The drugs that are understood today are shown

Current effective treatments against diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder of chronic insulin metabolism, which makes blood sugar always higher than normal levels. If the disease is not treated promptly, it can cause many dangerous complications for the eyes, heart, kidneys, nerves, etc. The use of diabetes medications is the main treatment method used today. Here are some diabetes medications recommended by experts that are safe and effective, you can check:

New medicine to treat diabetes from Pocadia USA

Pocadia Diabetes Drugs is a product that has been researched and manufactured in the USA. UU., Which helps to treat diabetes and prevent possible complications. The product is a combination of the herbal duo Pocadia of chromium TGF and blood sugar matrix, so it has the ability to stabilize blood sugar 3 times faster than normal.

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The product is extracted from more than 20 types of high quality nutrients such as Guggul, Cinnamomum, Vanadium, Biotin, Magnesium, Chromium, Cayenne, Gurmar, Alpha Lipoic Acid, …


– Helps control blood sugar so that they are always in a stable state

– Restore and improve the function of the pancreas

– Provides some substances with oxidative effects for the body.

– Stabilize blood sugar levels in the long term, prevent possible complications in diabetes.

Target Users:

– People with diabetes and prediabetes.

How to use:

– Treatment: every day take 2 Matrix of blood sugar + 4 herbs of chromium, use 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

– Consolidation: Take 2 tablets of blood sugar + 2 tablets of chromium a day, use 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

– Maintenance program: 1 tablet of Blood Sugar Matrix + 1 tablet of chrome before eating 30 minutes at breakfast.

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– Do not use diabetes medications in pregnant and nursing women.

– People who are allergic to any component of diabetes medication.

– Use medications to treat diabetes as directed by your doctor if you are taking other functional foods.

– Do not use for children.

Reference price: The diabetes drug duo Pocadia USA sells for approximately VND 2,000,000 for 30 days.

The drug for the treatment of diabetes Pocadia has the ability to stabilize blood sugar in the body 3 times faster than normal

New diabetes medication Glutex:

Glutex is an exclusive functional food for type 2 diabetics, produced by IMC – The company that produces functional foods in Vietnam. The medicine works to control blood sugar and reduce the risk of complications, help improve the quality of life and extend the patient's life.


– High sales

– mango leaves

– Cinnamon Extract

– Bitter Melon

– High neem sheets

– Alpha Lipoic Acid



– Support for hypoglycemia and glycemic control in diabetics, helping to reduce fatigue.

– Limit the complications caused by diabetes, such as nerves, ulcers, infections, eye damage, …

Target Users:

– People with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

– People at high risk, such as: family history of diabetes, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, eating and drinking without control, Cushing's syndrome, adrenal myeloma, hyperthyroidism …

How to use medications to treat diabetes:

– Take 6 capsules / day, in 2 divided doses.

– After stable blood glucose, use 2-4 tablets / day, divided 2 times

– You should drink 30 minutes before eating or 1 hour after eating

– It should be taken in batches of 2 to 4 months to achieve the best effect.

Reference price: Glutex diabetes medication is sold in the market for around 200,000 VND / box x 30 tablets.


Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society

What to prepare for the path of busy life.

Do not allow yourself to be right, people are something very difficult to discover. We are good and there are people better than us, leaving needs to be a bit humble as an entrepreneur Do Trung Duong HBC – VCCI It will help us avoid many commercial competitors in the commercial market and also the loss of customers and contracts.

https: … 34a408947.html

The father used to say that he entered the market as a battlefield, he had to prepare himself carefully with weapons, knowing that he knew us. The businessman Do Trung Duong is the man who takes the Viking Group, a multidisciplinary business to the sea, to face big waves. Mr. Duong had to prepare the strategy and predict the ways in which the opponent would be applied.

In the HBC – VCCI business, sometimes there are too many jobs that an employee will perform endlessly. Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society shared, sometimes it is necessary to know opening words to help colleagues, this is not something embarrassing. But what matters is how you ask for help. The words will not make you lose any contract or lose billions of dollars for it, thank you sincerely, people will agree to help you. On the contrary, being suspicious and orderly in an impolite way will make your colleagues hate you more, can help you but not want to help you.

Boss Do Trung Duong is dedicated to society – Vice President Do Trung Duong HBC-VCCI That said, sometimes when meetings require staff to give their opinion, you should know how to express your opinions in a timely manner. Don't be too determined, too definite, do everything you have to do so you can retire. Sometimes being too determined will cause others' discomfort. There are no enemies forever, the future sometimes too many enemies will make it difficult for you to back off. At HBC – VCCI, you must learn to integrate with your colleagues, do not lie for this reason, other reasons to lie, sometimes you will forget what you say when you discover people's trust. Apart from that you will lose.

The more you are in the commercial company, the things that people want to tell you will tell you, do not be very curious behind anyone's back. Businessman Do Trung Duong inverter Share more about the things in the business that employees face. There are many employees because the pressure to find new contracts and customers makes it impossible to integrate into the collective. There are times when you should praise other people because learning to praise is the best and fastest way to close the distance between you and your colleagues.

https: … 030-191591.ict


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Publication time: May 29, 2019 at 06:59 a.m.

Sprinkler Price Tyco TY4151 / TY4251

An Phat Company – Sprayer sprayers wholesaler 68 degrees C – 79 degrees C – 93 degrees C – 141 degrees C throughout the country, please send us the reference price of TY4151 / TY4251.

1. Upstream / downstream spray nozzle TY4151 / 4251
It complies with the standards of a wide range of temperature variants suitable for a wide variety of uses in areas with a moderate risk of explosion, such as: supermarkets, hotel restaurants, chemical plants. , refineries …
For use in harsh environments, the TY4151 / TY4251 can be coated with an anti-corrosive coating that extends the service life. However, customers should contact us to obtain advice on the suitability of anti-corrosive materials for each specific environment to ensure the effect of fire sprinklers.

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Nozzle specifications:
– comply with standards
+ UL, C-UL
FM and LPCB.
– Maximum working pressure: 175 psi (12.1 bar).
– Nozzle size: 3/4 inch NPT.
– Spray ratio: K = 8.0 GPM / psi½ (115.2 LPM / bar½).
– Material coating: polyester, chrome, brass, lead-coated, wax-coated, wax-coated on lead.
– activation temperature:
+ 135 ° F (57 ° C) Orange glass tube.
+ 155 ° F (68 ° C) Red glass tube.
Yellow glass tube + 175 ° F (79 ° C).
+ 200 ° F (93 ° C) Green glass tube.
+ 286 ° F (141 ° C) blue glass tube.
Purple glass tube + 360 ° F (182 ° C).

Nozzle structure:

2. Price list of sprinkler sprinklers up / down TY4151 / TY4251

In addition, An Phat offers a large number of different spray types from Tyco manufacturers, such as:
– Standard nozzles: TY3321, TY3431, TY3331 …
– Cold storage nozzles: TY3357, TY3358, TY5339 …
– Warehouse nozzles: TY5131, TY5231, TY313, TY323 …
– ….
To consult the list of prices for sprinklers and sprinklers, contact An Phat:

Very happy to cooperate with you!