lightning network – Why do people who try to push an important but obscure project not realize that it has to be made SIMPLE?

I’ve been massively interested in the Lightning Network since I first heard of it. Yet every single time I try to actually use it, I come back frustrated and angry, concluding that there’s not even a proper client for Windows at all. (Which is insanity.)

And even if there were, the entire setup is absurdly complex. It should be like a “turnkey” solution that you simply fire up and then start using, without having to learn about these million different concepts.

Why do developers/evangelists of things that they (allegedly) want people to use not realize that they have to make it simple and non-user-hostile for there to be any adoption to speak of?

As it currently is, Lightning Network might not even exist at all to me. Which is very sad and frustrating, since I want to use it already.

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index – How important is drive speed for a MySql server

I’m trying to invest in a self managed server for MySQL. My use case will involve querying a full text index of anywhere from 5m to 20m records. About 5 thousand full text searches per hour. Usually the searches will each query multiple match against statements as I will need to search multiple columns in the table index. The only write queries will be to update a single field of a single record approximately 10 to 20 times per minute.

My question is this… How beneficial would it be to setup an 8 drive NVMe raid 0? I know indexes are usually queried from RAM as this is usually significantly faster than storage drives. But with the newest PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs and the crazy speeds of these drives, I could probably setup raid0 that has about twice throughout as the fastest DDR4 ram.

Or does none if this even matter? Is throughout the factor that even matters? Can you even force indexes to be queried from the storage drive?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

How important is it to proofread your website?

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user behavior – Is the discount more important than the price?

There is no universal answer to this question, as which is a more important factor in a buying decision varies depending on: price; type of user; perceived quality; and type of purchase.

In general price matters more for lower valued items and discount matters more for higher valued items

Based on A/B testing and discussions with other professionals, in general women tend to be more interested in the discount, and men more interested in the absolute price. It’s why women’s clothing stores tend to always have items on discount, and where the discount is the most visible marker. Of course there are other factors that come into play, this is just one of them.

Another is the wealth of the user. Typically poorer people will focus on the absolute price more than the discount, as their shopping is more utilitarian in nature. E.g. in the Netherlands if you want to buy beer, there is the Euroshopper beer which is about €0.30 for 450ml on one end of the scale, and craft Belgian beers at about €3.00 each sold next to each other. As people in the Netherlands have more disposable income, and are less price sensitive, they tend to buy towards the middle of the beer price scale. Whereas in places like South Africa, the price difference between common beers in a supermarket is far less and people tend to buy whatever is cheapest.

If the item is perceived as having a high quality, and something that is likely to only be bought once or a few times in a lifetime, the discount tends to matter more. You can often see this logic with men buying tools, or sound systems. I’m sure a similar thing would apply to women and high end handbags or shoes, but I thankfully have no experience with this.

With impulse buys, the discount tends to be more important, as it’s what’s used as justification for the purchase. This also applies to pressure situations where people don’t want to lose out on an “opportunity”. It’s a common negotiating tactic to give a good discount, but limit it in time to create pressure. You’ll often see car salesmen do this sort of thing.

Whereas a purchase where someone takes the time to research it and make their decision carefully, the final price is more significant.

So overall, you’d have to make an informed decision based on what you know about your audience and product. I would strongly suggest A/B testing to be sure, and if possible combined with some sort of user demographics.

gui design – How to display a lot of necessary important messages

I’m looking for a clear way to show a lot of case notes for teaching staff.

Context is: this is for a page that teachers view when in class with their students. There is a Case note section that should show pertinent information about each student. Teachers/Admin staff create these case notes in an effort to communicate – throughout the day/week – with staff.

Presently the page flow is:

  • Class name / Class year / Class time

  • Case note 1 for Student X

  • Case note 2 for Student Y
    . Case note n for Student n

  • List of all Students.

The challenging part is that there could be 80+ case notes, and all of those case notes (theoretically) be about one student. The display of these case notes displays the most recent entry at the top of the list. There’s also no category/hierarchy of case notes.

I think my options here are:

  • Show a “# of case notes” identifier adjacent to each student that, when selected, shows the respective case notes
  • Introduce a category of case notes, and only show those case notes within the case note view
  • Only show the 5 most recent case notes, with an option to view all case notes

Any ideas or examples that help with displaying – potentially a lot of – necessary and timely information

ag.algebraic geometry – Why are critical points important for dynamical systems?

I have just started reading a little about (arithmetic) dynamics and it seems like critical points are very important – for instance, rational maps so that critical points have finite forward orbit (PCF maps?) seems to be an important object of study. For instance, the algebraic numbers $c$ so that $0$ has a finite forward orbit under $z to z^2 + c$ seem to be quite important.

It’s a little hard for me to understand why critical points should be important. I have heard for instance that PCF maps are assosciated to (infinite) Galois groups with finitely many ramified places and this is very interesting but I would be very interested in a precise reference. I have also heard that they are in some sense vaguely analogous to special CM points on modular varieties and any more elaboration along these lines would also be very welcome.

Given the interest in PCF maps, I am sure there must be any other reasons and I would be very happy to hear about any of them.

customs and immigration – Is changing the surname important after getting married in France for applying spouse visa?

I need to apply spouse visa for France and and my all previous documents, birth certificate etc are named with Tania Raza so now I’ve changed my ID card with the martial status married and husband name is mentioned but I’ve not changed my name as it is in previous documents I’ve kept it the same both in the passport and ID card. So is it fine or do I have to change my surname on my husband’s name before applying for the visa? What is important according to France laws,terms and conditions,Please help me out!

combinatorics – Combinations (repetition not allowed & order not important)

How to compute a table of numbers (all possibilities), where repetition is not allowed and order is not important.

I have a set of prime numbers. In this example I have four: {3,5,7,11}, but it can be anything, and I want to choose one pair(two elements) out of that set.
To make things easier, I want to compute the indices to get those pairs of prime numbers. The set of indices is then {0,1,2,3}. We pick 2 out of 4 elements. So how do we compute the permutations or combinations:

0,1   (3,5)
0,2   (3,7)
0,3   (3,11)
1,2   (5,7)
1,3   (5,11)
2,3   (7,11)


It was difficult to find examples on the web, because they either allowed repetitions or were order was important. Pls answer with pseudocode or c/c++ if you can.

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