How to link my personal Paypal to the digital point!

I want to list some domains for sale, but I can't find the settings to link my paypal. Also, why do you need to link PayPal? It seems not to be necessary when if I sell a domain I could deal directly with the buyer.

The basics of digital certificate signatures: what, why and how? – Everything else

There are some things that remain constant. Like, for example, the need for companies to update themselves. If you want to ensure that your company is kept up to date, it must be constantly updated with technological advances. With this, you can not only ensure that your company is not expelled from the market, but you also get the advantage of greater efficiency and greater security. One of the latest technological improvements that have shocked the world is the signing of the digital certificate (assinatura com digital certificate). You do not know what it is? Well, we are here to help! Here is a simple guide on what it is and how it works:

Whatisa digital signature certificate (digital certification)?

A digital signature is a mathematical scheme that can be used to identify and validate the authenticity of digital messages or documents.

How can the digital signature certificate help companies?

A digital certificate signature can help companies in two ways:

1. Maintain authenticity: If correctly identified, the other party can be sure of the fact that the original sender, you, sent the message or document. This will help you rule out any possibility of fraud.

2. Integrity: In business, competitors and rivals can sometimes be lowered to very low standards. Your messages and documents can be modified in transit. But a message with an appropriate digital certificate signature means that it was not tampered with during transit and, therefore, its integrity was established.

Who to contact to obtain the digital signature certificate?

If you want to keep your business safe and secure and want to protect yourself from enemies and hackers, you should take advantage of the services related to Digital Signatures digital signatures.

While there are many service providers that claim to offer the best services, but you should not be fooled by false claims and promises. With Digital Certificate, you can be sure of the quality of the service. In addition, their experience and complete dedication is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Another advantage that you can get from their services includes greater efficiency and time savings, since now you can practically not use paper with this. They serve Brazilian clients in the United States and Canada.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Digital Certificate website today to learn more about the types of certificates and other details.

About Digital Certificate:

Digital Certificate is a trusted name you can trust for your digital signature in the United States (assinatura digital us and Canada) needs.

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digital signature: cryptographic verification of a download downloaded programmatically

Let's say I have an executable that runs on a client machine and requires downloading some updates on a regular basis. The solution uses TLS to communicate with the download server.

I would like to include the authentication of these updates before applying them, that is, that these updates are cryptographically signed.

My suggestion is to use asymmetric encryption, this requires distributing the public key with the executable that runs on the client machine. The download server will sign the updates with the private key. This would allow the client machine to use the public key to verify updates.

My questions:

  • Is this the general standard approach?

  • Will the public key usually be pressed with the executable that runs on the client's machine or would this be just a search through some REST API?

  • Does Apple (or others) implement a similar approach when verifying the downloaded file when they apply an update to the IOS platform?

I am not interested in the merits of TLS, etc.

Layoffs from the digital ocean

They have laid off about 10% of their workforce.…layoffs_cloud/

Moise … | Read the rest of

wireless networks: interference between symbols versus digital modulation

so I'm a little confused here after my conference today. My teacher started by explaining what interference between symbols. and finished the conference talking about the different types of digital modulations. But now I'm confused with how they join. or your two different things?

Is ISI more about sending digital signals on a cable? Why ISI comes into play when doing say QPSK? I thought that the symbol signal sent in QPSK is just a sign of sin. or use this ISI?

someone please help because I am very confused … thanks in advance!

E-commerce website for digital products with more than $ 160,000 in revenue in the last 7 years

MN Shop is a digital content store established in 2012 (first launched as When I launched this store, I had few digital products (web scripts and graphic components developed by me) ready for sale and in a short time after opening the store the first customers arrived. It has been a time when this store generated more than $ 5,000 of monthly sales, but over time, like any other business where the good months and the bad months. Many new products were developed and put on sale over time, some of which were removed, others are still for sale.

What kind of products are available for sale?
Only digital content, such as web scripts or other things related to the web. All products were fully developed by us, so they are unique and we have all the rights to sell and use them.

How much time is required to maintain the store?
It is up to you, you must take care of new sales (verify and approve them), you must manage customers and answer their questions, provide assistance when necessary. In addition, it will be excellent if you can develop new products (or hire someone to develop them), to continue placing new items for sale (new items generate more sales and more revenue).


How do I get paid for sales?
PayPal processes all sales, so you get money from each sale directly in your PayPal account.

That you sell?
I worked online for the past 7 years, but now there are some changes in my life and I want to retire. I try to get some capital to invest offline and focus my attention on my family, it was great to work with people from all over the world, but like every beautiful thing, there is an end to everything.

What are the operating costs?
At the moment, all I pay is a shared webhost (around $ 20 per month) and that's it, I have no other expenses.

Quick Statistics:

  • 5+ years old
  • 3,700+ customers
  • $ 100,000 + income of sales

What do you get

  • Domain names ( and
  • Website content (modified OpenCart)
  • Website database (with more than 3,500 customers)
  • Forum content (
  • All products with all rights (you can continue selling them as you wish, modify them, everything you want)

Digital Agency DESPACITO.CO

DESPACITO.CO is your own digital agency through which you can provide services such as web development and design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, etc. You will also get a highly customizable domain name (

If you do not have the skills to provide digital services, you can always sign up to become an affiliate, as there are many agencies looking to create …

Digital Agency DESPACITO.CO

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing ..?

Hello friends,

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing ..?

Location of the digital signature on a certificate

Where do I look for a certificate signature? For example, if I go to an HTTPS website and open its certificate through the padlock in the URL bar, I see the signature algorithm, the hash algorithm, etc. but I don't see the real digital signature that is encrypted using the private key and hash of the CA?

digital: low-end camera with electronic shutter and fast exposure

I need a camera module that allows me to electronically shoot a capture while supporting exposures in the range of 10 microseconds or less (1 / 100,000). I understand that this would be a dark exposure under normal lighting, but I have the ability to accurately measure the bright strobe lights along with the capture. The purpose is to obtain images of objects that move quickly (90 m / s MAX) to obtain position and velocity data.

I am an engineer with experience in electronics and software, but without knowledge of digital imaging hardware. I need to find a camera module that meets my requirements, while being low enough to integrate it into a personal project. I have searched for everything I can think of and cannot find anything other than a laboratory device that costs thousands. I don't need specific product recommendations if that is not allowed here, but some help on where or how to find what I am looking for would be an acceptable answer.

Edit: After reading a little, I now understand that an exposure of 1 / 100,000 does not mean that my image will be captured in 1/100000 of a second. That said, I need a complete capture in that period of time.