Windows Server 2016 – Backup of Hyper-V virtual machines during replication

I am currently using Hyper-V and I am replicating all the virtual machines in a second data center. This satisfies my requirements in terms of a server failure.

What it does not cover is the creation of backup copies of virtual machines because, for example, if a virtual machine were compromised or damaged, this corruption would also be replicated.

I would like to use a tool like Veeam or similar, but how would this work if the VM is in the process of being replicated? Surely the backup would not be valid.

My goal would be to have at least 7 days of backups of each VM to which I could return in the previous case of data corruption.

I currently have a 15-minute replication that is more than sufficient for my requirements, but there is not enough time to take a copy of the VM before the next replica begins.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you.