digital signature: how to communicate credit card details to customers when they are instantly approved in a PCI-DSS compatible manner?

Show full credit card details (PAN, due date and CVV / CVC) in online banking and / or mobile banking would be considered both PCI-DSS and secure? Or what would be the best practice to show the details of the credit card granted instantly (approved) so that the customer can start using it for electronic commerce?

What to do with the returns of your Amazon FBA customers?


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From potential customers with no connection to online customers: ideas?

I am trying to find methods to contact business owners who have no web presence. The offer is a B2B service. At this stage of development, this should only cost time. Only 8 to 10 sales will be needed to make paid advertising possible.

Now, searching the list of yellow pages online, verifying that the company does not have a website, then calling them is a method I know. However, often, reaching the real owner is difficult, and convincing them to spend their valuable time listening to their tone is, at best, a challenge.

Then, cold calling companies is an available method. The truth is that I can hardly imagine asking my mother to do that. She will work on lead generation from home while I work in … well, everything else, including product delivery, SEO, market research, analysis, social media marketing … well, you get an idea .

As a company, as far as I know, free ads on Shopper Classified papers are not an option. All I've seen are free only for people trying to sell an item or two. Are there free print ads somewhere? Business owners will not see free online ads without a website.

At the local level, mom, as a company representative, could introduce herself, introduce herself and the company, deliver some printed materials (costs money, but supplies are available for up to 200 small packets of information) and encourage the owner to visit the site, send me an email, call me if you have questions, etc. This could generate some definitive contacts. People of my parents' generation tend to prefer face-to-face communication and personal attention. However, I would like to build a business history before I become a local. I live in an urban area more than an hour's drive from a real city. Reputation sticks here like feathers in tar.

These are the only two offline cashless marketing methods I know. I have searched for related information but I have not found anything.

Then, I turn to you. Anyone have ideas or experience?

Let me say that I read Dr. P's post on how he attracts people to generate potential customers for his offline business. That method is brilliant! I plan to use that idea after a few months of operation. However, my business lacks the maturity it has. It lacks any indication of maturity, at this point.

I am interested in knowing other offline marketing strategies. I will also have to consider, investigate and plan paid advertising. As I said, it won't take many sales to open the budget for low-cost marketing.

This is an Internet Marketing configuration that will work best by bringing customers out of the street, so to speak.

I would love that this section of the forum is busy and full of activity. I can wait, anyway.

Thank you.

Rewarding to get customers | Web Hosting Talk

Hi guys,

I run a game server hosting company and I would like to draw a promotion event to help get more customers. I want to be able to make my winning client the possibility to choose between a couple of different gift cards and then can be exchanged abroad (obviously, there would be a currency conversion). I was thinking of using Steam wallet codes, or even a PayPal gift code to send them. Is there an online platform that offers me gift opportunities such as gift cards, premium accounts like Spotify or Netflix, etc., that I can use to reward my winners of promotional events, etc.?

Any help is appreciated!

Main hosts

Because we care about our customers | $ 12 / year plan included

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HetrixTools Blacklist monitor It is the quick and easy way to monitor your IPs and domains, and see if any of them are included in the blacklist of ~ 130 blacklists, so you can act immediately to find the cause and begin the exclusion procedures list, before it affects your customers or your reputation.

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What is traffic traffic mode?
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How is this business monetized?
This business is monetized by plans.
No marketing has been done to this business.


How long does this business take to run?
This business only needs marketing on Facebook.
At most 1 hour a week will be good to manage this business.
Everything is automatic.
The good thing is that the new owner does not have to worry.
I will train the new owner.

What challenges are there with the management of this business?
There are no challenges with the operation of this business. Please note that I will include 1 in 1 live practice training for the new owner and will provide lifetime support that includes my personal contact number.

What is included in the sale?

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What is Zite?
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How is this business monetized?
This business is monetized by sales.
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How long does this business take to run?
This business is getting organic traffic from Google.
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What challenges are there with the management of this business?
There are no challenges with the operation of this business.

What is included in the sale?

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Are there any requirements to sell?
Your web hosting company must be based in the United Kingdom or the United States, with 70% or more of its customer base residing in the United Kingdom or the United States as well. Your company must have been operating for a minimum of 1 year and be in a growth position.

What about the technology?

You must use cPanel / WHM to accommodate your customers. We also prefer that hosts use WHMCS for billing purposes and we have an updated infrastructure with respect to software updates, etc.

How many clients do I need to have?
No exact figure determines if we are going to acquire a host or not, we prefer to host companies with more than 50 active clients, but we will certainly consider those with less!

What happens to my assets?
We do not buy any physical assets from you or your company, as we will migrate all your clients to our secure infrastructure hosted by Amazon to ensure quality accommodation for your clients over the next few years.

Who tells my clients?
We work with you to inform your customers about the change in our services, we know that you have established a good relationship with them and we will make sure to work to maintain this.

Who manages the migration?
We handle 100% of the migration, once we sign the paperwork with you, we will log in to your WHM / cPanel and start contacting clients to schedule a smooth migration.

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