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Keeping your files and folders organized becomes easier when you are helped by third-party solutions. WinExt is an application capable of locating and deleting duplicate files to free up space, identify large resources to help you discover what occupies so much space, monitor directories for file operations and more. Wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface, the program has perfectly organized options in different areas, so you can quickly access duplicates, sizes, recent or Windows activities, batch operations, synchronization modes, as well as program settings.

Find and delete duplicate files

You can add intricate details about the file search procedure. For example, you can ask WinExt to search in specific units or folders, or search the entire hard drive. In addition, filters can be set for the size and type of file.

At the end of the scan, the tool reveals the total of scanned objects and found duplicates, duration and other data. It is possible to save the results for archiving, send items to the Recycle Bin or simply move them to a different place and inspect the properties of the files.

View the largest resources and recently accessed files
The sizes section shows the dimensions of all the units, directories and files. After scanning all the elements, the largest ones are shown, which gives you the opportunity to analyze them and determine if it is worth maintaining them or not.

The recent area is full of information about the last accessed files, including name, full path, size, access times, type and date of last modification. If you are not sharing your PC with another person, this WinExt feature can help you discover what files Windows is accessing. Speaking of Windows, you can examine your activity to see what and where files are created, edited or deleted.

Execute batch operations and synchronization data
Certain types of operations can be performed in batches with the help of WinExt. For example, you can send items to the Recycle Bin, permanently delete them from the computer, and copy or files to a common location.

The synchronization function is useful for moving files from one side to another between two folders until the content of the folder is identical. This action can be performed once (manually) or recurrently (automatically, at a fixed time frequency).

The scanning operations were carried out quickly in our tests in Windows 10. However, WinExt on many occasions could not correctly identify the duplicate files, returning empty result pages. Also, it got stuck in the loading mode for a long time after accessing the activities section.

What's new:
Features / Improvements
Important (I): fully supports the native Português (Brazil).
I: fully compatible with native Türkçe.
I: fully compatible with native Polski.
I: I modified the [Spent] Field of statistics area, syntax more fluid and more concise (duplicates).
I: the singular and plural problems of some units over time and size.
Optimized online help.
Optimized text software.

Error correction
I: I can not save and open the result file in Arabic (duplicates) correctly.
I: If you are a previous user and updated the product version, it is possible that WE's Windows Service does not work.
I: translation error for [Times] column in French (recent).


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