Windows Application – Peregrine Labs Bokeh v1.4.6 for Nuke 11.211.3 | NulledTeam UnderGround

Peregrine Labs Bokeh v1.4.6 for Nuke 11.2 / 11.3 (Win / Mac / Lnx) | 9 Mb
A highly optimized add-on to simulate out-of-focus effects and the first and only one in the industry that supports full data.

– Deep data support for color and depth
– Traditional support of depth Z
– Variable forms of lenses including an image supplied by the user.
– Simulated lens aperture sheets.
– lens blooming
– Simulation of spherical and chromatic aberrations.
– F-stop and focal length settings for simulation of real-world lenses
– 3D Nuke camera input
– Matte inputs to control blur, flowering and chromic aberration.
– Visualization of focus regions and lens shapes for more accurate feedback.
– Highly optimized to make use of multiple cores and SIMD processors.


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