Would you try this personal email server?

However, an interesting concept sounds like the device is an endpoint / storage server and its service is a proxy / relay service. Your frequently asked questions mention "provide the device with a static IP" that can only be done by your side since they can not control the IPs of the ISPs. From a ycombinator [https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18238581]thread[/URL], the CEO of Helm says that the connection goes to a dedicated instance of AWS EC2, which uses a configuration of iptables and VPN for the device. So they are packet forwarding without decrypting the connection. I would have to try it one day. Personally, I would have liked them to explain it, even in a "hey techie" section, on their site because it looked different.

However, it will still depend on them for mail connections, but not for storage. In addition, although the configuration that I see would not be possible to see the messages, it would not take them much change, since it does not have control of the internal elements.

Would you buy it? No, I would use a cheap pi + vps raspberry somewhere with the iptables + vpn configuration or the nginx tcp proxy. Would you recommend it above saying gmail? Only if you allow annual audits of the EC2 instances so that you can verify that the configuration is really what they say it is.