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I am using private poxies and deathbycaptcha but my success rate is zero, I have closely followed the video instructions of Matthew Woodward. I expected a verified presentation with links. Can anyone recommend a sequence?

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dnd 5e: Is Elven High Magic homemade or RAW?

I have been wanting to make an elf monk in the shade who is extremely good at espionage and surveillance, and I have had trouble choosing the best Elvish subrace and understanding the differences between the Sub-Terraces page in Dnd Beyond.

Although I will address that concern in another question, trying to find more information in the classification system led me to this MrRhexx series where they have gone through the history of the Elves, their connection to something called "the fabric" and, in the video Specific linked, expressed how Elven High Magic is studied, done, as well as some benefits and disadvantages of using this type of magic. He also listed his sources as many of WotC's books in 5e, although I have not found the terms "weaving" or "High Elven Magic" used as he described.

Although when I did more research, I discovered that there was a book published by Kobold called "Deep Magic: Elven's Magic Magic for the fifth edition" that offers more information and a video about Nerdarchy that reviewed the document.

That said, Mr. Rhexx captivated me by telling me how High Magic is taught: being taken aside and having him sit by a river until you could see all aspects, then make you look at a flame until you can Follow every ember. it flows to the sky, then to the wind, learning how the flow of the world works to begin to see the tissue … Although I realize that Elven High Magic is normally for druids, magicians, etc., that same concept of understanding and mastering the flow of tissue not only seemed like a very good way to express what a Monk's training would be (changing the tissue within oneself to alter the natural flow of the tissue), but also seemed to fit well within the religious aspect of a monastery, with Ki studying in the hope of getting as close as possible to Seldarine.

However, before starting to rewrite my monk once again with this style of thinking, there are a couple of aspects that I would like to verify:

  1. Is this study of armor and Elven High Magic part of RAW? or is it homemade?

  2. At 9:30, MrRhexx mentioned that "a magician who has gone through this training can also see the magic as if he had cast & # 39; Detect Magic & # 39; but not needing the spell", in addition to seeing through the delusions. Is this true?

  3. If this is true, I would like to read more about it and understand the conditions and in such a way that my elf would have to go through to learn such a feat in his Ki training.

Again, I could be completely out of place here or I could be reading too much about this, but this concept of connecting with the flow of Ki (the tissue) and strengthening one's connection through martial arts and meditation seems to be The fundamentals of a monk. study. As for being a shadow monk, well, I would say that it is simply a case of how an elf would like to profess using such a gift: manipulate the elements (4 seasons) Alter the tissue in others (Open hand) or use the tissue to may the light pay attention to his word as the Fey Pass