Why do some DSLRs have ISO less than 100?

The lowest ISO value in most cameras is 100. But some have less than 100. Why is that so? Does that mean they are more sensitive? And how low can the value be?

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Count: combination, sum of 4 integers = 100 [on hold]

let's say, we need 4 integers x, y, z, w that satisfy a property: sum (x, y, z, w) = 100
How many different possible responses are there? Reason about the answers, I am really struggling to understand the nature of this problem, thank you very much!

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WordPress – Why am I ranking in the wrong countries on Google and I can't even be in the top 100 in the target region?

I have a website that is an online store based on woocommerce and my goal is to rank number 1 for certain Persian keywords in Iran. It was fine But, suddenly, a week ago, I obtained rank 98 in Iran for a certain Persian keyword and the same keyword obtained rank 2 in the USA. UU.

I have no idea what's wrong here

  1. My website is in Farsi, as you can see here.

  2. I have set up Google’s targeting to target Iran users.

  3. My language label is set to Farsi.

  4. My backlinks are 99% Persian.

  5. My users are 90% from Iran.

Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?Screenshot of the Google search console

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WordPress: why am I ranking in wrong countries on Google and I can't even be 100 in the target region?

I have a website that is a WooCommerce store and I am targeting rank 1 for certain Persian keywords in Iran. I was doing well, and suddenly, a week ago, I fell in rank 98 in Iran for a certain Persian keyword and the same keyword got rank 2 in the US. UU. I have no idea what's wrong here

1.my website is in Farsi as you can see here

2.i I set up Google’s orientation to target Iran users

3. My language label is set to farsi

4.my backlinks are 99% Persian

5.my users are 90% from Iran

Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?screenshot of google search console