Windows – How to disable OneNote losing my clipboard when I exit the application

I am using the OneNote integrated to Windows 10.

This is happening every day:

  • I copy something I need
  • Exit OneNote
  • Pasting does not work (because I forgot the error again)
  • Restart oneNote
  • I'll copy again
  • Minimize OneNote
  • I stick what I need
  • I'm going back to OneNote
  • I leave it

It is 100% abnormal to lose the contents of the clipboard when leaving, why does MS do it? I guess it's "by design" to annoy people? I can not find any option to disable it. But maybe there is a Windows or hidden configuration or registry?

Since it is abnormal (Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Edge, for example, it is NOT doing this, obviously or any other application I know), I prefer to stop using OneNote rather than create a new habit and waste time to return twice just to go out.

I do not understand why Microsoft is still making obviously bad design decisions that are inconsistent even with their own applications …