WordPress is a crap for e-commerce?

Turdpress is a shit for EVERY thing, except perhaps the blog of the grandmother.

It is DIFFICULT to use, full of errors, has serious security problems, is not designed for electronic commerce, etc.

In addition, it is impossible to maintain. As soon as you solve a problem, your solution creates another problem. E-commerce sites have a single function, selling products. ANYTHING that takes resources away from that function is something that must be discarded. But, the most common problem, spending time keeping everything running, can not be discarded, except by presenting Turdpress and using something else for electronic commerce.

Finally, with respect to Turdpress, it is SLOW SLOW SLOW. Why? Because the code you write is TEN TIMES LONGER than what is needed. Other Turdpress sites usually call DOZENS of Javascript and CSS files, most of which are NEVER necessary and often have a DUPLICATE code in them. Each call requires a handshake TIME to load and process.

The solution for electronic commerce? Use something that is ONLY designed for electronic commerce. Even most of them are inflated train accidents, but at least they work better and faster than Turdpress. And because they are designed for e-commerce, they are MUCH easier to use when maintaining an e-commerce site.

Ideally, one should code their own site instead of trying to use a unique "solution" for all. E-commerce websites are one of the easiest sites to code, since only a few functions are needed in e-commerce sites.