Need uncheck filter lists in options to porn backlinks?

I didn’t find my question on the forum: I want to know if I need to uncheck sites in the options / filters tab to generate porn links. Unchecked: https://github….pi_blocklist_porn_all.list
Thank you

Is there a pattern for choosing one of a set of options at random when their selection criteria are equal?

I want to choose between several options, and if the criteria I’m using for selection happen to be equal, I want one at random (reasonably so, so it’s equal-chance each time, rather than arbitrary). This is easily done with nested ifs, but it gets pretty ugly and ends up duplicating code.

A simplified example case, in case that’s not clear.

extern crate rand;

fn main() {
    let a = 5;
    let b = 5;

    if a > b {
        println!("Do the thing where a is bigger");
    } else if b < a {
        println!("Do the thing where b is bigger");
    } else { 
        if rand::random::<bool>() {
            // I don't want to duplicate the code here!
            println!("Do the thing where a is bigger");
        } else {
            // Or here!
            println!("Do the thing where b is bigger");


(rust playground)

Is there a better way to do this which doesn’t require duplicating code? In this simplified example I’m only choosing between two possibilities, but it could actually be a longer list. (What about acting based on the highest of a, b, c, d, where it’s possible that there’s a two, three, or four-way tie?)

I happen to be learning Rust so if there’s any clever language features that’d be cool, but I’m also interested in the general case if possible.

magento2 – Maximum of selected options in multiple select attribute in Magento?

We have a shop and have run into problem since multiple select attribute is set to “varchar” and can only have 255char. This means we can have aprox 51 different options per product but we need more that that.

We are using this selected attribute to layer navigation. We have tried to change from “varchar” to “text” and then admin is working but the layer navigation is gone. How can we solve this problem. We are using Magento 2.3.5

layout – Magento 1 – Split Configurable product options list into 2 columns

I have a Configurable product… I would like to split the Configurable Options into 2 columns (using existing responsive markup). To make things more complex, I would like to apply the layout update to only one particular Configurable product.

So far, I have been able to format the product page by…

Duplicating and renamed subtheme/template/catalog/product/view/options/wrapper.phtml to custom_wrapper.phtml

I then added below to Product > Design > Custom Layout Update in Magento Admin.

<reference name="">
  <action method="setTemplate">

The desired result is working as I hoped… see

Now it gets tricky, I would like to list the first 6 options in column 1

Then the remaining options in column 2 – effectively splitting the Configurable Product Options into 2 sections. I also need to do this so that it only applies to this product page.

I am really hoping someone can kindly assist with this – or at least point me in the right direction – I have spent hours trying to figure this out!

Thanks in advance to anyone who is nice enough to lend their wisdom.

checkboxes – How to indicate the ternary options for turning a feature on, turning it off, or leaving it as it was?

There is a remotely operated device / toy / drone, which has a number of “functions”: various lights, sound effects and so on. There is a remote control with a number of physical buttons. This remote control can be configured with a GUI so the user can set which button operates which functions. By the press of a button, the remote control sends a command containing the states of all the functions.

It seems simple at first: if we have 4 functions to be controlled for a specific button, we could just have a list of checkboxes:


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

This will turn functions 2 and 3 on, and functions 1 and 4 off, on the press of the button.

However, we would like to have a possibility to not touch a specific function. For example, we want the user to be able to specify the following: “turn on function 1, turn off function 2, and leave the others as they were” (because they might have been activated by another button and we don’t want to undo that).

I fear that an undetermined (tri-state) checkbox won’t be clear enough:

enter image description here

We want to clearly indicate that it’s a “turn on” command, a “turn off” command, or there is no command.

Another straightforward way would be to use drop-down lists:

enter image description here

The problem with this is that the vast majority of the userbase is not computer-savvy at all, and might get confused. Checkboxes in the first example were so simple…

But having two checkboxes per row (one for “affect this function?” and the next for the actual command, which is greyed out if the first is unchecked), would be even more confusing.

Fake reports are shutting down my website, what are my options

I am currently with Hostgator and Hostgator sent me a notice that someone has reported my website for copyright and for scamming. The reported requested I take down my entire site. The reporter pretended to be a big company that exists in real life (lets call the big company “CompanyA”). However, instead of the report’s email domain being legal@CompanyA(.)com it was legal@randomwebsite(.)com. If you visited randomwebsite. com it would take you to a godaddy landing page. Clearly a fake report, probably from my competitors.

I told this to Hostgator, and they told me, the report was submitted correctly and if its submitted correctly they are required by US law to take action (in this case suspending my account).

I then went to hostgator and asked the process of reporting a website. You weren’t required to prove that you owned the content, you can just report the content, no questions asked: hostgator(.)com/dmca (Remove brackets)

Currently my website is suspended. I do not even live in USA but most of my customers are from USA. I paid ~$3,000 (which is a lot of money for a small business like mine) for my VPS which would last me 3 years of hosting. I am only a few months into the contract.

What are my options and are there any better hosts?

What I need my VPS to do:
– Host my website in PHP
– Have MySQL without connection limits
– Support 10,000,000 requests a month.
– Let me run python 3 and install python packages

PS: CompanyA and randomwebsite are made up names for the story

customs and immigration – My pregnant wife with Green card status is stuck in India due to COVID-19, What are my options as she cannot come until she gives birth?

My wife is stuck in India since Feb 24, she’s supposed to come on April 30th. But, all flights were cancelled including ours. There are repatriation flights, but, she is 32.5 weeks pregnant when the repatriation flights start running from India to U.S during next phase.

I am thinking my wife will come back to U.S before August 18th (she’ll be outside for 177 days) after she gives birth at the end of July.

Can she go back to India after 2 months of staying in U.S to take care of our baby? (Meantime, my parents will be taking care of the baby). Will she face any more questions?

(I am a U.S. citizen and not worried about my kid as I can apply for CRBA)

Please be nice as we are going through a tough time staying apart like so many others.

terminology – Determining correct term for a button with options and Vue JS example

I am familiar with some UI terms but certainly not all. I remember smiling when I figured out what people meant by the term “snackbar” (and have now designed one myself).

However, there is a button which normally has a small-ish triangle to the right. Normally you click the button and a single action happens, however if you specifically click the “small-ish” triangle, you’ll get a dropdown list of options. The default one is typically the one you’d have gotten had you just clicked the main part of the button. But the other options are things an advanced user might want to do. Another thing I’ve seen on the side is a .. but rotated 90 deg.

Again, my question is what the normal term is (if there is one). any additional link to a VueJs example would be over the moon.

multishipping – Payment options for multi shipping checkout process

We’re in the process of upgrading to Magento 2.3.3. We’re discovering that multi shipping payments are being deprecated because of the EU Payment Service Directive (PSD2).

Does anybody have experience with a payment service that works with Magento 2.3.3 and forward that works for multi shipping? What did it take to make it work?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

options – What structure and database storage method should I use for temporary storage that may be written concurrently?

In working with a third-party API, I need to store some state information to help track a process. I’m wondering where and how I should store it.

Specifically, I have a multi-page Gravity Form, and using the hooks they provide, I’m submitting a POST request to an API once the first page is filled out, getting back a unique ID, and then submitting the fields from the second page to the API with a PATCH request. (There are good reasons for this seemingly complex flow.)

I have a unique ID for the form submission, and a unique ID for the API record that’s created and then needs to be updated. What I’m looking for is the best way to connect that information in the database so that when the second page of the form is completed, I know which API record should be updated.

I’ve considered using the Transients API, since this is by definition a very temporary storage need, but since the data is not guaranteed to be there when I need it, I don’t think it will work.

I’m leaning towards using an associative array (with the unique form ID as the key) with the Options API. My concern: if I have dozens or even hundreds of people filling out this form at the same time, is there a risk of race conditions or similar issues in writing to one option? Should I break this out into one option per form submission? Or create a separate table similar to the postmeta table?

Or am I overthinking this, and a single array in an option will be just fine?