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Creating and printing a paper and pencil test, a test or an exam has never been easier. Schoolhouse Test makes a task that consumes a lot of time much easier and the result is considerably more professional. Some of our clients have even hinted that creating tests with Schoolhouse Test can be a pleasant process. If you are looking for a professional test generator that quickly solves the creation of paper and pencil tests, tests and exams, then Schoolhouse Test is the program for you.

And now version 5 takes the creation of tests to the next level. Schoolhouse Test 5 offers a high resolution screen, multi-part questions, extended references, an improved print manager, grouping, a view of the solution and much more.
Question creator
You need a quick test for your science class. Schoolhouse Test can do the job in minutes. Not only will you have a questionnaire ready for your next class, but you will also have a questionnaire that can be easily randomized and again administered in a week as a follow-up questionnaire. Or, using the integrated question bank (Pro editions), you can easily combine the questions in this questionnaire with the questions in other questionnaires for a final-unit exam or an end-of-course exam.
Test manufacturer
It is the end of your geography unit and you need to evaluate your students' learning with a good test that includes some multiple choice questions, some short answer questions, maybe a matching question and finally a test question. Test of the school comes to the rescue again. You can design your test from scratch, which is not as bad as it seems if you are using Schoolhouse Test. In fact, you'll be surprised how easy it is. Or, if you have been using tests to periodically verify that your learning objectives are being met, you can simply use the Question Bank (Pro editions) to select and combine questions from existing tests to perform your test. Similarly, if you need an end-of-year or end-of-the-year exam, you can use the exam questions and existing tests to design your exam.
Test manufacturer
Now is the time of the exam and you need a test to administer. Well, once again, Schoolhouse Test reduces even that monumental enterprise to a manageable task. Even if you are writing your exam questions for the first time, it will go much faster than you expect. Even the types of difficult-to-write questions, such as pairing, order and tables, are surprisingly easy to produce. And if you have tests and exams that you have been using throughout the year to evaluate learning, you can use the Question Bank (Pro editions) to prepare your exam from your existing questions.
Evaluate learning with 13 types of questions
With Schoolhouse Test, you can design customized tests and tests to assess learning in any subject area using thirteen different types of questions:
– multiple choice
– Fill in the blanks
– pairing
– short answer
– list
– check list
– table
– list with indications
– order
– true False
– test
– diagram
– declarations
Create your first questionnaire or test in minutes
And Schoolhouse Test is a surprisingly easy-to-use and very intuitive test creator. It incorporates three views or work areas depending on the current task. You use the design view to build your test or test, the document view to format the test and see exactly how it will look when printed, and the view of the answer sheet to format the answer sheet and see how it will be seen when it is printed.
Characteristics to facilitate the questionnaire, the pain of doing exams.
* Create exams, tests and exams with hundreds, even thousands, of questions.
* Activate and deactivate the test items by clicking on a check box.
* Assign and show marks for each question in your test.
* Automatic reminder to back up your work: an invaluable feature if your computer is prone to power outages.
* Select alternate letters for multiple choice answers to meet the format standards established by some US state education authorities. UU
* Personalize the questions and answers using superscript, subscript, bold, italic and underlined for words, phrases or complete blocks of text.
* Set custom font styles for the entire test or test from the Global Sources dialog box.
* Ribbon navigation offers the most commonly used functions in the open, which facilitates access and eliminates the need for drop-down menus that hide functions and that is sometimes difficult to work with.
* Add a logo image or image to the Group of titles (header of the first page) for both the test document and the answer sheet.
* Assign a level and a category to each question and then use those filters to select questions for your exams and tests.
* Use the Diagram question type to provide an image to tag, or to create a space on the test or on the answer sheet to draw the diagrams.
* The Fill in the blanks question provides a way to select parts of a word, phrase or complete sentences. Double-click on a word to remove it from the text or click on the Select button.
* Use images for answer options for multiple-choice, match and order questions. Or use a combination of text and image for answers.
* Add a page break and choose to allow a question and its answer to be separated into several pages if necessary (uncheck Keep together so that a question covers more than one page).
* A Search and Replace standard to locate questions with particular terms faster, and replace words or phrases throughout the quiz or test easily.
* Copy and paste mathematical equations from Microsoft Word or MathType as resizable images.
* Ask any question a sample sample by setting the value of the marks to 0. The question of the sample will not be assigned a question number.
* A design editor that allows multiple editions to fill and fill in the marks, level, category and activation.
Requirements: Windows® 10, 8 / 8.1, 7, Vista, XP.

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