Windows Server 2016: execute a command in Powershell and execute the exe gives different results

This is really strange.

I have a call Perforce Helix Server In Myself Windows 2016 server.

Now on this server there is a exe called p4d now if I go to the Shell Power and run p4d Run the command start the "correct" server and I can connect and see all my users.

If I then stop the command and go to the folder where the executable file is located and run, a completely different server is started, which means that all our codes and users are different.

I have tried to discover that there are multiple p4d Exe is on my machine, however, only 1 could be located. And true enough if I execute the command:

get-command p4d

Returns the actual location of the exe that when it opens it opens a different server.

Can someone tell me what the problem might be? Has anyone faced a similar problem? This is a big problem because it means that I can not turn it into a service and execute it at startup.