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Just take a quick look at the stories of the most famous companies and Internet giants to see the benefits of sharing websites with family, friends, school mates and local businesses. It was not so long ago that Facebook started as a badly written social network in the Harvard dormitories and spread quickly by word of mouth. Maybe we would still be on Myspace if Mark Zuckerberg had saved everything for him. It is not uncommon to hear about the most famous forums and discussion forums in the corridors of middle schools, high schools and universities. And in today's era, obviously we all hear about exciting social applications, news and other interesting applications for our pocket-sized phones. So, why do so many webmasters hide their websites from people they know in real life?

It's 2019 and if Reddit or 4chan are conventional enough that the headlines are not enough, maybe we should look back at the much older public forums in Rome for inspiration. We'll get to that later, but …

Stop errors from the drop-down box in the google sheets

So I'm trying to use the drop-down menus to restrict the entry of people, but there's a formula that can fill those cells with information that I do not want humans to be able to enter. The formula does it very well, but the problem is that when it is activated it also shows an error message because that input option is not in the drowning list. Is it possible to prevent the error or some other work from occurring so as not to show that red triangle in the corner of the cell?
Thanks in advance.

Short connections: ATL to MAD, 1 hour of stop in PHL with terminal change. Do I have to go through security a second time?

I have a flight in AA from Atlanta to Madrid. My reservation shows a "stop" in Philadelphia for about an hour and 15 minutes. I am worried because my itinerary indicates the arrival at PHL in terminal A, but the exit from terminal B, and the airline changes to Iberia. Will I have to go through security again before leaving PHL? I'm worried about the short stop time.

To stop the popup notification

I want to stop the popup notification without installing any software. Please let me know the command that we can disable notifications pop-up remotely in Ubuntu.

performance – How to stop loading my pop-ups before opening them?

My popups each have a gallery full of photos, which is downloaded all the time you enter the website. What makes my website very heavy.

I use the "pop-up windows builder" plugin, which does not have those options

How can I upload the galleries only when they are viewed? (Slow loading?)

My pop-ups are in the sidebar.

At what exact point did slavery stop?

On December 18, 1865 in the United States.

"The war ended on June 22, 1865, and after that surrender, the Proclamation of Emancipation was applied in all the remaining regions of the South that had not yet freed the slaves." Slavery officially continued for a couple of months in others. Federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, to enforce emancipation.That day of gaining freedom in Texas is now celebrated as Juneteenth in many states of the United States.
The Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, except as punishment for a crime, had been approved by the Senate in April 1864 and by the House of Representatives in January 1865. The amendment did not come into force until it was ratified by three quarters of the states. that happened on December 6, 1865, when Georgia ratified it. On that date, all remaining slaves became officially free.
Legally, the last 40,000-45,000 slaves were released in the last two slave states of Kentucky and Delaware through the final ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution on December 18, 1865. The slaves are still in Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Washington, DC and twelve Louisiana parishes also became legally free on this date. "

https: // _…

But slavery persisted in the "Indian territories" for another six months.
"The problem is that the Indian territory was not within the" jurisdiction "of the United States as that term was understood in the 1860s. Since the United States government used the international treaty law device to treat With all the Indian tribes, even the civilized Tribes, the Lincoln Administration continued the practice of treating the Indian tribes as if they were separate sovereigns, outside the jurisdiction of the United States.

The Fourteenth Amendment, promulgated in Congress the following year, had a similar disclaimer: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, are citizens of the United States …" , which provided a continuing foundation for treating Native tribal Indians born as noncitizens.

In fact, in 1866, the United States addressed the issue of slavery in Indian territory by entering into new treaties with each of the civilized tribes (although the treaty with Choctaw and Chickasaw was a joint treaty). Until these treaties, signed between March and July and proclaimed in July and August, only the Cherokees had taken measures to abolish slavery. However, in each treaty of 1866, the tribal signatory recognized that slavery would no longer be recognized as a legal institution by the tribe.

If we limit ourselves to the dates on which the tribes ratified these treaties, slavery in the continental United States came to an end as a legal institution on June 14, 1866, when the Creek tribe agreed to abandon African-American slavery. It was, somewhat ironically, the day after Congress passed the Fourteenth Amendment. "


JetBackup users: Do you use cpanel backups or let JetBackup do everything and stop cpanel backups?


JetBackup has two possible configurations:

1. Continue using the cpanel backup system, and then let JetBackup index them and provide a nice interface for clients to use to restore the cpanel backup.

2. Stop using the cpanel backup system completely, and configure JetBackup to make your own backups and restores.

Thank you!

Messages: How can I stop my MacBook from sending iMessage messages to non-Apple devices?

This behavior just started randomly today, with no discernible connection to an iOS update. Although it was at the time that I began to synchronize my iMessages with the cloud.

When using my MacBook iMessage, which has traditionally worked by sending messages to both Apple users and non-Apple users through the messaging relay, I write a message for an Android user. First it is sent as an iMessage.

My first thought is, well, such and such now has an iPhone. But then I come to find that they do not receive my message. When I try again later, it is sent as an SMS normally and they receive the message.

It seems that if this behavior occurs, if I try to send another message in 5 minutes, it is still sent as iMessage. After 5 minutes, it seems to work on its own and then it is sent as an SMS with the green bubble.

The option is NOT available for me to right click and "Send as SMS" at any time. iMessage treats my initial texts of blue-bubble / iMessage for these Android users as legitimate, without the option of forwarding them as SMS.

Use of Mojave 10.14.5 in a mid-2014 Retina of 15 "

Bus – VIVA bus stop in the York region: originally called Scott-Bantry?

I recently traveled on YRT's Viva Blue fast transit buses in the Greater Toronto area, for the first time in a decade. One of the stops announced by the on-board system was Bantry-Scott, named for the two streets that are there with Yonge Street. This was not the order I remembered from my previous visit: I remembered that it was Scott-Bantry instead.

I have taken a look on the Internet and I have not found anything to corroborate my memories.

Was this stop called Scott-Bantry circa 2006-2009, or am I just remembering things?

g suite: Is there a way to stop notifications "outside of your domain" in Google Apps?

Several G Suite applications have a setting for G Suite administrators to enable / disable the warning, such as Hangouts

From the Hangouts settings

Hangouts out of the domain warning

By enabling this configuration, it provides a warning to users when they are
Have a Hangout with users from an external domain. As a
administrator, this also gives you more visibility into how
Users communicate with users outside their domain.

If you are a domain administrator, go to, then to each application settings page and change the corresponding settings accordingly

If you are not a domain administrator, ask your domain administrator to change the domain warning settings.