How can I search Twitter History of any hashtag or keyword? – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

There are 3 easy ways from which you can search twitter history:

1. Your Twitter data – You can login to your account and go to “account setting ” , then click on “more” , them “setting and privacy” . Under Account section, click on your “Twitter data” and click on “request data” option. You data will be sent on your email.

2. Use Twitter Advanced Search techniques – From three section you can customized your result- Word, Accounts, Dates.

Search history of any public twitter account

3. Use Trackmyhashtag – It is an Advanced AI-driven retrieval tool which can help to search and analyze twitter history of any public twitter account or your competitors.

Visit Trackmyhashtag website and ask the team for any kind of data which you want on their live chat support.

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What are best practices for collecting consent for marketing emails during checkout?

I’m working on an ecommerce website that uses Mailchimp for both transactional and marketing email. Users can purchase items without creating an account on the website.

Per Mailchimp’s terms of service, we cannot send marketing email to customers without their explicit permission. We would like to give users an opportunity to opt in to marketing email during the checkout flow.

Any suggestions on the best way to encourage users to opt in to marketing email without discouraging them from completing the checkout process?

Which is best way for digital marketing?

Hello Everyone,

I have to increase my web hosting sale. How can I set a marketing strategy on digital platforms. Please help me.

How To Use Social Media Marketing For ECommerce Store – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Would you like to stay ahead of your online rivals in 2020 and get more sales? You must practice the best social media marketing strategies that will help you drive unlimited traffic on your website. More traffic means more possibilities of sales.

There are different social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can promote your store products using right social media marketing strategies to hike your sales.

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magento2 – show email template available under marketing email template

i want to load email template from a custom admin grid when admi clicks on edit option my custom admin grid and then he can select email template form here only. is there any idea how to do it, i need suggestion

    protected function _prepareForm()
                $model = $this->_coreRegistry->registry('current_netsmartz_dynamictemplate_items');
                /** @var MagentoFrameworkDataForm $form */
                $form = $this->_formFactory->create();
                $fieldset = $form->addFieldset('base_fieldset', ('legend' => __('Item Information')));
                if ($model->getId()) {
                    $fieldset->addField('id', 'hidden', ('name' => 'id'));

// i want to fetch email template here

                return parent::_prepareForm();


How can I drive traffic to my website with the help of digital marketing services in Brisbane?

Digital Marketing Services in Brisbane

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Which is important content marketing or back-links?

Which is important content marketing or back-links?

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