wp admin – Why can not I delete the original user in multisite? Options for manual removal.

Therefore, I have been trying to delete the original user for a multi-site installation. After removing super administrator privileges and configuring another user as a network administrator, I noticed that pressing the delete button from the network user administrator would only update the page.

Then I proceeded to eliminate this user as an administrator user in the general configuration of each individual site. Still only one update when I try to delete.

This led me to dig into the WordPress code to see why this happened, and I see that WP is behaving exactly as expected, and that I am programmatically prevented from removing the user with ID = 1.

Line 30 of users.php has the following conditional:

yes ($ id! = & # 39; 0 & # 39; && $ id! = & # 39; 1 & # 39;) {

The removal code simply will not run on this user. I can find a way to avoid this, but seeing this incorporated into the code makes me think twice about it.

So my question is double:

  1. Why is this restriction difficult to code? If I have other users with sufficient permissions to do everything, what unforeseen consequences will there be if this user disappears?
  2. What is my best strategy to get around this? My first thought is simply to eliminate that user's lines from the user Y usermeta table. But it occurs to me that I could also change the ID of the users to make sure that the normal WP user deletion processes are completed. Or is there possibly another option?