windows – Turn off PC if bluetooth device is disconnected (proximity) or loses connection

Is there such software, I’ve looked into Windows security features for such an option and it doesn’t exist. I have found that you can unlock your PC with your Bluetooth device but can’t shut it down if you leave your PC for instance.

My idea is as follows, I have a smartwatch (or a phone) and I keep it on me the whole time. I would like to just leave my PC and if my Bluetooth (watch) disconnects from my PC I would like it to shutdown.

  • if Bluetooth device disconnects > turn off PC

Why? Many times I forget to turn off my computer either at work or at home and as I wear my watch or have my phone on, I can just connect it over with Bluetooth and if I leave for whatever reason it can just shut down (or hibernate)

  • I have tried basic google search for such software but haven’t found one.