where on earth – What is the highest pass in the world that is kept open (plowed) in winter?

Winter is here (for those in the Northern Hemisphere at least), and with it comes the bane of travelers just about everywhere, snow. Furthermore, snow tends to be more prevalent at higher altitudes, due to the weather being colder there.

This means that if one is interested in driving high mountain passes and roads, one should wait for the weather to improve, right? Or, are there high passes one can drive that are kept open (plowed, sanded, salted) for traffic during the winter? Currently, the highest pass I know of that’s winter-maintained is Loveland Pass at 3655m (11,990′) on US 6, but are there others in the world that are higher still? It’s OK if the road undergoes temporary closures during winter due to snowslides/avalanches, but the slide must be cleared from the road promptly. No “temporary closures” that last all winter long!

usb – What type of cable can give the highest data transfer rate for an iPhone 5s?

I have an iPhone 5s and a 2020 Mac mini with

Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports with support for:

  • DisplayPort
  • Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40 Gb/s) USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10 Gb/s)
  • Thunderbolt 2, HDMI, DVI, and VGA supported using adapters (sold separately)

Two USB-A ports (up to 5 Gb/s)

I searched that the iPhone 5s has a lightning port. I don’t know much about lightning ports working with thunderbolt ports or USB 3, so I don’t want to buy something with fast data transfer rate but only to be limited by the data transfer rate of iPhone 5s’s lightning port.

So what type or types of cable can give the highest data transfer rate for an iPhone 5s?

mysql – Query to find the second highest row in a subquery

The goal is to send notifications about the customer updates but only for the first one if there are consecutive updates from the customer in a ticketing system.

This is the simplified query that I’m using to get the data that I need. There are a few more columns in the original query and this subquery for threads is kind of required so I can also identify if this is a new ticket or if existing one was updated (in case of update, the role for the latest threads will be a customer):

SELECT t.ref, m.role 
  FROM tickets t 
  LEFT JOIN threads th ON (t.id = th.ticket_id) 
  LEFT JOIN members m ON (th.member_id = m.id) 
 WHERE th.id IN ( SELECT MAX(id) 
                    FROM threads 
                   WHERE ticket_id = t.id

It will return a list of tickets so the app can send notifications based on that:

| ref        | role     |
| 210117-001 | customer |
| 210117-002 | staff    |

Now, I want to send only a single notification if there a multiply consecutive updates from the customer.


How I can pull last and also one before last row to identify if this is consecutive reply from the customer?

I was thinking about GROUP_CONCAT and then parse the output in the app but tickets can have many threads so that’s not optimal and there are also a few more fields in the query so it will violate the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY SQL mode.

db<>fiddle here

where on earth – What is the highest road in the world that is accessible by conventional vehicles?

I’m looking to drive up the highest road in the world but I don’t have access to any special vehicles. Where can I do so? The exact conditions are:

  • The road must be accessible to civilians, so military roads by the Chinese-Indian border are excluded for example.
  • The road must be accessible to international tourists.
  • You can drive up the road on your own without needing to hire a guide.
  • You can use a regular car, the likes of which one can rent at airport car rentals. In the US this usually means something like a stock 4WD Jeep at most, but nothing more fancy like cars with reinforced undercarriages.

I’ve found this list on DangerousRoads.org, but it includes many enthusiast-only roads.

What cryptocurrency do you think had highest increase in price percentage this year?

Bitcoin has been the most popular cryptocurrency of all time time. But apart from this, which cryptocurrency had the highest increase in price percentage this year. I am really looking forward on litecoin as it currently roaming around 110$ right now what is about 140% rise in few days. What you think?

What’s the highest critical hit damage a level 1 character can do?

What’s the highest critical hit damage a level 1 character can do?


  • The character must be level 1
  • The character cannot have any magical items
  • The character’s starting equipment must be affordable with the standard 15 gp start
  • The character can be assisted by up to three other level 1 characters with the same restrictions
  • The three assistant characters each have one round before the primary character makes their attack
  • The damage must come off of one critical hit (i.e. the first hit of Flurry of Blows, not both)
  • Max damage can be assumed

dnd 5e – What is the highest armour class possible for an Ancient Green dragon?

Frame challenge: As high as you want.

This question is very similar to your previous question: What can a dragon use to increase their armour class?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I will echo my answer there, with some additional commentary:

If you’re the DM and want your dragon to be more of a challenge or have better survivability, modify its stats. Raise its AC or give it more HP.

There is no guidance found in any sourcebook about giving a dragon armor, but the Dungeon Master’s Guide encourages the DM to modify statblocks to suit their needs. So just do that. And if you want to make your dragon particularly cool or menacing, just say it has armor. You don’t need rules to do this, you’re not a player, you’re the DM. It’s your world, and if you want dragon armor in your world, then have dragon armor in your world.

You’re the DM. The magic item rules in the Dungeon Master’s Guide are player-centric, so using them on your NPCs is going to be up to you, they weren’t designed with NPCs, especially non-humanoid NPCs, in mind.

As for spells, there are no spell lists given, so it is entirely up to you what spells you give the dragon. There are some spells which give temporary bonuses to armor class.

In the end, this question is focusing on the wrong thing. Based on the previous question I linked above, you seem to be a DM struggling to get out of the player’s mindset. You don’t have to think in terms of what mechanics are available to you in a strictly rules-as-written sense, because the rules for player character design were not written for NPC design. Build the big bad evil person that you want to build. You don’t have to follow player character design principles.

python – Finding which inputs yield the highest value from a score function

I have a function that returns a score that is calculated based on inputs. Below is a very simple example. I use python in these example but any language or psuedocode is fine

def score(i, j):
    if i <= 2 and j <= 3:
        return i * j
    return 0

We can see that the ideal inputs for the function are i=2 and j=3, giving the highest score possible of 6. I would like a method so that I can search for these ideal input values. The simplest would be

max_score = 0
ideal_i = ideal_j = None
for i in range(5):
    for j in range(5):
        s = score(i, j)
        if s > max_score:
            ideal_i, ideal_j = i, j
            max_score = s
print(ideal_i, ideal_j)  # prints 2 3

But what if the ideal values are floats? What if they are outside the bounds of 0 and 4? What if I have 3 inputs I want to find? 4? More?

This feels like a machine learning & calculus problem, but I am unfamiliar with an implementation that would work. I imagine a 2D graph with i and j on the x and y axis, and some heat map showing the value of score(i, j) for each coordinate. The algorithm would search around for a local maximum in this graph (similar to neural networks searching for a local minimum loss value). Any insight into what this would be like, or what to search for would be appreciated.

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