Windows OS: Why do so many software authors insist on forcing their users to do useless work when they update their software?

A lot of software, such as Notepad ++, pgAdmin 4, and Bisq, which are open source and free, with no attempts to install malware / espionage in the installer, make it unnecessarily annoying to update them.

Instead of just seeing a message like:

There is a new version available: 1.2.3. You are currently running 1.2.2. Update now? (Yes) (No)

And then just update by pressing "Yes" …

Instead, they bother you because an update is available, but when you accept, download a new installer, or even load a web page where you need to download the installer manually. Either way, once you run this new installer, it treats you as a "first time client", just like the initial install, causing you to look at a GUI and manually click "next" multiple times for no reason apparent.

Why wouldn't it, since it's already installed on the computer, detect this (or start with a tick like "/ update") and just update instead of showing the useless GUI installer stuff I already went through when I installed originally the software?

For software developed by prickly companies, the reason is obvious: they have another chance to trick you into forgetting to disable their toolbars / spyware / malware by making the checkbox pre-ticked again. However, again I am talking about these FOSS programs that do not use such tactics.

There is no logical or technical reason for this that you can think of. It is as if they "punish" the user by making us do useless work to waste our time and energy. After going through this for over 20 years, I'm absolutely exhausted from manually dealing with update after update after update, and I can't believe they haven't automated this obvious and simple thing after all this time, instead of passing it by. your users over and over again

This practice greatly discourages updating, and many times I've stuck with old versions for a long time just because I can't deal with clicking another meaningless installer.

And no, I don't want to use and trust any third party software "Chocolatey". I wonder why real software developers do this.

And no, this does not require more work in any way for developers. Again, I'm talking about how the installer shows up and makes me go through useless steps for no reason, since the software is already installed, and all the installer ends up doing is copying the new files to my existing installation directory. There is no reason for me to do this, because the software is already installed and you clearly know what to do, as I can click "Next" multiple times and then update.

The problem is that the installer shows this nonsense, since it is an update and not a "new installation".

Why do they insist on doing this?