙂

dnd 5e – When exactly can a caster stop concentrating on a spell?

To interrupt another character’s turn usually takes a Reaction

The problem here is that the game’s mechanical means to interrupt another’s turn is the reaction. Dropping concentration does not require an action (and since action and reaction are similar currency, should not require a reaction) so you need to discuss with your DM whether or not you can

  1. by default interrupt any currently declared action/event to stop
    concentrating at any given time, or
  2. if you must wait to stop it when it is your turn.

    a. For case 2, if as the flying creature approaches you he sees you dropping, would he not adjust his course to try intercept you?

    b. And for case 1, how does the DM determine if he got off that shot before you stopped concentrating? Dex check? Int check? An advocate for that character could argue that they loosed the shot “at the apex” before they you noticed them and chose to stop concentration.

    It might seem to a given DM that you are manipulating the turn system mechanics to provide a mini-time stop that allows you to interrupt their turn. Discuss with your DM. The only mechanical means to an instant response (reaction) seems not to fit this situation.

Certain special abilities, spells, and situations allow you to take a special action called a reaction. A reaction is an instant response to a trigger of some kind, which can occur on your turn or on someone else’s. (Basic Rules, p. 73)

Since neither of those spells explicitly has that provision, nor does the text on concentration, to interrupt another’s turn, then this requires a DM ruling in terms of timing.

Arguments for the interruption

Since your concentration can be broken on another character’s turn (when damage is done to you) you can reasonably argue that dropping concentration on another’s turn is consistent with that, since

You can end concentration at any time (no action required).

Lino’s answer is a valid ruling, as would be a ruling that requires that you only act on your turn unless you have a mechanic that allows you to interrupt
another character’s turn. Dropping concentration then (only on your turn) would not consume your action – you would still take an action of some sort – but you’d need to wait until your turn to declare that you are dropping concentration.

Whose turn is it anyway?

During a six-second round, each character has a turn.

The game organizes the chaos of combat into a cycle of rounds and turns. A round represents about 6 seconds in the game world. During a round, each participant in a battle takes a turn. The order of turns is determined at the beginning of a combat encounter, when everyone rolls initiative. Once everyone has taken a turn, the fight continues to the next round if neither side has defeated the other. (Basic Rules, p. 72)

OK, when it is someone else’s turn … what happens?

Your Turn
On your turn, you can move a distance up to your speed and take one action. You decide whether to move first or take your action first. Your speed—sometimes called your walking speed—is noted on your character sheet. The most common actions you can take are described in the “Actions in Combat” section later in this chapter. Many class features and other abilities provide additional options for your action.

Since the text on concentration does not require an action (small a) to drop concentration, nor a reaction, then parsing that text literally supports Lino’s answer: you aren’t using an action, so “any time” can be interpreted as “any time, to include when some other character is taking an action within that six second round.”

But it’s all “happening at once” during a round

A DM can also rule that you only get to declare what you are doing when it is your turn. Interrupting others (even NPCs and monsters) on their turn is not consistent with this being a turn-based game. Waiting for your turn is consistent with D&D 5e being a turn-based game, with the exception – reaction, which this is not required to use – being when you can interrupt another character’s turn.

  • How often will you be happy to see the Monsters interrupt your turn?
    When playing a turn-based game, how often do you want others to interrupt you during your turn? And for that matter if, as the flying creature approaches you and sees you dropping, would he not adjust his course to try intercept you? It doesn’t take an action for him to see your location begin to change, does it?

    Discuss this with your DM and get a ruling. Hopefully, for your idea to work, the GM will see it Lino’s way. If not, then wait for your turn and do/declare stuff then.

What Is Sell Stop And Buy Stop In Mt4? – General Forex Questions & Help

As we know the dollar is the most powerful currency in the economic world that is why the US dollar count as the base currency and others are counter currency. To do forex business you should know all about currencies. ForexChief has the best educational system to do this business. An exchange rate has two elements, such as domestic and foreign currency. Or you can say base currency and a counter currency. Turnover Bonuses are available for all Account types on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Such bonuses are paid once a week at the weekends, after trading session closed. The bonus amount is calculated based on the trading turnover made during the week: Monday 00:00:01 – Friday 23:59:59 (server time).

highlight – How to Stop Chrome From Highlighting Things I Click On?

Today Google Chrome has decided to do this annoying new thing where, on many sites, when I click on a box that I can type in it surrounds the text box in a black outline with a bit of white around the edge. It’s doing the same thing for drop down menus as well, placing a box around any option I move my mouse over with the inside highlighted blue. Check boxes are also much more blue than they used the be.

How do I stop chrome from doing this? Is there a setting in the flags that I need to disable or in the settings somewhere?

malware – How to stop malicious WIFI from doing (whatever it wants to do)?

Was reading this: How to check if a Wi-Fi network is safe to connect to?

When I came across some comments

I can redirect you to other pages without your interaction. Install key loggers. Heck if your browser runs activeX objects I could open a shell on your machine without your knowledge. That last example is rare these days but what’s not rare is tricking you into installing a shell for me, keylogging, session stealing, and redirection.

Or as I mentioned in my post, drop a crypto miner on your machine with the tool I wrote

Written by Anthony Russell in the comments of his answer.

So, this looks bad, obviously. What I want to know is how can I stop these attacks? Blocking javascript sounds like a good start, the original post also suggested to check my device for open ports (they did not demonstrate how to shut them though). What else? Is there a fool-proof way to prevent these sort of (virus injection? remote control?) attacks? I am not talking about logging, though. That’s a given when you connect to any network.

What I’m most worried about is virus injection. But other attacks (like key loggers) mentioned above are concerns too. Just share whatever comes to mind. I’m sure other people will fill in the blanks.

Sorry if I sound like a complete noob. That’s because I am. Sorry in advance.

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why homeless people just don't find a job and stop being pathetic useless person?

[ Psychology ] Open Question : Why homeless people just don't find a job and stop being pathetic useless person?