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SOAX is a reliable provider of residential proxies across all geos.

Residential backconnect rotating proxies

Our service provides residential backconnect proxies. Or backconnect rotating proxies. Or residential rotating proxies. These may be different combinations of words, but essentially they all mean the same.

Residential means that our proxies are real, residential IPs connected via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE, owned by real network providers.

Backconnect and rotating means that our server maintains real-time proxy connections and ensures instant IP rotation when a proxy goes offline.

The origin of our proxies

We have built a highly reliable Proxy Exchange Platform which provides IPs offered by verified internet service providers and mobile network operators from across the world. This makes our proxy pool one of the cleanest on the market.

User-friendly dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to configure and purchase any proxy configuration you may need. Right after you complete the purchase you’ll get access to the whole list of proxies. You can always export the list as TXT, CSV, HTML, or share it as a link. On top of that, you can add any IPs to your whitelist and view traffic usage statistics.

Login-password or IP authorization

We recommend setting both authorization types as default. However, if you don’t want to use login credentials for some reason, you can use your IP address instead.

Targeting by country, region, city, and network provider

Need to simulate an http request from a Türk Telekom user based in Aydin, the Aegean Region of Turkey? Easy as ABC. You can filter your proxy list by country, region, city, or network provider and manage locations right in the dashboard.


Rotation is disabled by default. This means that it happens automatically whenever a proxy goes offline (e.g. when flight mode is turned on). If your business requires frequent IP rotation, you can set any rotation period when configuring a package of your choice. In this case, IPs will be forcefully rotated on every port within a certain period of time.

Flexible plans

We offer several cost-effective monthly subscription plans along with flexible prices for any extra traffic. Pick the one that best suits your needs:

Residential proxy network:

  1. Micro – $75/mo($15/GB, 5GB included);
  2. Starter – $150/mo ($15/GB, 10GB included);
  3. Regular – $700/mo ($7/GB, 100GB included);
  4. Business – $2500/mo ($5/GB, 500GB included);
  5. Enterprise – price upon request.

Mobile proxy network:

  1. Micro – $70/mo($35/GB, 2GB included);
  2. Starter – $175/mo ($35/GB, 5GB included);
  3. Regular – $600/mo ($30/GB, 20GB included);
  4. Business – $2500/mo ($25/GB, 100GB included);
  5. Enterprise – price upon request.

We don’t put any limits on accessing our proxy pool, which means you’ll be working with tens of thousands of IPs even if you choose to subscribe to the cheapest plan. However, the more expensive your plan is, the more you save on 1GB of network traffic.

Payment options

Currently we accept credit cards, WebMoney, and PayPal.

Contact us

Give us a call at +44 208 059 1037 or drop us an email:

Our refund policy

Currently, we offer a 3-day money-back guarantee policy. This means that you can contact us within three days after the initial purchase and request a refund if one (or several) of the following conditions are met:

  • You have accidentally made a double payment to top up your balance.
  • You have accidentally double-purchased a plan.
  • The service provided to you does not meet the SLA terms.

Practical use cases for residential proxies

Why would you need to use residential proxies? There are quite a few scenarios where residential proxies will really come in handy and help you achieve your business goals. Here are some of these scenarios:

Data scraping. Collect large amounts of data from the internet.
Price monitoring. Monitor and analyze competitors’ prices or gather pricing data from e-commerce websites.
Ad verification. Make sure that your ads perform correctly and are being displayed on legitimate web resources.
Social media management. Register multiple social media accounts from different locations, perform mass liking, mass following, and posting without the risk of getting blocked.
SEO management. Collect and analyze search engine data to improve your website’s search positions and performance.

We’ll stick around here for a while, so follow us for any future updates and promotions. Feel free to share your feedback or ask any questions, we’d be happy to assist.

cannot scrape any proxies (all fail from Scrapebox provided source)

Am I suppose to use a proxy when scraping proxies, all of them failed…cedSEOClub 

This is method I used. Nothing else And this is fresh install of Scrapebox

I went ahead an checked if my ip is blacklisted anywhere I don’t think it is.

Is there a way I can export these results to have you take a look?

No you don’t heed a proxy to scrape proxies, generally.

Are you getting an error or ?

I’m going to turn this off and see what happens.

I’m just going to get a windows vpn and put all my seo tools on it just in case. Sorry for your trouble.
I had klaspersky before.

Ahh Kapersky is known to cause issues. The VPS should solve all that for you and give you dedicated always on resources.

Not able to scrape any working proxies from SB built in sources

Am I suppose to use a proxy when scraping proxies, all of them failed…cedSEOClub 

This is method I used. Nothing else And this is fresh install of Scrapebox

I went ahead an checked if my ip is blacklisted anywhere I don’t think it is.

Is there a way I can export these results to have you take a look?

Gersin Proxies – Best Residential Proxies from 1.5 USD per GB

Residential Proxies – 3 USD / 1 GB. Sticky/rotating option, locations all over the world. Reseller API is available.

7 days trial – 1.5 USD / 1 GB.

Discord: gersinh4#3799

proxy – Can I use IPSec for anonymous browsing (like in commercial proxies)?

In class, we learned how to set up a VPN between two remote sites using IPSec in tunnel mode. I have a VPS for hosting my website (with root access), but if I set up a tunnel between my PC and the VPS, then my source IP will still be clear between the VPS and the internet when I browse the internet, right? (traffic is encrypted only between left and right parameters of ipsec.conf file, which are my PC and the VPS)

How do commercial proxies (such as Hotspot Shield) solve this problem?

UK Proxies

Hi guys, I am looking for a solution for footlocker EU proxies. Please help me out.

I will need a server and subnet and a solution to make … | Read the rest of

4G/LTE Proxies, from all global locations

BigMama Proxy Network

Mobile SOCKSv5 proxies from all global locations. LEGAL user participation (not a botnet), real users.

New proxies added hourly.


FREE trial deposit to test any shared proxy for 24 hours.

5-15% discount to each new user making the first deposit.

refund for 50% or more failed requests.

US, UK, AU, CA from $0.50 / 24hours
EU, Asia, Other from $0.40 / 24hours

Detailed Geolocation metadata from
Anonymous Bitcoin Payments
Invite Code: DGTLPNT

Total Proxy Network ~ 12K proxies and growing
US ~ 8K proxies and growing

We can acquire new proxies in preferred countries by request.
We’re open to various business opportunities and partnerships.

INVITE ONLY and manual user approval while in the beta phase.


telegram : @bigmama_network
jabber :


untagged – Is using proxies to circumvent rate limit to scrape data legal?

Im under the Indian jurisprudence and this is what the Indian Information Act of 2000/66F says on the matter,

Indian Information Act 2000/66F

Punishment for cyber terrorism.– Whoever,– with intent to threaten the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or to strike terror in the people or any section of the people by–

(i) denying or cause the denial of access to any person authorised to access computer resource; or

(ii) attempting to penetrate or access a computer resource without authorisation or exceeding authorised access; or

(iii) introducing or causing to introduce any computer contaminant,

Since the administrator of the API has authorised only a certain number of API calls for a network, can it be construed as a violation of 66F clause 2 if we try to circumvent the rate limit even though the information is on public domain?

Active proxies disappearing in first campaign? — 👉 GSA SEO and Marketing Forum 👈

Hello, I am happy because I have just started a campaign in GSA SER, however I see that my private proxies have dropped rapidly from 25 to 11 and it continues to drop, now I have 10 proxies?

I had 25 private proxies.

Why did they get off quickly and what would be the solution?