magento2: Does anyone else have third-party modules with data integrity problems in the M2 payment process?

Using Amasty for a random shipping and ordering schedule (Does it look like that?) Arrives at the administrator with the lost shipping date. Very annoying, but there is no obvious pattern and the error can not be replicated by Amasty, although they could see it happen once in the tests. I heard from a couple of developers who have heard other people have problems with data integrity when using third-party extensions with the Magento 2 payment. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thoughts?

file systems – what could happen if the bitmaps and the data block are not updated

Learning some test questions, I was stuck on this question, I hope someone can help me.

Suppose we have a simple file system without a magazine where we write
directly to bitmaps, inodes and data blocks. Suppose we are going to write
to a file and that an additional data block is needed. When we do the
Operations on the disk, we only managed to update the inode but not the bit
The maps or the selected data block before crashing.

My answer to the consequence of this case would be that the inode will have a pointer to the data block with garbage content and the data block will be marked as free in the bitmaps.

I wonder what could happen with the data in the new file or in case it is a folder. The correct answer is here, but I just understand what it means:

This new file will write your data in the block that can
then be overwritten when we write in the first file. If the data block is used
to represent a directory, this could, of course, result in total chaos.

No Exif GPS data on iPhone XS

In the past, with my iPhone 6s I could take a picture and then, in Windows, see the gps data. Now, with my new iPhone XS, the GPS information is no longer there and many other data are missing, such as the brand / model of the camera, the ISO speed, etc. I have verified that the location of the camera is allowed. Any ideas?

iPhone XS

iPhone 6s

how to monitor udp packages with zabbix (application data) [on hold]

I am using Zabbix to monitor an application where there is no SNMP service, so I can only listen to udp packages. I'm thinking about creating an add-on, but the question is, how can I create a Zabbix add-on? so that the Zabbix server can handle UDP packets.

Json data storage architecture

I have a system that needs to recover from a web service (REST API) and I will return the data in json format. I would like to store this data somewhere so I can retrieve it again for the same ID. I do not need to perform any manipulation or extract this data, I just need the complete result to pass it to the user interface.

I am currently using AWS, so if there is an AWS product that has this capability, it would be great.

I will appreciate any suggestion.

How to calculate the estimated MAU using data from Similarweb?

If we have AWS with ~ 52M monthly visitors, can we decide which MAU it has?

Let's say a user goes to the AWS website every weekday:
52M / 20 = 2.6M users. Is that close to the truth?

linux – The new media in the CF memory card contains some data instead of zeros

I recently bought a Compact Flash card, new and packaged from the factory, etc. When I looked at the media, I discovered that it was not empty! Instead of being full of zeros, there were some other data.

The first 64 megabytes were "empty", containing elements such as the partition table and FAT, then the simple hexagon 00. From exactly the limit of 64 megabytes to the end of the media, there was data. (To be specific, the last 512 bytes were empty again.)
I ran some recovery software but I did not find any files. The data resembles a random flow.

I made a backup image of the whole device (with linux dd), then I ran a writing test (linux badblocks). The reading-writing test was normally, no bad blocks were found. (I did a complete media test with the hex 00 pattern, then a hex ff and hex 00 for the first 3 gigabytes, that was because my card reader was slow and needed the card in my camera). Then I formatted the card. I took a camera and took about 2 gigabytes of images that I have not yet downloaded to a computer. Everything seems fine in the camera.

Soo … I'm trying to figure out if this is normal for a new Compact Flash card to have that data stream instead of hex 00. Did I buy a defective card? Maybe it has been used before? (For what? Encrypted data or video transmission without format? I found no trace of files).

Could it be that it was a kind of white noise, uninitialized flash memory cells or what?

I also bought a microSDHC card, the same brand, the same time and the store. That card was "empty", which is filled with hex 00.

The CF card is a Sandisk Ultra 16 GB. As I mentioned, brand new and factory sealed. The packaging and the card look genuine, they have a real capacity of 16 GB, confirmed by linux badblocks. I can not test the speed for lack of a quick reader.

Is there someone out there doing a similar check on the flash memory they buy? Is it okay for a new memory card to be filled with a random type of pattern instead of zeros?

views: get the data of a certain content type within any TWIG template

I have a type of content called Flower with two fields: First name Y Colour.

In my-theme / templates / page.html.twig I want to print the name and color of each flower:

{% for flower in flowers%}

{{ [Flower Name Here] }}

{{ [Flower Color Here] }}

{% endfor%}

How can I get the data of a certain Type of content and print the fields one by one within a TWIG file of Drupal 8?

How to migrate data from Oracle to

I would like to know how to migrate ORACLE data contained in a script
to a database in SQL Server.

in advance thank you very much

ubuntu – Mysql lost data after restarting the server

I have an ubuntu server. I checked the server and noticed that it only had 700 MB of free space on the hard drive, so I rebooted. I lost a few days of data in mysql and I could not run Apache either and I had to install Apache again.

The hard drive now has a lot of free space.

Do any of you know what can happen?

Thank you