I'm posting this on "Google" because Google owns YouTube. If this is the wrong place, I apologize. I see many Youtube tutorials that say: Make sure you have good videos with good content / theme, write a good description with keywords. Then add your affiliate link.

If you perform a search on "youtube affilate marketing tips" you will see a lot of YouTube users who say they make good content videos and insert their affiliate link.

I have 28 videos. 12 of them are for entertainment and have no link. – Then, 60% of my videos have affiliate links, and 40% do not. Then, I received a Youtube message that said: "We have removed from your videos and we have given you 1 hit". Because we noticed that you are inserting links in your videos. We want our viewers to stay on our site, not to be sent to another website. Therefore, you are currently in a 3-month trial period. If you behave, your strike will disappear in 3 months. If this behavior continues, your account may be prohibited.

Later, I see another tutorial on youtube that talks about putting your affiliate link in your description. I left a comment explaining the message I received from youtube. And they responded – Youtube does not do that! – And I answered – Yes they do and they did! Then they answered – Youtube does NOT do that! – And I replied – ¡¡¡¡¡¡Hell they do not! – And they never commented again …

And now that? Everyone else can make videos and add affiliate links, but I can not ??? I do not understand it As I said —- I still see TONS of popular SEO people talking about creating YouTube videos and inserting their affiliate links in the description. Not only do I see these SEO people, but I also see TONS of YouTube videos with affiliate links in them, EVERYTHING in the place.

So what are my options? This really confuses me!

Thank you,