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Win project

pay up to $ 59 for 1,000 downloaded assets.
-pay 30% download of the downline of commissions.
There are no country restrictions.


-The world traffic is acceptable.
– 100% accurate rates without any type of trap or shaving.
– Any type of legal content allowed.
Any file qualifies to earn money.
– Unlimited storage for each user.
-You can request payment at any time. The minimum payment is US $ 20. We approve all payments requested every Monday and subsequent payments within 2 days.
-Pay to: PayPal.

The files to be downloaded must comply with the related local laws and policies.
We support the payment of paypal and alipay.
We have all the downloads completed successfully, but if a premium user downloads a file more than once, it will count as a single download. This does not apply to free downloads by users: their downloads are counted without limitations (several downloads are counted for a file on the same IP).
Any controversial file will be removed and polished.