Would I be accepted for my visa case?

I am a Jordanian citizen who works as a civil engineer in Jordan. I met my British wife in Jordan while studying Arabic in my country. We travel to 5 countries together, including the Schengen area. We are not planning to settle in the United Kingdom. Your family has visited me in Jordan.

Now I want to present an application to visit her and her family at Christmas, since it is very difficult for her to travel because she is in her last year at university.

I will provide these papers.

Employment letter
Register the company to prove that the company is genuine.
Marriage certificate / family book
Letter of invitation to stay in your accommodation.
Paper to show that your family owns the place and have a room for me.
A presentation card
history of ancient travel (United States, Mexico, Cyprus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Italy)
planned itinerary
Bank account statement of 6 months that has enough to finance my stay, but I am paid in cash so I can not provide proof of payment. I deposit part of the money in my account monthly and, sometimes, I deposit everything. The amount deposited is not fixed but there are always transactions.
I already have a rejection before the visa in the USA. UU For not providing enough documents to show the links with my country. Do I have a good chance of getting a visa or is it better not to risk being rejected?