windows – What do You need To Know About Bifold Doors?

Before we learn about bifold doors in Sydney, let us understand what they are and how they function.

What Are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors, also known as room dividers and folding sliding doors, can fold in and out which creates an opening. They also include a traffic door which enables much easier and faster access. These bi-fold doors consist of oversized glass panels that allow plenty of sunlight inside your house. When you slide open the door, the panel will neatly fold up and stack against the wall, which provides an ample amount of space for the entrance.

Bifold doors can be installed at both interior and exterior locations. Inside several houses and commercial buildings, bifold doors can often be found in smaller spaces like laundry rooms, pantries, and wardrobes. Internal bifold doors are widely used for several applications.
Exterior bifold doors create a visual and physical link to the outdoor environment. Usually, the latter is installed on the rear side of the house that leads straight to the garden, backyard, or pool.

How Do They Work?

Both interior and exterior types of bifold doors operate on a built-in tracking system that functions along with the glass panel. In simple words, the folded door slides smoothly over the track, which is supported by a chain of wheels. Bifold doors offer space, versatility, and flexibility to all homeowners. They also enable a seamless operation that allows you to slide and fold comfortably. However, one needs to be careful not to apply a lot of pressure, as it can even dislodge the entire unit.

Bifold Door Materials

The following are the different bifold doors – categorized by material type.
uPVC Bifold Doors
Wood Bifold Doors
Aluminium Bifold Doors

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