user expectation – Fast UX Process for a register of videogame club

me and my brother are working to a digital registry for a videogame club.
the flow identified are

  1. Flow of new client (booked registration)
  2. Flow of registered client
  3. Flow of searching client

The story is :
A new client arrives with a pre-registration (he registered on the website with personal information), the staff who admits the people, verifies the pre-registration with phisical ID and if ok, the client become member.
A registered client arrives with card, name or surname : some cards are valid for year 2019 and if member does not renew the card, he’s not anymore a member.
Registered client is checked in by staff to avoid scams or fake names due to law rules, so it is present a feature of search through the database by personal informations.

All the process of checking in / recording new client / searching the client in database must be repeated extensively more than 70 times(some nights reach 140) and the product owner says that is mandatory to not waste time because people in queue get frustated.

The product must be easy to use from staff (nerd entusiast but not too technical), quick and linear as flow as requested from product owner.
Staff will have one or two devices (I’m waiting to know if they are PC or Smartphone).

Which tips,material, courses, examples do you suggest ?

How can I speed up the UX ?
Are there any UX tips / hacks for many data entry process ? (70 – 140 in a night)

How to create a Fast POS Coin

Hello how can I create or run a POS(proof of stake ) coin in my Linux mint does anyone has idea how to run it ?.

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performance tuning – Writing compiled functions as fast as Python’s Numba

I want to write some code to simulate a damped oscillator that is just as fast as code written using Numba’s @njit decorator. I’ve written the mathematica code and mine is 20-40x slower than the python code written by YouTuber Jack of Some.

Here is the code from Jack of Some’s video on speeding up Python code with Numba; I’ve changed it a bit to run in just one jupyter cell:

import numpy as np
from numba import jit, njit, types, vectorize

def friction_fn(v, vt):
    if v > vt:
        return - v * 3
        return - vt * 3 * np.sign(v)

def simulate_spring_mass_funky_damper(x0, T=10, dt=0.0001, vt=1.0):
    times = np.arange(0, T, dt)
    positions = np.zeros_like(times)

    v = 0
    a = 0
    x = x0
    positions(0) = x0/x0

    for ii in range(len(times)):
        if ii == 0:
        t = times(ii)
        a = friction_fn(v, vt) - 100*x
        v = v + a*dt
        x = x + v*dt
        positions(ii) = x/x0
    return times, positions

_ = simulate_spring_mass_funky_damper(0.1)

%time _ = simulate_spring_mass_funky_damper(0.1)

The output is

CPU times: user 1.38 ms, sys: 337 µs, total: 1.72 ms
Wall time: 1.72 ms

vs my Mathematica code

ClearAll(friction, simulateSpring, jacksSpring);

friction = Compile({{v, _Real}, {vt, _Real}},
   If(v > vt,

simulateSpring = 
  Compile({{x0, _Real}, {t, _Real}, {dt, _Real}, {vt, _Real}},
   Module({(Tau), times, positions, v = 0.0, a = 0.0, x = x0},
    (Tau) = t;
    times = Range(0.0, t, dt);
    positions = ConstantArray(0.0, Length@times);
    positions((1)) = x0/x0;
        (Tau) = times((i));
        a = friction(v, vt) - 100*x;
        v = v + a*dt;
        x = x + v*dt;
        positions((i)) = x/x0;
     {i, 2, Length@times});
    {times, positions}
jacksSpring(x_) := simulateSpring(x, 10.0, 0.0001, 1.0);

Print("CPU time: ", Timing(jacksSpring(0.1))((1))*1000, " ms")

from which we have

CPU time: 27.703 ms

java – How to use time delta to make movement independent from how fast game runs?

I want to make the movement to be independent from speed of game. I mean if my game UPS is 60 or 30 speed of game object will be the same. If UPS is 60, then for one second player moves 60 ticks * (speed / 60) pixels per tick. Or if UPS is 30, then for one second player moves 30 ticks * (speed / 30) pixels per tick. Distances are the same. I use this approach in my game.

public class Bullet extends GameObject {

private double vx, vy, g; 

public Bullet(double x, double y, double vx, double vy) {
    this.vx = vx;
    this.vy = vy;
    g = 8.0 / GameContainer.getUPS();

public void tick() {
    setX(getX() + vx);
    setY(getY() + vy);
    vy += g;

public void render(Graphics2D g) {
    g.setColor(new Color(255, 128, 0));
    g.fillOval((int)getX(), (int)getY(), 4, 4);


Player’s movement is fine. But when I change my UPS game ball’s speed changes.

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