YouTube: As of now (October 2019), is there a way to watch all the videos on a channel in order?

I created a playlist that does this using an extension & list = UL a few years ago and I have been using that playlist since then, but I took a one-year break to see the playlist of the channel and now that I have returned , no longer assemble the playlist correctly. The videos used to appear in the real order in which they appear on the channel. They are now in an approximately chronological order, but videos from the same series are sometimes grouped into small groups in the playlist. So, for example, a series with 30 videos could have the first 7 videos in order, then 7 videos from another series, and so on. Is there a way to create a playlist with the videos ordered correctly? I suspect that part of the problem is the large number of videos in the playlist.

I tried to search Google for this problem, but all the information that exists seems to be outdated.

Here is the playlist I've been using: