You need testers for a new subliminal audio biz (obviously free) …

Okay, so this is a little different and unique … but I have a subliminal audio business and I want to test my audio technology on new people …

Obviously, there are no charges or anything like that, but I do want it and I want it, and I need comments on how your life changes over time.

Ideally, you should listen to the tracks (only natural sounds and an almost silent track) for at least 1 hour per day … with perhaps more extra hours if you can handle it.

It is not anything strange or bad, but it is necessary that you continue listening for at least a few weeks, although I guess you do not want to stop listening because of how your mind and your life develop over time …

Here is my site with the main free subs:

Premium Free Subs

Complimentary Subs

The main sub that I have my current testers using and feeling is this:

Clarity of life and personal success – It takes you to understand yourself, what you want from life, and then change your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be much more positive and optimistic in general. It frees you from the tension and negativity of the past in such a way that you can move forward successfully and eliminate the negative monetary beliefs that lead you to build a better financial life (you must listen for a minimum of 30 days).

Please comment below and / or send me a message directly if you want to try some really good and life-enhancing submarines, because I promise that all this is being developed based on your comments, and I have paid them later, but really I just need a lot of testers to see how everything works for now.

Just to let you know that this is legitimate, here are my (almost) personal contact data through fb:

The facebook group:

Please comment here or send me a message directly if you have any questions … thanks!