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Togu Audio Line TAL-Sampler 2.4.2 | File size: 60.7 MB

TAL-Sampler is not just a sample player. It is a full-featured analog modeled synthesizer, with a sampling engine as a sound source, which includes a powerful modulation matrix and a high-quality 24/12/6 dB self-oscillating low-pass filter. Do not expect a library of 40 GB piano samples with samples for each speed or something similar. The idea is to recover how much fun it was in the old days with small samples, fast loading times and an intuitive workflow to create your own sample presets without getting lost in the configuration.

It is possible to choose between different digital analog converters (DACs) to obtain the classic sound of different hardware samplers within your DAW. We do not crush or decimate cheap bits in the output signal. We actually download samples from the sample at the desired sampling frequency, then process the data according to the chosen DAC and sample it at the desired tone. Most DAC modes offer a level slider. This feature allows the user to reduce the volume of the recorded sample and decreases the quality of the sample. Load your favorite sample of high quality and make it look vintage and noisy. The 24dB low pass filter will please you!

The plug-in has four layers and can play four samples simultaneously. There is also a simple SFZ import for samples that import the route and sample routes, but the add-on also contains an easy-to-use map editor.

TAL-Sampler is available in VST, Audio Unit and AAX plug-in format. You can load and play your own samples in each common sample format (* .wav, * .aiff, * .aif, * .mp3, * .ogg, * .flac). Import samples with drag and drop from the search engine or browser. There is also an intuitive sample browser that helps you find samples quickly.
Some nice additions such as a real time time stretcher and the possibility to modulate or automate the sample loop positions.

Vintage DAC modes (Emu II, AM6070, S1000, sample retention, linear, clean).
Steep 96dB low pass reconstruction filter (Emu II and AM6070 F).
Variable sampling frequency.
Powerful MOD matrix.
Four layers of sample.
Three AHDSR envelopes with vintage / vintage RC mode.
Three LFOs (triangle, saw, rectangle, random, noise).
High quality effects (Reverb, EQ, Delay).
Self-resonance zero feedback delay filter (24/12/6 dB LP, HP, BP, AP, Notch).
Wide range of compatible audio formats (* .wav, * .aiff, * .aif, * .mp3, * .ogg, * .flac).
High resolution scalable user interface.
The possibility of changing the font and the background color.
Quick sample and preset charge.
Import of SFZ and SF2 samples.
More than 100 presets available as download (on the right).

Windows: Windows XP or higher (32/64 bit)
AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher

What's new
The peaks when the bass sounds are modulated with pulses or have been corrected (v 2.2.6)
The transposition of the allocation dialog is not adjusted to the fixed value (v 2.2.6)
The sample dialog not found does not appear fixed (v 2.2.6)


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