windows – Installing Win 10 thru a USB 2.0 Pendrive on a USB 3.0 port

I have a 2 year old USB 2.0 SanDisk 32 GB pendrive.
My laptop (HP 15s GR0007au) has only 2 USB ports and they’re both USB 3.0

Laptop has currently Windows 10 and I will clean install a different version of Win 10 tomorrow.

My question is, will it be a problem during the installation if I use 2.0 drive on a 3.0 port?
As during installation and formatting, the PC will NO LONGER HAVE USB 3.0 drivers. Hence failure during installation?

2 year back I installed Win 7 on a DOS laptop and it straight away warned me to use USB 2.0 port as it didn’t have 3.0 drivers then, making that (3.0) port unusable.

Thoughts please, thank you!