lightroom – Family Photos System (Digital Asset Management/Organization/Storage Options?)

In terms of backup, I don’t think it sound. But it’s better than nothing.

Putting pictures in the cloud can add flexibility to a workflow. It’s a wonderful technology. And for a business use, it is probably good enough as a backup because business records have finite retention periods and business can buy operational interruptions insurance.

But your pictures are not fungible. Money can’t replace them. They don’t have a short retention period. And pictures in the cloud are not under your control.

Miss a payment, they are gone.

Catastrophic data center event, they are gone.

Change in the host’s business model, gone.

Your account compromised, gone.

Plain vanilla ordinary operator error by you, gone. And these are more likely with the cloud because you will be touching the storage all the time for ordinary operations not just backup.

A good backup strategy is the opposite: the backup is offline and read only and redundant. Tactically, backup is based on reducing failure modes and creating multiple paths to recovery.

The cloud can be a convenient skirmish line. But it’s no substitute for hard disks in safe deposit boxes. And another with a family member in another town. And so on.

Why do websites keep removing or hiding search options?

I’ve noticed that many popular websites are removing well-used features that should be easy to maintain. Youtube removed the ability to sort by oldest comment, Reddit hid the sort by controversial feature for posts, and GroupMe will only look at a fixed amount of messages starting from the most recent if you search anything in a chat. I choose to stick with the desktop site and avoid apps for almost all websites because the problems with feature removal extend beyond search. Surely an extra ability to sort or search for messages in a specific way, while taking more effort to maintain, is still popular. Furthermore, in many cases, specific search features will still be available while the buttons are hidden; what’s the point then given that they still have to be maintained? It can’t be to make the website simpler for users since anyone who inputs a more advanced will gladly accept the burden of waiting slightly longer for it to finish.

web development – Options to notify users Single Page Application (SPA) static resources have updated if users don’t refresh their browsers

I need to design a way to notify my user the SPA has updated if they don’t refresh their browsers, i.e. if no requests to get index.html is made after the initial load, how do I notify users the javascript or css files have updated on the server? Note, it is not the REST api that my SPA communicate with updates but the SPA’s static resources.

I think the options are limited:

  1. Start a time to keep querying the latest version number
  2. Add a customer header field about the latest version in responses for most if not all XHR requests SPA send
  3. using websocket to notify SPA
  4. I am not familiar with service worker but I read articles about it may work too.

There is another problem I need to deal with, my SPA is deployed on its own server, which is separated from the REST server it communicates with(although I suspect it is common) and there are cases that the SPA has new versions while REST server doesn’t. The version number I design should be able to tell these 2 cases.

I notice folks asked this kind of questions on stackoverflow many times. I can find more 10 questions, with the earliest one I found in 2013 and the latest one in 2019. I list some here.

  1. How to handle expired files without refreshing the browser when using Single Page Application (SPA)?
  2. How to force update Single Page Application (SPA) pages?
  3. How can I force SPA clients to hard refresh if there is a new build?
  4. Refreshing a cached Angular SPA
  5. Proper way to refresh Single Page Application

The reasons I asked here are:

  1. I like to design a build process to update the SPA version automatically. Manually update the version number is error prone. None of answers seem to address this.
  2. All those Q&A on SO seemed to failed to mention the case that the SPA server and REST server is separated and what I need here is an update for SPA files. For example if I use the option 2, adding a customer header field in response I need to differentiate the SPA version and REST api version. None of the answers I saw address this. Some answers just focus on REST api version update.
  3. I believe this question should be address by a build process, a communication process and maybe a deploy model. So this is a question about SPA architecture.
  4. The mere facts that this question has been asked so many times for 8 years probably has said it clearly that there is no easy answer for it, probably even without some best practices. Some answers failed to realize is the core issue here is to retrieve index.html so focus on cache busting, file naming or setting Cache-Control, like this one How to force the browser to reload cached CSS and JavaScript files

Require X amount of custom options

How could I customize Magento 2.3.6 product detail page (for a specific product) to NOT allow a customer to Add to Cart unless the customer checked a minimum of 4 custom options checkboxes out of 10 possible custom option checkboxes?

Video format Converter options SharePoint 2019

Is there any tool that read videos from SharePoint Asset library and convert their format ?

Remove notification options

Admin submitted a new resource:

Remove notification options – Removes notification options in account preferences.


Removes notification options in account preferences.

This add-on greatly simplifies the account preferences page.

(Example of notification options which are removed)


Read more

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How to program the Options button in SystemDialogInput["FileSave"]

Is there a possibility to programmatically access the Options button in the Save Dialog using
SystemDialogInput["FileSave"]? I would like to change exporting options, like resolution, etc.
Save dialog

magento2 – Magento 2.4 issue with pricing and custom options

I have a site with custom options with added cost on some products. If you add an item with a custom option to the cart, it shows the right markup. If you add another of the same product to the cart, but without a custom option, it will change the price of the item with the custom option back to the original price, but keep the custom option. Example URL is:

graphics3d – Facing text in 3D graphics with full options

I’m seeking a refinement/extension of the excellent and very valuable solution appearing here.

That solution indeed allows you to place text anywhere in a 3D graphics and then rotate it (by Euler angles) so it faces any direction you like.

However… it has two important limitations for my application:

  • For some reason it does not handle subscripts and superscripts: they are lost and not rendered
  • The solution does not allow a background color, such as Background -> White. (I need this when I’m placing a label atop a black line and want to hide a short section of the line.)

In sum: I’m hoping to get a version of text3D that could work with Style, of the form:

text3D(Style(Subscript(x, o), Italic, 24, Background->Yellow), 
{x-position, y-position, z-position}, 
EulerAngle1, EulerAngle2, EulerAngle3)

Minor point: I think the Euler angles should be grouped into a List… but again, minor suggestion:

text3D(Style(Subscript(x, o), Italic, 24, Background->Yellow), 
{x-position, y-position, z-position}, 
{EulerAngle1, EulerAngle2, EulerAngle3})

Concatenate SharePoint Library Columns with Multi Select Options into a Single Column

@Matiur Rahman

Here is a copy of the columns I am working with, which reside in a document library. The scenario is to combine values from each of these fields, no matter what the user selects and put them into a single SharePoint column. Ideally the combined column would be in the same library. Is there an easy way to do this?

enter image description here