Can I generate a random matrix value (decimals) in Python whose equal of each row equals 1?

For the example:

I have a matrix (1×4):

[0.3452 0.3274 0.1637 0.1637] => is equal to 1.
How can you randomize 1 in the matrix (1×4) in python? Thank you.

Can a US citizen traveling in the UK volunteer for 1 week?

I will visit friends in the UK for 2 weeks (and then I will return home to the United States). I was invited to volunteer at a summer camp for children for a week since I am an educator in the United States.

I would love to volunteer at your camp, but I am not sure if I need to apply for a visa. As a US citizen with a passport, I know I can stay in the UK for up to 6 months, but I am only visiting for 2 weeks and I hope to volunteer for 5 days. Should I apply for a visa and can someone give me a clue about which one?

Thank you!

dnd 3.5e: Why is it considered that the psionic Artificant is better than all the other level 1 classes?

Level 0 is not Really One thing: JaronK's list of levels enjoys a great consensus, but only includes levels 1 to 6. That list mentions the Truenamer as basically broken and does not really fit the levels, which is sometimes called level 7 (or simply "truenamer level"), but beyond that there are only the six.

In addition, for the most part, the levels want to treat classes by their full range of potential, from naive construction without operations to a fully optimized construction. The idea is that for a given amount of optimizationTop-level classes are more versatile and powerful, and lower-level classes are less versatile and / or powerful. The main point here is that, in general, class variants and options are not considered separately in the list of levels, they only represent more or less optimization. There are some exceptions, for example, dungeoncrasher, but for classes that are already at level 1, an option that makes them more powerful is not considered really relevant.

That has not stopped people from talking about the idea of ​​things that are even stronger than what we consider to be level 1. The psionicist is remarkable for having dramatically more versatility than a regular craftsman, which is already an incredibly versatile class, even by the standards of the level 1 classes. That's remarkable. Sometimes, the psionic artificer is called level 0, or as suggested by the link offer: "If there is a zero level, Psy Arty deserves it".

The scholar of spell to power is also a frequent candidate for level 0 status. Again, we are talking about a character who has much more access to spells than a cleric or assistant, plus most of the power access of a psion. This thread has several people who call it level 0, for example.

But ultimately, none of these things have even remotely The consensus that has the list of main levels. Level 0 is not really a coded thing, it's just an occasional conversation topic. The psionic artificer and the scholar of the power of the spell are some of the most common options for those conversations. I do not think you'll find many people who say "do not, that It is not level 0! " even though.

php – Assign category related products (Magento 1)

We have a magento store and we have more than 1000 products listed. We want to assign products related to chance, but they must be within the category. For example, if a product appears in the Men >> T-Shirts category, the related products should also belong only to the T-Shirts category. Is there any way to do it using code instead of manually assigning related products?

Re: [] – Socks5 Proxy Service Cheap Socks5

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command line – What does `LOGFILE = $ {1: – / var / log / syslog}`?

The command: LOGFILE = $ {1: - / var / log / syslog} It is shorthand for:

Yes [[ "$1" == "" ]]# if parameter 1 is blank
LOGFILE = "/ var / log / syslog" # LOGFILE set to / var / log / syslog
LOGFILE = "$ 1" # LOGFILE set in parameter 1

If parameter 1 is not passed you will see:

yad-logfile 1.png

If you pass parameter 1:

journalctl -b> / tmp / messages
yad-logfile / tmp / messages

You see it:

yad-logfile 2.png

The original code in the link of the question was modified:

#! / bin / bash

# NAME: yad-logfile
# DATE: May 19, 2019.

# From:

# This script shows the new features of the list dialog. Script shows content
# of the specified log file and mark some special strings: with the word "kernel" by
# cursive font setting, with the word "error" for a light yellow background and with
# word "warn" for pink background

LOGFILE = $ {1: - / var / log / syslog}

PARSER = & # 39; {font = ""; color = "# FFFFFF"}; 
/ CRON / {font = "italic"}; 
/ smartd / {color = "# FFF4B8"}; 
/ upower / {color = "# FFD0D8"}; 
OFS = " n" {print $ 1 "" $ 2, $ 3, $ 4, substr ($ 5.0, index ($ 5, ":") - 1), 
substr ($ 0, index ($ 0, $ 6)), font, color; fflush ()} & # 39;

cat $ LOGFILE | awk "$ PARSER" | 
yad --title = "Log Viewer" --window-icon = logviewer 
--button = gtk-close --geometry 600x350 
--list --text = "Content of $ LOGFILE" 
--column Date --column Time --column Host 
- column label - column message: SUGGESTION 
--column @ font @ --column @ back @

leave $?

wireless networks: browsers only use 1% of Internet capacity when downloading files

It just happened around yesterday, I tried to download some of the materials for my courses, but my browser seems to be using only 1% of my wifi capacity, more specifically, I could not even reach 1mb / s of download speed, I tried another computer portable, and got 13mb / s of download speed. Any ideas? Thanks!

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vintage – No1 Pocket Kodak opening 1 to 4, f equivalent stop?

I have a cute little pocket Kodak from the twenties or thirties. It is the bottom of the range model with the "single lens". The opening is not marked in numbers f, but is labeled as 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Is there any way to know the equivalent opening of the number f to measure the exposures with the modern and fast film (Ilford Delta 400)?

I would like to use a 35mm camera as a meter, and decipher a conversion for the vintage camera. The most expensive cameras in the same range have lenses f7.9 and f6.3, so I guess it's higher than that. But I could imagine that a cheap one-element lens was quite bright, but sacrificing sharpness.

No.1 pocket Kodak lens and opening controls

I've done a lot of searching on Google, but I have not found anything. It seems that the other models in the range may have been more common than the "single lens".

I have the original manual, which includes 3 exposure tables for the 3 different lens options (individual, "Kodar f.7.9" and "Kodak Anastigmat f.6.3"), the page for the single lens is reproduced here. However, I realize that the films of the time were quite slow, so this is likely to over-expose the modern movie.

No.1 pocket Kodak single lens exposure guide

Other details of the camera. It takes 120 movies, and it seems to work. I executed an Ilford FP4 roll out of date, and I got 4 or 5 really good images, but I was guessing and exposing exhibitions in full sunlight. I think it says more about the latitude of the movie than my ability with the camera.

The plate that surrounds the lens with the shutter and opening marks has the number "27449".

If you are wondering why the bellows look strange in the photo, it is because they have some light leaks, so I put them in a black paper "vest" that seems to block them enough.

I have a new Ilford Delta 400, and I hope to take portraits with natural light indoors (a very well lit room), the same conditions with a 35mm camera, with a cheap f3.9 lens with Ilford FP4, 125 ASA has not had problems.

Interestingly, the opening is in front of the shutter, which are both in front of the lens element. When holding a ruler and squinting, I assume that the opening in setting 1 is about 8 mm in diameter, and in the setting of 4 about 2 mm.