How can outsourcing data analysis help your company? Everything else

The business world has become very competitive today and to make sure you don't succumb to pressure, you must have all the right information. In most cases, suitable information is presented in the form of qualitative and quantitative data that can be analyzed, interpreted and acted upon. But we are not all experts in the art of data analysis. Someone has rightly said that the data will speak to you only if you are ready to listen. For companies in this highly competitive world, data analysis is a very important factor that can determine their future. If you know "what happened", "how it happened" and "what will happen", you can make the right decisions and grow. But do you have all the modern means of data analysis? Do you have the right staff that can analyze the data properly? Well, if you want apt results that can be translated into actionable inferences, you should look for data science outsourcing.

Simply put, outsourcing is the act of letting experts do what they are good to have time to do what they do best. When you outsource your data analysis needs, you get the best results generated by experts. In addition, he has time to concentrate on other basic skills in which he excels. Looking for reliable signatures for data analysis outsourcing? Well, the search will be difficult. With the proliferation of more and more companies, you will have difficulty deciding which company to trust. But do not worry. We have you covered. We did the company analysis for you and we found the best data analysis company that is, Cartesian DataSciences.

If you want to improve business results and want to obtain actionable information from the data you have, the best place to be is Cartesian DataCciences. Its services cover more than 14 practice areas that include customer segmentation, loyalty analysis, campaign analysis, predictive models, marketing mix modeling and more. In addition, your website is itself an ingenious platform where you can get answers to your frequently asked questions along with collecting information about data analysis by taking a look at their Blog section. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Cartesian DataSciences today!

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Cartesian Data Science is the best among the various big data analysis service providers offering first level services.

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I will complete any type of data entry.

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Google spreadsheets: historical data did not return yesterday

The following formula has been used to obtain historical data to date:


Unfortunately, I don't receive today's data (here it is fine, I understand why), but yesterday's data is also not passed.

I just received the data until 2019-12-03.

Remembering: the question was open on 2019-12-05.

woocommerce – How to add custom data to the cart for a specific product that I have shown on a page programmatically and with a separate anchor that adds it to the cart?

My scenario is that I have a product that I am showing on my homepage with my shortcode not with woo commerce shortcode. What I want is that I need to show a text box below that and once the user completes it and clicks on my Add to custom cart button, the data should be displayed in my cart. I don't want to use a single product page because my requirement is to do it on the home page.

Site link:

    function iconic_output_engraving_field() {
        global $product;

        if ( $product->get_id() !== 95 ) {

__( 'Engraving', 'iconic' ), 'value' => wc_clean( $cart_item('iconic-engraving') ), 'display' => '', ); return $item_data; } add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_item_data', 'iconic_display_engraving_text_cart', 10, 2 );

Is there an application to share data with an HTTP / HTTPS POST?

I am trying to send an audio recording from my Android to my website using the share menu.

Ideally, I would like an application that I can configure with a URL and that appears in the share menu. When I select the application's share icon, it sends the data to the preconfigured URL in a POST operation.

Note: My question is not how to code it, since I am pretty sure I can do it. I wonder if such an application already exists, since I cannot believe that someone has not written an application to do this!

Can a new SQL Loader field be defined before the data is actually available in the input file?

In the example below a new field, AOCN, will exist in some future input file.

AOCN it is already defined in the Oracle table in advance, however, the positions 12..15 They do not exist in the current input files.

Can I predefine the field in SQL Loader in anticipation of the future availability of the new field without causing a problem for the input files where the positions (12:15) do not yet exist?


INFILE & # 39; G: lerg lerg16.dat & # 39;


ON THE TABLE lerg_16


Position LRN (1:10) NULLIF LRN = BLANK,


AOCN position (12:15) NULLIF AOCN = BLANK


games – How to load game data saved in IGI-2?

How can I load data from old saved games into IGI-2? In my saved games folder there are many saved missions and saved game data. But, in the "map menu" of the game does not show any saved data. how the data will be loaded … Thanks in advance :]

php – take a data from a select or an input depending on which one has the value

What I want to do is the following, I have a form where I have a select option where I have several zones, and I want to add an input for when the zone that I need is not in select add it, this is my code that apparently does not work for me:


which I give to button, if the data is in the input is added to the bd, but if the data is in the select does not add anything to the database, what am I missing?