fast – Why does my 3D model become invisible when I move the camera away?

I am trying to load a 3D model from Mixamo:

// let scene = SCNScene (called: "art.scnassets / ship.scn")!
let scene = SCNScene (called: "art.scnassets / Ch45_nonPBR.dae")!

    // create and add a camera to the scene
    let cameraNode = SCNNode() = SCNCamera()
    scene.fogStartDistance = 10000
    // place the camera
    cameraNode.position = SCNVector3(x: 0, y: 40, z: 100)

    // create and add a light to the scene
    let lightNode = SCNNode()
    lightNode.light = SCNLight()
    lightNode.light!.type = .omni
    lightNode.position = SCNVector3(x: 0, y: 50, z: 10)
    lightNode.light?.intensity = 10000;

    // create and add an ambient light to the scene
    let ambientLightNode = SCNNode()
    ambientLightNode.light = SCNLight()
    ambientLightNode.light!.type = .ambient
    ambientLightNode.light!.color = UIColor.white

    // retrieve the ship node

// let ship = scene.rootNode.childNode (withName: "ship", recursively: true)!
let ship = scene.rootNode

While the z value for the cameraNode position is 100 or less, I can see the 3D model. But if I increase the value, then the model is no longer visible. Even at 100, parts of the model are not visible.

Is this a problem with lighting or representation distance? I would like to move the camera away so I can see the whole model on the screen. At this moment I can only see a part. What do I need to change in order to see the whole model clearly like this:

enter the description of the image here

EDIT: I am using Swift 5

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This is an attempt to download an update of a Google Pixel XL stuck in a boot loop.
After this response from the official Google forums, I tried this procedure as linked in the chosen response. Unfortunately in step 9 it says:

9. You will see the Google logo for a few seconds followed by a green android on his back with “No command” underneath. Press and hold Power, then tap Volume Up once, then release Power.
   NOTE: If your device starts rebooting at this point, your only recourse is to contact your place of purchase about a warranty replacement or repair.

Unfortunately, indeed, the device starts rebooting. This Pixel was bought by the previous owner of Verizon and would bet ten of them who want nothing to do with phone repair, and would happily sell the user a replacement.
I don't understand what state android on his back visual indicates, but I think the subsequent state would be the recovery of the Android system. If the system cannot enter that state and instead continues to start, it seems to indicate that a symbolic link or other address or storage block has been overwritten. That's right? And if so, is there any other way to enter Android system recovery and continue with step 10 of the instructions mentioned above?

By context: the user began to notice battery / restart / bootloop problems a few days before the device finally rebooted itself and could not start completely.
When trying to start the device normally, occasionally the boot loop will go far enough to rotate the points and show the "G" and powered by android at the bottom of the screen. Basically, it always restarts after that in Google splash that appears during initial boot.

For the sake of madness: Is there any way for JTAG to get into this?

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