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5 ways you can convert your Instagram account into an income generating machine

Instagram has earned a reputation as the place to go if you want to see beautiful images of flowers, appointments and sunsets. And, for the most part, e-commerce companies have refused to invest a lot of time in the platform, because, let's face it, that smart GIF that you posted last week will probably not generate much web traffic or bring you a big rebound in the sales

But Instagram has continued to innovate, adding new features that make life easier and its own platform more interactive for users. And the result has been that the value proposition of the application for the wholesale gardening companies has become clear, something that is evident in the recent publication of the platform in which its new and expanded purchasing characteristics are exalted.

In March of this year, Instagram probably announced the biggest game change to date for e-commerce brands: understandable publications. So, while Instagram was, and is, a place you can go to get your daily dose of inspiration or motivation, it's slowly becoming what will soon be a fully functional e-commerce platform.

And the brands that adapt to this in the fastest way can turn your ordinary Instagram account into a beautiful and very creative machine that generates revenue.

With Instagram's new commercial media feature, eligible companies now have the ability to tag products in their publications and send users from their feeds to the add-to-cart section of a website with just three clicks. It is also quite easy to be eligible if you, as the head of that eligible business:

Have the latest version of the Instagram application.

First make sure you have a business profile on Instagram

Is an administrator on a page or business administrator account

Have a product catalog associated with a store on Facebook.

Sell ​​physical goods and comply with Instagram's commercial agreement and commercial policies

With the amount of content that competes for our attention every day, increasing traffic to your site and acquiring new customers is not as simple as making your account available for purchase. The truth is that you must make sure you have the infrastructure before you start labeling and selling products on Instagram. So, here are my top five tips for success.

1. Your content must be great.

Getting people to pay attention to their Instagram content can be difficult, and having mediocre content in 2018 is simply not going to cut it. For this reason, it is essential to hire a photographer / part-time editor who can help you make your images clear, in the brand and, most importantly, in professionals. Start thinking of your Instagram as the new "Buy Now" page on your website.

2. Their titles are impressive.

The title of an Instagram post is often a last minute idea. If humor, sincerity or education are your thing, make sure that the copy that accompanies your images is authentic, attractive and brand. The use of a language that resonates with your target audience only increases the likelihood that your members like, comment, share in the DM or even click on the label to buy your product. When it comes to combining understandable publications with an ingenious legend, see how Liza Koshy does this.

3. You are using the best and most optimized hashtags.

Investigating the hashtags that your target customer is using on a daily basis will eventually pay huge dividends. It's about accessing the Instagram page and using the hashtags that your consumers love. This also reinforces your chances of putting your publications right in front of your ideal audience. Use a combination of 20 to 30 hashtags per publication and experiment to see which group of hashtags gives your publications optimal exposure. There are a lot of cool apps, like Top Tags or Leetags, that tell you the hashtags you should use.

4. You have made your publications understandable.

Finally, it's time to tag your products and make your feed commercial. Labeling your products will allow viewers to touch the image, then touch the description, which will take them directly to the add to cart section of your website. Click here to read in detail how you can do this.

But be sure not to get carried away; It is not a good idea to make each of your posts on Instagram products-oriented. According to our experience, a good percentage of publications that can be purchased is only 40 to 50 percent. Take a look at some of the brands that are killing you when it comes to understandable publications, such as Byta and Nordstrom, and follow their example.

5. You have begun to commit to publications under these hashtags.

Now that you've done all the hard work: make your food look clean, crisp and cohesive; writing some incredible titles, in the brand; using the best hashtags; and make all publications that have a product can be purchased: it's time to start sharing images of likes under the hashtags that your bread and butter customers use daily.

For example, if you're selling sneakers, identify four to five community tags worn by shoe lovers, such as #sneakerhead, #solecollector, #instashoes, #newkicks or #igsneakercommuity, and then click Like and comment on 100 to 200 images below them. hashtags every day. This will attract organic traffic to your account that is needed to convert your new Instagram account into a revenue and profit generating machine.

The following are just some of the tactics you can use to start maximizing your potential and generating sales through Instagram. With the speed at which Instagram is implementing new features, there are many other ways that you can take advantage of the platform to create a brand and start making sales. However, following the five tips above will give you a solid foundation to begin with.

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