Workflow: extract the name of the document and store it in separate columns of the document library

I have been assigned the task of extracting the name of the document and storing it in 4 separate columns in SharePoint. The new documents that are .PDF are named as such: Sam; Blacksmith; 123456; Dental

And the names of the columns in the list after deleting the name of the document are the following.

* FName: Sam
* LName: Smith
* Employee number: 123456
* Type of registration: Dental
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Therefore, I created the list of document libraries and added the previous 4 columns to the document library. On link 2, I understand that a workflow using MS Flow is a possible solution, but the example they deal with has only one "-" and the documents I'm dealing with have two ";". So I'm really not sure how to find the substring expressions they're talking about.

Thanks for all your help and comments.