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Serato DJ Pro 2.1.0 Build 791 Multilingual

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File size: 371.5 MB
Professional DJ software: from the unknown to the best, Serato DJ Pro is the most popular DJ software worldwide. When you talk about Hip-Hop, Dance and everything in between, you're looking at the standard.

Solid reliability
Serato DJ Pro is famous for its reliability and the confidence of DJs to offer incredible performances. That's why it feeds the best artists in the world in some of the biggest stages.
The best hardware
Serato DJ Pro officially supports more than 90 pieces of hardware from industry leaders. Each piece is tightly integrated to ensure the best possible experience.
Unlimited performance
Whatever your style, you can DJ with freedom. Your creative potential will be unlocked through innovative features and an intuitive interface.
New in Serato DJ Pro 2.0:
A series of new features and improvements like Serato DJ became Serato DJ Pro.
– Practice mode
– New user interface with the Performance Pad view
– Optimized for high resolution screens.
– Larger libraries and solid reliability.
– Improved Help and Support Release Notes:
New features
– The new Serato Play expansion package has been added.
– Added streaming support for SoundCloud Go +
– Added streaming support for TIDAL
– Added post-fader effects for Rane Seventy-Two (firmware update required)
– Added fader start for Rane Seventy-Two (firmware update required)
– Rhythm jump controls added to Rane Seventy-two screen (firmware update required)
– Added Reverse for Rane Twelve (pressing Cue Mode + Play / Pause)
Other changes
– Fixed an issue where the lost files could not be relocated
– Fixed an issue where library tags had to be scanned again
– Fixed a problem that caused the frames to fall while Serato Video was being recorded
– Fixed a problem whereby some files would analyze a very slow speed
– Fixed a problem where the large-scale tracks showed the VU meters of the clipping channel (red) incorrectly
– Scroll +/- buttons adjusted to have the same orientation as the pitch sliders in magnified view
– Fixed a problem when turning off and on iTunes that hid the BPM or Password tags in the library
– Fixed a problem with 2018 MacBook Pros, where no audio was emitted if the headphones were connected before opening Serato DJ Pro
– Fixed a problem when changing the console layer in Denon DJ SC5000 / Rane Twelve that would stop the active video recording
– Fixed a problem when changing the deck layer in Denon DJ SC5000 that would stop an active recording
– Fixed an issue where if a track had a blank "artist" key and BPM was not shown in Rane Seventy-two
– Fixed a problem with the Pitch, Nudge and Range controls that were missing when MIDI mode was enabled
– Fixed a problem with artist / track information that was missing in AM mode on the left cover
– Fixed a problem loading tracks in the preparation panel with Rane Seventy two
– Fixed an issue where the Serato DJ Pro logo was displayed incorrectly
– Fixed an audio smoothing problem with Rane Twelve when scratching at a slow speed
– Fixed a problem with FX palettes that were incorrectly activated in Rane Seventy-two
– Fixed an issue where the Rane Seventy-two screen did not update the synchronization status
– Fixed an issue where the AUX channel was not available in the GUI after the power-on cycle in Rane Seventy-two
– A drawing anomaly has been corrected in the configuration screen
– Fixed a possible blockage in the output
– Information on updated tools and translations
System Requirements:
– Windows 10 (64 bits)
– Windows 8.1 (64 bits)
– Windows 7 (64 bits)

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