Windows Server 2016: SAS drives not recognized in Netapp DS4486

To begin, here are the relevant hardware specifications:

  • Dell R710 with Windows Server 2016
  • Dell PERC H200e
  • Dell PERC H810
  • Dell PowerVault MD1200 with 03DJRJ drivers
  • NetApp DS4486 with IOM6 drivers

I have a total of 26 SAS drives. All are Seagate ST4000NM0023 4TB units, Seagate ST33000650SS 3TB units or Seagate ST3600002SS 600GB units. I tested them in multiple configurations on the DS4486: one unit per sled (both positions), two units per sled, mixing of each type in a sled and all those configurations in multiple different bays of the cabinet. Each attempt ends with unrecognized units. If I take exactly the same drive and put it in a Dell MD1200, the operating system recognizes them and can be accessed without problems. I have connected both the DS4486 and the MD1200 to a PERC H200e and a PERC H810 and the results are the same. I have even tried to chain the cabinets as follows: host -> MD1200 -> DS4486. The results are always the same, all units are not recognized in the DS4486.

The drives are shown in Disk Management as uninitialized drives. The properties of the unit report the correct model number of the disk. Unit property sizes are displayed as 0 bytes in size. If I try to initialize the unit as GPT, an error appears indicating that the size is not large enough. If I choose MBR, I get an I / O error. When I run diskpart -> list disk, the output seems to freeze a little and then the units are shown in the list approximately 30% of the time, otherwise, the list is empty. If i try to use select disk <##> (using the disk management disk number) and then execute any other command like clean or online disk I receive an error message at the exit.

Any ideas on what to try next? If you need more information, let me know, I will provide everything I can.