WordPress store and $ 500 Snapchat ads coupon?

So this girl has published your sales page In a group of which I am a part, he is basically selling his stores and with each store a $ 500 instant ad coupon, his video instant ad templates and some other things. I've been thinking about buying a store, but I'm not sure, what do you think, is it junk or a good offer?

Now I read some great success stories with instant ads and dropshipping where many people got their CPC as low as $ 0.005, which is amazing, it took them a few dozen products to get the winner, but they are making a lot of money ($ 10k – $ 20k / month what I read).

I talked to this girl and she told me that she got around $ 150 net of a $ 500 coupon from the test products on her second site, but she has not hit a bullseye with any of them. He tried 7 products before spending the $ 500 because he did not know how to try products for less than $ 50 (which is a minimum bid per day per instant ad) up to half when he started testing ad designs (text placement, video vs slide) , etc.).) and managed to obtain from $ 0.17 to $ 0.09 CPC with its higher quality designs (not bad). On his first site, all his ads were rejected because his ads were poorly designed and, after several rejections, his ads were automatically rejected, so the coupon for the first store became useless (I found out that getting the approval of Ads on Snapchat may be like that, but if you're not promoting anything BH and your ads do not look like crap (follow your ad guidelines), you're ready to start).