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Do 120 unique pr10 SEO backlinks for skyrocket your google ranking

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200 Blog Comments Seo Backlinks On High DA PA for 4

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I will make 170 high quality blog comments backlinks

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High load average how to diagnosis

I have a VPS and it is a long time from time to time I have high load average and things get slow
but I do not know where to start to find … | Read the rest of

memory – AMD Epyc on Windows slowdown under high single-threaded load

My company has just had a 128-core, dual socket AMD EPYC system for analysis work on wind farms. We use a software package which launches individual, single-threaded, old FORTRAN exes in parallel.

When running with a ‘degree of parallelism’ in the range of 8-16 (so using 8-16 exes and same number of cores) the simulations run at real-time. Increasing this to 64 results in a slowdown to half-real-time; at 128 the slowdown is 5-fold.

We then installed Hyper-V as a test and spooled up 8x 16 vCPU VMs with the software installed. Running 16 simulations in each of the VMs does not result in the same slowdown; all 128 run in parallel at roughly real-time.

Why does this happen? What can we do to make this machine run as quickly bare metal?

Things we have tried:

  • Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, and Windows Server 2019 Datacenter; all show the same behaviour
  • Running a 128 core VM in Hyper-V and on KVM on Ubuntu; same behaviour but slowdown is lesser on the Ubuntu KVM VM.
  • Writing an in-house program which spreads the launch of the single-threaded applications onto separate NUMA nodes and cores on each NUMA node evenly on a round-robin basis (this showed an appreciable performance benefit but not as much as we would like to see)
  • We played around with NUMA settings in the BIOS, there is some difference, but none that make a huge difference.

The reason why VMs are not a workable solution is that the software used is licenced by machine/MAC address, and the cost of running 8 VMs would be prohibitively expensive. We need to find a way of running this bare metal at good performance.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can shed any light on this.

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Give You High Authority Wikipedia Backlink

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I will create 30 high DA local citations/Local listing for your Business

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I will provide you with five professional courses to learn English language with high quality

English is one of the easiest languages to learn, isn’t it? Get ready for your IELTS or TOEFL with these five courses.

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Nowadays in the competitive job market, it is necessary to speak English. However English is not only the most useful language in the world. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn. If you want a good job in business, technology, or science, then you must start learning English. And… with a native speaker, you will also gain a bit of British accent. Each lesson of these courses begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation of its place in the the overall program of study. There are 5-courses self-assessment tests and activities to measure your progress within each lesson.  So, join the courses and brush up your English before taking any English test. Topics Covered  Spelling Sentence structure and construction Infinitives and Gerund Tenses Verbs Comprehension and composition Everyday Expressions

The relevant courses are:
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What infra and skills and budget are actually required for high performing a private cloud ?

I read a few threads on cloud computing and came across a few questions.Currently I am familiar with Google cloud,AWS and digtal ocean.Their products and offering are well performed but a bit pricy to use for all kind of projects.Not until the customer bears all the hosting cost.

My preference is to offer a complete blackbox and all in one solution to customers, where I deliver results and they don’t bother about the backend used.

Of course with time I have moved from shared hosting to VPS and now looking forward to Dedicated and Cloud for hosting my projects.

Can anybody help me in chalking out a generic guidelines for cloud transformation ?

What I am looking for ?

  • Self managed system, already have team that has experience and adapt to new infra.
  • Cost controlled system, do not want to pay from tooth for in/out traffic only without having any direct control.
  • No AWS or Gcloud as their per VM pricing makes my projects un-competetive in short and medium terms.
  • Also my customers have issue with privacy and data protection.
  • Majorly I have to deploy web apps, websites, mobile app backends and ERP’s etc on the cloud.
  • Could also later work on providing a PAAS or IAAS for mobile backend or personal cloud to my clients.
  • Looking for a bleading edge tech stack that keeps my backend infra on the higher end of latest technology tricks and techniques.

As currently I was planning for a managed dedicated server, but it just seems like a Big VPS without much control and cost efficiency.

Here my priorities are total control as well as cost efficiency.

CloudStack or OpenStack looks good to give them a try, but need some experienced opinion for below queries.

  • How many dedicated servers or machines (in terms of computing power/tech spec) do I need to actually use them as cloud hosting ?
  • Any method or checklist to calculate minimum or a range for the total cost for a minimum setup, that performs well and can be scaled ?
  • For actual creating a cloud infrastructure do I have to buy in more than 2-3 locations for latency , back up and other cloud features ?
  • How is the security of such personal cloud is ensured, when the servers are globally distributed and very less direct hardware access and interaction.How to make such cloud more secure, comparable to AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Does in the end this approach can prove to be less cost intensive than using any hybrid cloud infra etc or it is just the opposite ?
  • Are the legacy vps and dedicated servers are tech of the past, although those were easy to manage and predict cost to the last cent ?
  • How are the new hosting providers or application developers modernising their infra ? I mean are those people also in the process of chaning their legacy hosting infra to cloud infra ?

I know a bit of more than one query, Thanks in advance.

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