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AntiPlagiarism.NET is the program for the automated detection of digital plagiarism that originated in the worldwide network. It is designed to use the largest open database in the world: that of the search engines. The checked documents do not leave you a computer. The application uses Google, Bing and other search engines.

Learn all about the use of plagiarism verifier

Each year, a growing number of universities have high requirements for the level of the original texts of projects and dissertations. In addition, it is surprising that not only the students, but too many teachers still do not understand what the level of originality of the work means. However, academic honesty requires 100% novelty in the writing and it is very difficult not to get lost in all the tones of information available these days. An author should be very careful with incorrect quotations, paraphrasing and other similar operations so as not to obtain unpleasant results.

Student Plagiarism Checker
The best solution in such cases is to use a plagiarism tester. It will easily help users to omit similar parts at work and also to get rid of all available errors. In addition to that, the plagiarism detector is a great opportunity to improve writing, making it even more interesting with brilliant ideas and good conclusions. Student plagiarism software is 100% guaranteed to obtain a great result. Otherwise, you can risk failing the course or even miss an opportunity for a wonderful career. You'd better try the program and improve your work once you trust your luck and miss the chance for a successful future.

How to use the plagiarism verifier online
The best feature of the originality checker is that it works online 24/7. It means that you do not have to go out to find a wonderful helper to make high quality writing. Here you can review the work an unlimited number of times before your teacher reviews it. First of all, the mind is not difficult. All you need is to simply copy and paste the information and click on the "Verify this text" button. Then, the software begins to navigate through the various resources to compare the information, so you will have to wait a few seconds. Later the program will inform about the possible cases of plagiarism, highlighting them. Finally, you have to revise the writing once more and try to improve it, taking into account all the comments. He thinks it really works, so if you do everything properly you should not worry about the results.

Search for plagiarism in the index of the largest search engines (including the saved copies of the pages)
Definition of the so-called uniqueness of the text in percentage terms.
Highlighting duplicate fragments both in the text under observation and in the recreated copy of the web page of origin
Discover the dirty methods of making uniqueness – among these methods is the substitution of letters with identical letters of the other languages, the insertion of hidden utf symbols
Wide variety of search conditions settings: sample size, number of words on a tile, etc.
Pre-defined settings: "Default", "Express", "Deep"
Possibility of defining URL pages and all domains that will be ignored during the verification process.
Manual entry or automatic recognition (through API antigate) of the captchas search engines.
Work with proxy lists (which minimizes the chance of being blocked by the search engines)
Save a detailed report of the results of the verification.
.doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt, .html, .txt, .rtf- compatibility with formats
Simple and intuitive interface
"Verification of the website": check the pages of the site for plagiarism (you can also specify a list of addresses in a text file)
"Verification by batches": verification of several files of a certain folder
"Local verification": checking a document by plagiarism from a local directory indexed by the Windows operating system
"Image checking": checking a photo for duplicates
"Text comparison": definition of the similarity between two texts
"SEO Service": SEO analysis of defined addresses / domains: detection of Google Pr, Yandex TIC, number of pages indexed by Google and Yandex, presence in the Yandex Directory, DMOZ, etc.)

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