database – Submiting with problems on one of the options php wprdpress

Hello I having a strange behavior with a simple submit in a page that has to fill some data from 2 inputs. Basically everytime i try inserting without values it insert, if i try and put ‘teste1’ it inserts but it doesnt insert anything than that values more.

down i have the code im using:

        if (isset($_POST('addit'))) {
    $wpdb->insert($table_name, array(
        'names' => $_POST('name'),
        'descriptions' => $_POST('description')
} elseif(isset($_POST('deleteit'))) {
        if ($_POST('deleteid')) {
            $wpdb->delete($table_name, array('id'=>$_POST('deleteid')));
$categories = $wpdb->get_results($sql);

this is only happening in a specific tempalate i created on wordpress and not in the others that have a similar constrution. Already tried recreating the page, configuring a new page.
One more thing its strange, every time i put some other string, it goes to the standard 404 wordpress page. Any Thought?

Best Regards

Website in spanish credit options

Why are you selling this site?
I have several websites and need time to focus on other websites

How is it monetized?
This site is a member of TradeTracker Mexico, FinanceAds, Commission Junction, Rakuten Marketing

This site promotes credit products and connects clients with companies

This site has 2 funnels for getting leads

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Yes Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

How much time does this site take to run?
Runs very wells is hosted in a premium VPS

What challenges are there with running this site?

Connect new companies for reselling credits on the website
Generate new content related to credit


theme options – Activating metabox from admin not working

i was following a youtube tutorial of how to make wordpress admin option
but stuck at a point
i am trying to activate or show a metabox on all pages only when a contact form setting is activated from admin but so far nothing shows

here is my custom-post-type.php code


@package sunsettheme

$contact = get_option('activate_contact');

if(@$contact ==1){
    add_action( 'init', 'sunset_contact_custom_post_type' );
//Contact metaboxes
function sunset_contact_add_meta_box(){
    add_meta_box('contact_email','User Email','sunset_contact_email_callback','sunset-contact','side');

function sunset_contact_email_callback($post){
    //wp_nonce_field( $action, string $name, bool $referer,bool $echo )
    $value = get_post_meta($post->ID,'_contact_email_value_key',true);
    echo'<label for="sunset_contact_email_field">User Email Address</label>';
    echo'<input type="email" id="sunset_contact_email_field" name="sunset_contact_email_field" value="'.esc_attr($value).'" size="25"/>';

and here is function-admin.php code

function sunset_custom_settings(){
      //Contact formoptions
      //section for contact form
      //add_settings_section( string $id, string $title, callable $callback, string $page );
      add_settings_section('sunset-contact-section','Contact form','sunset_contact_section','alecaddd_sunset_theme_contact');
      add_settings_field('activate-form', 'Activate Contact Form', 'sunset_activate_contact', 'alecaddd_sunset_theme_contact', 'sunset-contact-section');
//call back for sunset_theme_options
function sunset_theme_options(){
    echo 'Activate and Deactivate sepcific Theme Option Support Options';

//call back for sunset_contact_section
function sunset_contact_section(){
    echo 'Activate and Deactivate the Built in Contact form';
//activate contact
function sunset_activate_contact(){
    $options = get_option('activate_contact');
    //@ is isset here
        $checked = ( @$options ==1 ? 'checked' : '');
        echo '<label><input type="checkbox" id="custom_header" name="activate_contact" value="1"'.$checked.'></label>';

and no metabox shows here is screenshot
enter image description here

any help will be appreciated, thanks

What are my options in terms of a design patterns for an AWS RDS SQL database in Xamarin Forms?

This is my first question but I am pretty sure this is the right place for my question. I am currently learning Xamarin Forms to build a cross-platform iOS and Android app in which coaches can manage a team of runners. I plan on using an AWS RDS (Either MySQL or SQL Server) database. My database design (ER diagram, Schema) is complete and I am trying to figure out the best way to go from here. I’ve done a lot of research on how to integrate my database into my code and what kind of design patterns I should use, and so far I’ve come up with these:

  • I can create a RESTful api to communicate with my database.
  • AWS offers SDK’s for .NET in which I could communicate with my database, possibly allowing me to bypass creating a whole RESTful api.
  • Many people have mentioned a mvvm design pattern, but I’m not sure if there are others I could consider.
  • I’ve worked in a SQLite database in Android studio before and had a DBhelper class that handled all queries, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to implement that in my situation now.

Right now I’m leaning towards using that AWS SDK and mvvm because that is what my research has led me to. This project is for a two-semester long senior class and I am working with a client, so I really want to make sure I pick the correct design pattern to make sure I don’t have problems down the road. Is there any other design patterns I could consider for my situation? Also, if I do go down the mvvm route, would it be appropriate to use an ORM such as entity framework (probably database first since I already have my design done)? Thanks in advance.

preseed – autoinstall options ignored on Ubuntu 20.04

Have been using preseed to install systems for awhile and wanted to learn about autoinstall/cloud-init. I was working through the example here: and noticed that my installer doesn’t download the cloud-init hosted on my webserver. I’ve validated the webserver via wget and am monitoring the logfiles on it to see that there’s no GET generated by the installer. My iPXE config (adapted from the kvm example) is listed below. What am I missing here?



initrd http://(...)/amd64/initrd.gz

kernel http://(...)/amd64/linux initrd=initrd.gz auto=true netcfg/choose_interface=${net0/mac} debian-installer/local=en_US keyboard-configuration/layoutcode=us autoinstall net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0 ip=dhcp ipv6.disable=1 ds=nocloud-net;s=

archive – Mysql 5.7 – Archiving of old data – Best options?

I have an web application which has Mysql 5.7 production Database 1TB data.

Now we are running into performance issues due to huge data in tables. So we are planning to Archive OLD data of different tables. Checking for best options.

Requirement :
Users do CRUD operations every day with minimal data so we plan to remove OLD data(1year back data) to separate Archive DB server and remove the OLD data from production DB. Which will make the users CRUD operations fast…

Challenge – Production DB to Archive Seperate DB sync will happen every day. Production DB to separate Archive DB server sync only Create, Updated data should sync. Where users use separate Archive DB server when required to see all data.

Please help me if there is any options available

plugins – WordPress error: Options page Setting_ not found in the allowed options list

I don’t really know what to do now. :/ I tryed this:

add_action( 'admin_init', 'Setting_' );

And this is my strings and form setup:

function Setting_() {
    register_setting( 'options', 'My_plugin_header_logo' );
    register_setting( 'options', 'My_plugin_links_facebook' );
    register_setting( 'options', 'My_plugin_links_youtube' );
    register_setting( 'options', 'My_plugin_links_email' );
    register_setting( 'options', 'My_plugin_links_instagram' );

<form method="post" action="options.php">
 <input type="hidden" value="/wp-admin/options.php?page=my_plugin" name="_wp_http_referer">
   <p class="submit">
     <input id="submit" class="button button-primary" type="submit" name="submit" value="Save!"></p>

Thnaks for any help!

What are the pros/cons of between these 2 database design options where the join table can have 2 or 3 foreign keys?

I am trying to model the following scenario, but I have come up with 2 options and I cannot figure out how to decide between the 2 options. Both options seem to work, but I worry that I am missing some edge case that suggests one over the other. Any recommendations or suggestions on where one option might be better than the other option?

Thank you for your time 🙂

The model:

A user has many labels
A property has many labels
A label has many properties

Option 1 (join table with 2 foreign keys):



user_id (foreign key for

property_id (foreign key for
label_id (foreign key for

Option 2 (join table with 3 foreign keys):




property_id (foreign key for
label_id (foreign key for
user_id (foreign key for

Potential Queries:

Get all labels associated with a user
Get all properties associated with a label of a user

Example data:

User1 has labels "old" and "new" for property "bicycle".
User2 has labels "1 year", "2 years", and "3+ years" for property "bicycle".
User 3 has labels "<3 years" and "3+ years" for property "car"
User 4 has labels "red", "blue", and "black" for property "car"
User 5 has labels "daily beater" and "weekend fun" for property "car" and labels "<3 years" and "3+ years" for property "bicycle"
User 6 has labels "1 year", "2 years", and "3+ years" for properties "bicycle" and "car"

The list of properties is large, but finite. Users will reference the same property and cannot have their own variation in its spelling. So for example, “bicycle” will always be “bicycle” for every user. A user cannot have “bike” or “bi-cycle” or some other spelling of the property.

The labels are all user defined so it can be infinite depending on how each individual user wants to label their properties.

Need to migrate 400 clients from hostgator reseller accounts to a new provider, any options?


been with hostgator for +10 years(3 reseller plans) but now all the websites are running slow, have a lot of db connection problems… … | Read the rest of

samsung – Mobile data management options disabled

I have a pair of unlocked Samsung A10s. In both cases when I go to settings to manage mobile data usage ( set the billing cycle, set warnings etc.) The ‘Billing cycle and data warnings’ option is greyed out and doesn’t respond when tapped.

What could have caused this and what can I do about it?