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Vasco da Gama 11 HD Professional 11.15 (x64) Multilingual | 2.32 GB
For animations of realistic and professional routes The ideal version of Vasco da Gama for the ambitious travel filmmaker, who demands the highest quality of a route animation program. Movies can also be produced optimally in Full HD and Ultra HD resolution. The rich set of features, such as a large GPS database and the ability to animate multiple itineraries within a project, allows you to achieve spectacular results.

The highlights of this HD Professional Edition include both extended dual monitor support for optimal viewing of your animations and the option to illustrate up to 10 independent routes simultaneously on a map. In addition, the routes configured by you can be played 1: 1 as experienced by entering the data in real time. Finally, with the HD Professional version you can now create videos in Ultra HD and 4k in addition to the SD and HD formats.

Now it's easy to use with the new Quick & Easy Assist
Part of each holiday is taking pictures and recording videos. Smart phones and the like make it particularly easy to preserve many valuable travel impressions. Several hundred images can be ordered at home. How nice it would be to incorporate these images and memories into an integrated travel project, not in the form of a collage, but in the context of a professional travel film, not only of its impressions in the place, but also of the arrival, departure And an intermediate trip, documented to the last detail!

This is where Vasco da Gama comes into play! Start the program and bring your house closer to the virtual map. Mark the starting point of your trip and follow the route to the airport, the sea, the mountains or the city, establishing the 1: 1 reference points. Now select the modes of transport with which you have traveled and integrate your memories into the site directly in the software. Best of all: everything is animated and designed virtually. Therefore, you can make your favorite travel and getaway memories professional and exciting.

Extra fast and extra light: the Quick & Easy Assist for especially beautiful routes
He is finally here! Quick & Easy Assist gives you unprecedented speed to easily organize key data and milestones in your itinerary, on the fly, with the usual high quality. Without delay, immediately, you can create a pleasant itinerary without the need to become familiar with the program or make fine-tuning adjustments in the configuration. By selecting this function, the program automates all the relevant configurations to obtain directions quickly and efficiently, and everything is quick and easy:

– Set route points for your itinerary.
– select vehicle
– Start the animation directly

On the other hand, this function is ideal for experienced users who want to animate the route quickly, without detours and without adjustments. In addition, new users who are dealing with Vasco da Gama for the first time can create animations of practical, fast, significant and visually very attractive routes and present them to their loved ones. This is the animation of the route at the highest level.

Are you an experienced user of Vasco da Gama?
Then you will know that the powerful variations, the multiple range and the various modes of the software are certainly particularly good. You can feel your travels in a realistic way and trace all the nuances of the itinerary of your trip. "Up to the last detail" is the motto of the developers that offer the best possible design flexibility for their intelligent functionality.

For optics – camera movements in expert mode.
But that is not almost everything. For a decade, Vasco da Gama has asked developers to optimize the Expert mode, so the user interface becomes more intuitive and allows even greater individualization. Adjust each small configuration manually as you wish, to obtain a maximum of detailed animation of the travel route. This also applies to camera and positioning, which you can automate as usual or take manual control. Use the multiple selection in camera mode to set different settings for various camera points and positions. In this way, you can simultaneously change the zoom, position or view direction with various camera points. In addition, the significantly improved copy and paste feature offers intuitive operation when it comes to the personal configuration of your camera.

Maximum usability for intuitive reference points and smart objects:

Set waypoints even easier
Now you can configure, delete and add your waypoints with a mouse click, directly in Route mode. Or get accurate information about the location through the included GPS database. Creating an itinerary has never been so easy.

Automatic text alignment
If you want Vasco da Gama support to be compatible to align the text, simply use one of three fully automatic modes. Of course, personal manual alignment is still possible.

Selection of objects
The completely revised object selection window offers a better overview of your objects, and with the new categories "Favorites" and "Recently used", your favorite objects can now be found even faster.

Performance and compatibility
Once again, Vasco da Gama has been optimized in many areas to achieve the best results with the best performance. Not only has speed has been optimized, but also compatibility with several graphics cards.

An overview of the range of functions
Vasco da Gama has been continuously updated and has been improved with new features over the years, which has led to a large number of functions you can get with Vasco da Gama 11 on your home computer.

System Requirements:
– 64-bit processor with 2.4 GHz or higher
– Microsoft® Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit and Windows 10 64bit
– 4 GByte RAM or higher
– Hard disk of 12 GByte for the installation of the program.
– 3D graphic card with the following minimum requirements:
– 1 GB of RAM or more
– Supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher
– Supports ShaderModel 4.0 or higher
– Supports 16 texture mapping units or higher
– Intel HD graphics, laptops, laptops, netbooks or graphics chips on board with these minimum requirements may work, but they are not officially compatible!


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