Workflow: Mutliple Workflos nsted for an article?

I am currently stuck. I have a library of forms with several days that are equivalent to different values. All the columns that I am using are extracting information from the submitted form.
I am trying to send an email to certain people when every day equals a certain value.
If D1 => 750
Send an e-mail
If D2 => 1550
Send an e-mail

I have problems with the workflow when trying to send several emails on the same day, when I only want one to be sent.

Step: step 1
If the current element: Shift1Copy is equal to 14:30:00
Wait for D1FlexTD to be greater than or equal to 750
Email ******

I am using the Copy of Shift1 to activate the sending of the email to a group of people who are affected only by that shift, and not all.

I'm sure this has come before, and any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you!