Ubuntu 20.04 freezes when changing the background image

what is the best way to deal with a frozen GUI?

I’m not able to change the bg image without freezing and am wondering if there is another option aside from reboot and try again.

excel – VBA insert an image multiple times without copy,paste

Little bit of an odd question here.

On one of my excel sheets, I generate a pdf document.

The code runs by adding in segments of tables as required and manually setting a page break as needed so that a table isnt spread of a single page. (most tables are 5-10 rows)

at the bottom of each page, there is enough rows left over to insert an image. the image is just a few squares and a text box grouped together to provide a disclaimer and a signature box.

currently I have been using the

sheets(...).cells(...).pastespecial paste:=xlpasteall 

with a few


to try make sure it runs correctly.

I keep running into the issues of 800401d0 method
copy’ of object ‘shape’ failed and error 1004 pastespecial method of range class failed.

I tthought it may have been becuase i did not have the doevents code but that has not remedied the situation.

I believe having the grouped shape saved as a single image embedded in the workbook may be easier so that I may use insert rather than copy.

the problem is I do not know how to go about this.

I could save the shapes as an image outside the worksheet, but when i do this, the quality drops and the text becomes blurry.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

8 – Overwrite field description in an image widget

I have an image field (multiple).

In the node form, the ImageWiget has a process method that adds previews and form fields for images that have already been uploaded.

The description for the title tag is hard-coded on line 278: '#description' => t('The title is used as a tool tip when the user hovers the mouse over the image.'). We are actually showing the title as a caption and not a tooltip.

How can I override the description?

Show that all coefficients of a complex power series with real only image vanish

Let $R>0$ and $f: K_R(0) rightarrow mathbb{C}, f(z) = sum_{k=0}^{infty} a_kz^k$ be a compley power series with convergence radius $R>0$ such that $f(K_R(0)) subset mathbb{R} $, where $K_R(0)$ is the disk around zero with radius R. I would like to show that all coefficients $a_k$ with $k in mathbb{N} $ vanish.

So far I have noticed that if the above statement is true, the power series must value the constant $a_0$ for any $ z in K_R(0) $ because otherwise the $a_k$ would not have to be zero for all $k>0$. My problem is that I do not see why there could not be any coefficients such that $sum_{k=1}^{infty} a_kz^k$ would be real as well and this is where I have come to a dead end. I thought this might have to do with linear independence of the powers of $z$. My other idea was to consider the coefficients in the form $a_k = frac{f^{(k)}(0)}{k} $, but I also could not figure out how this could reveal anything about the $a_k$ being zero.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

magento2.4 – Magento 2.4 – Category Image showing Nan undefined in backend

When I upload category image in backend and save the category, it start reflect on frontend but in backend it is showing broken.

enter image description here

The category image path in frontend /media/catalog/category/image.jpg but in backend, path is showing as https://store.com/media/catalog/category//media/catalog/category/image.jpg.

How to resolve it?

Product image can’t show on front home page after update SSL Certificate

I got this strange image broken after update SSL file.
I cleaned Magento Cache and image:resize but it can’t fixed.
Do somebody give me suggest?
Home page image broken

Btw I found the image src link is wrong, it should have file name after folder but it disappeared
.enter image description here

json formatting – Lists: Show image overlay on mouse over

This might not be exactly what you need, but here is a good start.

In order to display a custom hover card, you need to use customCardProps element. See more details here. It has the following properties:


  • hover – card appears on mouse hover;
  • click – card appears on click on the field.


  • topCenter bottomCenter leftCenter rightCenter
  • isBeakVisible – boolean. if true the card has a beak.

How to display an image using JSON formatting

  "elmType": "img",
  "attributes": {
    "src":  "[$Photo]" 

And here is a complete script

    "elmType": "div",    
    "attributes": {
        "iconName": "Search"
    "customCardProps": {
        "openOnEvent": "hover",
        "directionalHint": "rightCenter",
        "isBeakVisible": true,
        "formatter": {
            "elmType": "div",
            "style":{ "display": "block", "font-size": "15px", "padding": "10px" },
            "children": [
                    "elmType": "div",
                    "style": { "display": "block", "width":"100%", "text-align": "center", "padding": "10px" },
                      { "elmType": "img",
                            "attributes": {
                                "src":  "[$Photo]" 


enter image description here

magento2.3 – product image not showing in product page with rapiddive fiximage plugin

Thanks in advance for helping.

I’m using github rapiddive/fiximage extension to display images avoiding cache wich is perfect for my whole site but the product page. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of porducts and millions of images so caching is not reliable for me.
Still novice in theme creation so i’m trying to find a hint to investigate and solve this issue.

where it has to be image product and path there’s some code starting with <div><div>

Since, for example, catalogsearch image is showing with no problem at all is it possible to change the way productpage make the call to image? Every product has only one image and i really don’t care to have a gallery for that.

Here’s the error:

<div class="gallery-placeholder _block-content-loading" data-gallery-role="gallery-placeholder"><img alt="main product photo" class="gallery-placeholder__image" src="https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product</div></div><script type=" text="" x-magento-init"="">{"(data-gallery-role=gallery-placeholder)":{"mage/gallery/gallery":{"mixins":("magnifier/magnify"),"magnifierOpts":{"fullscreenzoom":20,"top":"0","left":"-300","width":"300","height":"300","eventType":"hover","enabled":false},"data":({"thumb":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/g/6/1/7/4/9788830104716g.jpg","img":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/g/6/1/7/4/9788830104716g.jpg","full":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/g/6/1/7/4/9788830104716g.jpg","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":true,"type":"image","videoUrl":null},{"thumb":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/p/6/1/7/4/9788830104716p.jpg","img":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/p/6/1/7/4/9788830104716p.jpg","full":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/p/6/1/7/4/9788830104716p.jpg","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":false,"type":"image","videoUrl":null}),"options":{"nav":"thumbs","showCaption":0,"width":600,"height":600,"thumbwidth":80,"thumbheight":80,"transition":"slide","navtype":"slides","navdir":"horizontal","thumbmargin":5,"loop":true,"keyboard":true,"arrows":true,"allowfullscreen":true,"transitionduration":500,"navarrows":true},"fullscreen":{"nav":"thumbs","navdir":"horizontal","navtype":"slides","transition":"slide","loop":true,"arrows":true,"transitionduration":500},"breakpoints":{"mobile":{"conditions":{"max-width":"767px"},"options":{"options":{"nav":"dots"}}}}}}}<script>
require(('jquery'), function($, themewidgets) {
    $('(data-gallery-role=gallery-placeholder):not(.loaded)').each(function() {
        var $gallery = $(this).addClass('loaded'), img = new Image(), conf = {"mixins":("magnifier/magnify"),"magnifierOpts":{"fullscreenzoom":20,"top":"0","left":"-300","width":"300","height":"300","eventType":"hover","enabled":false},"data":({"thumb":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/g/6/1/7/4/9788830104716g.jpg","img":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/g/6/1/7/4/9788830104716g.jpg","full":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/g/6/1/7/4/9788830104716g.jpg","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":true,"type":"image","videoUrl":null},{"thumb":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/p/6/1/7/4/9788830104716p.jpg","img":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/p/6/1/7/4/9788830104716p.jpg","full":"https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product//imgean/p/6/1/7/4/9788830104716p.jpg","caption":"Il signore degli anelli - Tolkien John R. R.","position":"1","isMain":false,"type":"image","videoUrl":null}),"options":{"nav":"thumbs","showCaption":0,"width":600,"height":600,"thumbwidth":80,"thumbheight":80,"transition":"slide","navtype":"slides","navdir":"horizontal","thumbmargin":5,"loop":true,"keyboard":true,"arrows":true,"allowfullscreen":true,"transitionduration":500,"navarrows":true},"fullscreen":{"nav":"thumbs","navdir":"horizontal","navtype":"slides","transition":"slide","loop":true,"arrows":true,"transitionduration":500},"breakpoints":{"mobile":{"conditions":{"max-width":"767px"},"options":{"options":{"nav":"dots"}}}}};
        function adjustOptions(conf, ratio) {
            var contwidth = $gallery.width(), opt = conf.options, width, height;
            if ((window.innerWidth > 767) && (opt.navdir == 'vertical')) {
                width = contwidth;
                height = (contwidth - opt.thumbwidth - opt.thumbmargin) * ratio + opt.thumbmargin*2;
            } else {
                width = contwidth;
                height = contwidth * ratio;
            conf.options.width = width;
            conf.options.height = height;
            return conf;
        $(img).on('load', function() {
            var $img = $(this), ratio = img.height/img.width;
            var updateGallery = function() {
                var dataGallery = $gallery.data('gallery');
                if (dataGallery) {
                    dataGallery.updateOptions(adjustOptions(dataGallery.fotorama, ratio).options);
            $gallery.on('gallery:loaded', updateGallery);
            $(window).on('cdz_window_width_changed', updateGallery);
        img.src = 'https://www.scontolibri.com/pub/media/catalog/product
});</script><div class="action-skip-wrapper"><a class="action skip gallery-prev-area" href="#gallery-prev-area"><span> Vai all'inizio della galleria di immagini</span></a></div><a id="gallery-next-area" tabindex="-1"></a></div>

repair – Is my image exposure off due to shutter problems?

I’ve recently noticed an issue with my dslr regarding exposures. Most of my time is spent using shutter speeds under 1/100s for landscape photography but the other day I was trying to under expose a shot early on a sunny morning and found I could not do so using shutter speeds. As I am an Olympus four thirds user I’m restricted to low ISO’s (due to noise), and larger apertures (due to diffraction and depth of field) than other larger formats.
My initial experiments showed that shutter speeds faster than the camera’s flash sync speed weren’t working. The exposure didn’t change as I took shots in shutter priority mode from about 1/160s to max at 1/4000s, and I wondered if the sync speed setting was somehow stuck on despite the built in flash being set off and the display showing fast shutter speeds.
I took the camera out again recently when snow had fallen and as the light increased I started to struggle again, being forced to use small apertures and eventually ND filters to get images in the strong light.

I found that in burst mode the camera would take a sequence of four or five pictures as follows (all at f/18 1/160s ISO 100 19mm):

  1. Totally over exposed.image 1 f/18 1/160s ISO 100 19mm
  2. Correctly exposed but with an overexposed strip at the bottom of the frame.image 2 f/18 1/160s ISO 100 19mm
  3. Correctly exposed.image 3 f/18 1/160s ISO 100 19mm

Is this a sticky second curtain? It has been cold recently but I suspect this is the end for my much loved, 12 year old Olympus E-520. Are there any possible fixes I can try before finally put my hand in my pocket to replace this now defunct system (Oly gave up support before selling the imaging division to JIP)?