cryptography – Why public key systems involve private keys

Public key cryptography means that the entire communication between both parties is public, including the setup. Contrast this with the case of two parties $A,B$ meeting in secret, agreeing on some keyword, and using this keyword to encrypt future communications.

Clearly, if $A,B$ decide on the encrpyption scheme in public, something has to be kept private (otherwise you could decipher the messages just like the parties involved). This is the private key, so the flow is something along the following lines: $A$ and $B$ publicly discuss and share some information with each other and the world, then they do something in private and send each other encrypted messages. Witnesses to the public exchange alone can’t recover what is being said.

The child version of such scheme which I like is the following. Suppose $A$ and $B$ want to agree on some secret color, only known to them, however the entire exchange must be public. Under the assumption that mixing colors is easy, but given a mix recovering its components is hard, then $A$ can send $B$ can each choose a secret (private key) color denoted by $a,b$. Then $A$ can send $B$ the color $c$ (public key), and the mixture $(a,c)$. $B$ now creates the mixture $(b,c)$ and sends it to $A$, and also mixes $(a,b,c)$ and keeps this compound to himself. Finally, $A$ adds $a$ to $(b,c)$ and is now also in the possession of the secret mixture $(a,b,c)$, known to $A,B$ but unknown to anyone who solely witnessed the interaction between them.

recover private key – is there a way to find the wallet that my address goes to ?//

I two years ago had a cash out from a casino and i went to myapp store and downloaded what I was coinbase wallet which it was the cold storage wallet that really has no ties beside a wallet connect to coinbase I later figured out. I was brand new to btc and knew nothing about 12 words that i was to immediately write down. I did make an account at is what I thought was it. I later on saw the money come into my wallet from the casino and at that point it shut my phone down and erased eveything.. when I came back online I found out that I no longer had an account at wallet under the credentials I thought were right

I guess what I am asking is there any other way to figure out where the wallet is cause it still has the money in it and is there any program I can use that may help me figure out where it is and if my private key is in cloud storage?

I have tried to recreate the same scenarfio and have never been ABLE TO understand this

private key – Can Bitcoin be recovered from a child key alone?

I have a question regarding BIP-32 and keys.

Imagine a scenario in which a user creates a new Bitcoin wallet with a seed phrase. He then generates a new address and sends 1 BTC to this address.

Under the covers, my understanding is that a master private/public key will be created from the seed phrase. Then, a child key is created under the parent key for the address.

Now, suppose this user completely loses their seed phrase / master keys, BUT they somehow have a copy of the child key pair that contains their Bitcoin.

Is it possible to recover their Bitcoin from that child key alone? If so, what is the process? Are individual child keys just the same as normal (non BIP-32) key/pairs?


How do many public keys correspond to one private key?

I have read online that hardware wallets can generate new public keys to facilitate transactions. Ie if someone has BTC on an exchange and they want to send that BTC in different installments to a single private key/hardware wallet, that hardware wallet can generate a different public key for each transaction. I’m a bit confused on how this works? Would the ledger not indicate that each of those installments now belongs to a different address? Or is it simply that each time a new public key is generated, the private key in the hardware wallet has the ability to sign for all of those? (Thus creating a persistent, growing list of public keys associated with one private key?).

Additionally, what is displayed on the ledger if that hardware wallet, after multiple installments with different public keys, now wants to send BTC elsewhere? Which of the previous public keys is used? Does it create a new one? Wouldn’t this show up on the ledger as a public key sending more BTC than it ever acquired?

attachments – How can I add the Post Status option to the Admin for Media Library posts? I want to be able to set their Status to Private,

Is there a way to add the Post Status option to the Admin for Media Library posts (as with Posts and Pages)? I want to be able to set the Status of individual Media Library items to Private.

My ultimate purpose is to allow users to hide certain Media Library Attachment pages from the search results.

security – Storing private keys in cloud providers enviroment variables

Is it ok to store private keys in cloud provider (such as AWS, Firebase) secrets (enviroment variables) in cloud functions (such as lambdas or firebase cloud functions)?

I understand I would be trusting the safety of the funds in that address to the cloud provider, but I can’t see another solution since I am building an application that has to sign bitcoin transactions from that address.

Trying to find someone causing trouble on my network. Need to convert public to private IP

Somebody has started a instagram page in my hotel which is being used to bully and damage peoples reputation. I am trying to find them. Seeming they are connected to my internet is there any way I can grab their public ip through a link and then convert that to a private IP address that I can use to match up with a hostname of their device?

if the hardware wallet company ledger goes out of business, what will happen to my crypto asset / private keys in ledger?

if the hardware wallet company ledger goes out of business, what will happen to my crypto asset / private keys in ledger? I heard that the hardware wallet ledger is not open-source, so will the company get access to my private key? Will I be able to transfer my crypto elsewhere?

8 – How can I have the file upload destination private by default?

Currently Webform file component uses public files as default upload destination. This is probably because private files path is not always available if not configured in Drupal settings correctly.

File upload destination should be made automatically “private files” by default if available.

I found same issue with Drupal7, is there any patch or way for Drupal8?

Or better if we do it by some setting in the local.settings.php or some similar cofniguraions?

blockchain – In case of private data collections how can the nodes that don’t have complete access to the transactions know about the world state?

Hyperledger Fabric offers the ability to create private data collections, which allow a defined subset of organizations on a channel the ability to endorse, commit, or query private data without having to create a separate channel.
In that case, how can the nodes that don’t have complete access to the transactions know about the world state?
Will the world state differ between the organization that has and doesn’t have the access to the private data?