[WTS] Dedicated private proxies (from 0.8 $) | Shared Proxies (from $ 0.25) | Discounts

Sale of Cheap Private Proxies (from 0.8 $ in the largest packages) and Super Cheap Shared Proxies (from $ 0.25 in the largest packages)

Bandwidth and unlimited threads.
Anonymous proxies. No records are being stored.
All proxies are HTTP / HTTPS, not SOCKS.
IPS non-sequential
You can request that private proxy servers be updated once a month.
The installation fee is not lost. You will use the proxy servers for one more month after you stop paying. The installation fee is there, so we will not have to take immediate action if you do not plan to pay another month.
Do not use them for anything illegal or offensive.
An active subscription is required to maintain access to your proxy servers. I will remove your access within 1 month (configuration month) and 48 hours after the cancellation of your subscription.
Bulk discounts are available. If you start with 1 package and then buy some more, contact us and we will adjust your invoice with the new volume price. (Price list below).
Annual discounts are available.
Depending on the package of your private proxies, you can choose some locations.
Shared proxy servers are from EE only UU
IP authentication only.
Private proxies: you have access to the control panel where you can activate up to 10 IPs.
Shared proxies: you will get access to only 1 IP. You can change that IP through the support ticket (without access to the control panel).
Our guarantee:
If the proxies are not suitable for what you need, request a full refund within 3 days after placing the order. (For packages of up to 101 proxies.)

Prices Monthly payments!
Private proxies:
10 proxies – $ 10 (1 $ each)
60 proxies – $ 60 (1 $ each)
100 proxies – $ 95 (9.5 $ each)
500 Proxies – 450 $ (0.9 $ each)
1000 Proxies – $ 850 ($ 0.85 each)
2000 Proxies – $ 1600 ($ 0.8 each)

Shared proxies:
100 proxies – $ 35 ($ 0.35 each)
200 proxies – $ 60 (0.3 $ each)
500 Proxies – $ 125 ($ 0.25 each)
1000 Proxies – $ 250 ($ 0.25 each)
Proxies 2000 – $ 500 ($ 0.25 each)

Wordwide locations available atm:
Sydney, Australia
Ontario, Canada
Quebec, Canada
Beijing, China
Estonia, Europe
Sweden europe
Ukraine, Europe
Paris France
Berlin Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
New Delhi, India
Israel asia
Tokyo Japan
Amsterdam, Holland
Lisbon Portugal
Bucharest, Romania
Zurich, Switzerland
Essex, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Rochdale, United Kingdom
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Surrey, United Kingdom

Locations USA available atm:
Birmingham, AL
Mesa, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Fresno, CA
Hacienda Heights, CA
Los Angeles California
Sacramento, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Miami Florida
Atlanta Georgia
Honolulu, HI
Chicago, IL
Church Creek, MD
Dearborn, MI
Kansas City, MO
Omaha, NE
Las Vegas, NV
Parsippany, NJ
Buffalo, ny
New York, NY
Columbus, OH
Edmond ok
Beaverton, OR
Portland, OR
Nashville, TN
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA

Payments via:
perfect money
Do you want to pay for another method? Let me know, maybe I can add it.

Communicate with me through PM, on the site at https://www.bywex.com/contact/ or through Skype at