coupon – Magento, which model is right to get the quote in the cart?

I have tried each different combination of model that returns a quote to try to find the one that has the quote for the current customer's cart.

So far none of them works, and I can't understand why this could be.

Essentially, I am running an external script in the miscellaneous directory that sets a coupon code generated in the current cart, but none of the following sets the code correctly and I have to redirect to / checkout / cart / coupon / post or whatever Be the right url is for that.

These are the different models I've tried to get the session:

$session = Mage::getSingleton("customer/session");
$session = Mage::getSingleton('checkout/session');
$session = Mage::getSingleton('core/session');
$session = Mage::getSingleton("core/session",  array("name"=>"frontend"));

And these are the different methods that I tried to execute in the appointment:


They do not fail but they do not configure the code correctly.

magento2 – Magento 2 How to obtain applicable shipping methods without creating a quote?

I am creating a custom module for Magento 2.3.

Where you are not using the Magento product, quote. I have a customized product (not a Magento product) with a fixed weight, customer, address. Using this information, I want to obtain the applicable shipping methods (FedEx, USPS).
I want to print the shipping label without order.
Thanks in advance.

php – Magento 1 get quote ID of the current user

I have asked a series of questions here related to the recovery of the current quote for the current navigation user, but each one produces the same result:

Mage :: getSingleton (& # 39; checkout / cart & # 39;) -> getQuote ()
Mage :: getSingleton (& # 39; checkout / session & # 39;) -> getQuote ()

Both give me a quote that has an entity ID less than the actual quote I'm looking for.

I can see the correct citation in the database as, say id # 100002, but this returns id # 100001.

I know this is not the correct appointment because the execution of getCouponCode () returns a null value and I can see that the entity_id that is returned does not have a set, but the real cart has a coupon code and also the entity_id that follows .

Magento 2.1 – Items added to the quote table but showing the empty cart page

I have a strange problem because when I add a product to the cart, it is being added to the quote table but on the cart page, the minicart is showing the empty cart. Can someone face the same problem? Also, I can not log in to admin, the page is being updated without login. So I guess something related to the session or cache?

Prefix & # 39;> & # 39; to quote from a simple text email using the Outlook inbox online?

I can not believe I'm posting on this topic.

I am using the Outlook inbox online.

I like to participate in mailing lists and so on, and I must respond / quote to the email in plain text (old style, I suppose?) And indicate the answer / quote that I have selected with & # 39;> & # 39; . If I use the HTML email text and use the quote button, a & # 39; | & # 39; gray that does not appear in plain text …

I was wondering what solutions exist for this problem. I can not find any options in the configuration of the web application.

How can I AutoFll Create order form with quote data

I want to redirect my administrator to Create management form with quote data to complete automatically Create order and allow administration Create order
something like thatenter the description of the image here

when the administrator clicks create order Action must redirect to

enter the description of the image here

and auto all the appointment data

WooCommerce Quote Add-ons Recommendations | Web Hosting Talk

Hi all

New here, so my apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Anyway, I have a client who wants a website where clients can log in and request quotes in
Certain types of services. as insurance, medical assistance, etc. This request will be sent to you by email,
where he then compiles 3 quotes for the application and then sends them to the client. After the client
choose one of the quotes, pay a fee and that quote is reflected as paid, then my client can put their
Client in contact with any service provider.

I spent most of yesterday trying several add-ons without success. Well all of them
It worked as expected, but I think I need something more specific. I basically need
to make it look like this addon
Where "Services" lists all WooCommerce products. Then, by clicking "Send a request",
All that information is sent to the WooCommerce backend as a quote, where my client can do with
It is what you need.

The main reason for using WooCommerce is the payment gateways.
Once a quote is accepted, the client's clients can simply "Checkout" and the
the transaction is made.

Any plugin recommendation (Free / Paid) would be greatly appreciated.

Is it possible to omit the xss filter in which the double quote becomes a symbol?

the entry is reflected but the double quote (") changes to ("). It is possible to omit this filter.

For example, the entry is reflected in the meta tag in this way

I tried to code the appointment but it did not work.

Why is a blank required between "[[" and "-e xxx" in ksh?

For instance, the following command does not work:

if [[-e xyz]]; then echo File exists;fi

ksh gives the following error

[[-e: command not found

Is that because “[[-” is ambiguous?

Change total quote in magento 2

How can I change the order / total budget depending on the payment method?
I can not do it using PHP