wordpress does not load on localhost

I have a localhost website bm.ourdomain.local on our Mac machine (running AMPPS).

It has an entry in / etc / hosts:


It has an entry in /Apps/AMPPS/Apache/conf/extra/vhosts.conf:

    ServerAdmin hello@ourdomain.local
DocumentRoot "/Applications/AMPPS/www/bm.ourdomain.local"
Server name bm.ourdomain.local
ServerAlias ​​bm.ourdomain.local
ErrorLog "/Applications/AMPPS/www/bm.ourdomain.local/error_log"
CustomLog "/Applications/AMPPS/www/bm.ourdomain.local/access_log" common

When I charge bm.ourdomain.local in Chrome, nothing happens, the charging icon simply rotates.

If I turn on the debugger, debug log do not believe it

If name change plugins to plugins.tempNothing changes, even with themes to themes.temp.

Wordfence is installed, and I've confirmed it. .htaccess Y .user.ini contains the right way to wordfence-waf.php.

There is not error log.

If I delete the browser's cache of files and cookies, nothing changes.

Other websites on the local server work well, in vhosts.

Help appreciated.